My Chat with Thorn

Hello and welcome!

Today I have another of my old book boyfriends who came for a chat last year on the other site! And he came alone this time yessssss *fistpump*

Welcome! Welcome!
oh my! I forgot how handsome he is *sigh*


Have a seat here in this comfortable chair. I prepared some iced coffee, perfect for this heat, would you like some?

What is your full name?
Lord Thorn of Rathhaven

Do you have a nickname?
No, they just call me Thorn, or Lord Thorn

What is one word best describes you?
One word?  M’Lady, you jest.  There is no one word that describes me.  I am the Lord Thorn, and I am many things to many people.


Describe what you are wearing now to our readers.
I am relaxing, so the chainmaille is off.  I only have on my leather trousers, with a stout pair of boots, my tunic and sword.  Never know when you are going to need your sword.
I love leather…

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?
Personally I think she talks too much, told too much about me, and that can be bad.  It lets the enemy become too familiar with your character and they can take advantage of the situation.  The less the enemy knows, the better.

What makes you laugh out loud?
Watching M’Lady blush, she does do that well.
he smiles that wicked smile of his *sigh*

What is your favourite dessert?
Aura makes something she calls apple pie.  I love it, can’t get enough.

What is your greatest fear?
Losing Aura again.  I never want to live through something like that again.

What is your favourite colour?
I know this will make me sound unmanly, but I like pink.  I have learned to like many different hues since I met Aura, but that is the one that suits her the best.
I don’t think pink is unmanly. I love a man who is not afraid to show his softer side.

What do you wear when you go to sleep?
Don’t we all wear the same thing?  A smile.
I would if I would be next to you… did I say that out loud? No! Phew…

What is the perfect romantic date?

Date?  I am unsure what you are talking about, but I will try my best to answer.  How does skinny-dipping in a secluded stream sound?
Oh! I do love skinny-dipping.

How ticklish are you? Where are you ticklish?
Warriors aren’t ticklish.

apple piesource

What’s your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?
The smell of fresh baked apple pie.  I am a man of simple tastes and it reminds me of my love because she bakes them just for me.

When you look at a woman what catches your interest?
What catches any man’s eye, a pretty face, and the sway a shapely set of hips?  I have been a man with a healthy appetite, but that is in the past. I do have eyes with perfect vision yet, but I know how to use them selectively.

Do you have somebody in your life now?
I keep telling you, M’Lady Aura.
Yes, I do know, she is very lovely, but some of our readers don’t.

What is one word best describes her?
In the beginning she was waspish and elusive, but I have taught her that it is better to be loving and sweet.  So for now I would have to say she could be described by saying she is mine.
His eyes are showing so much love, he makes my heart melt.

Is your book part of a series?
No, it is a stand-alone book.
Well… it was worth a try, I keep telling the author that I would love to read more about you two.

Just for curiosity sake… Do you know how Aura’s pet snake got out of the fortress in the middle of winter?

Thorn grins, gives a wink shaking his head.

Thank you Lord Thorn for chatting with me! Give my love to Lady Aura!


Thank you for coming by and hope you enjoyed the chat with Lord Thorn of Rathhaven, please ask any questions you may have and will make sure to get the answers for you.


Lord Thorn hails from Aura, a great time travel romance by M. A. Abraham, one of my top fave authors. I love the cover created by Becca Abraham.

Aura is her mother’s love child, a living memory of the biggest mistake she ever made, and she never lets Aura forget it. Shunned by her mother, dismissed by her stepsisters, Aura drifts through life. She has little to sustain her miserable existence but her dreams. Until fate takes a hand and tosses her far into the past, a past she must learn to survive in. Alone with nothing but a couple of pets Aura learns what it is like to be on her own. She learns how to make a life for herself in a time where she does not belong. Or maybe she does.

Thorn is the right hand man of the Duke Vernon. He is a warlord, a great warrior and leader. He also has a belief that somewhere in the world his soul mate waits for him. Each day he prays for the guidance that will bring her to his attention, but when it does, will he know her? Will he accept that she is the one who is meant for him?

Aura finds a knight beaten and left for dead and she nurses him back to health. It is the first time Thorn meets her, but not the last. A year later they meet again, by then she is a favorite of the Duke Vernon because of her knowledge. Vernon wants to keep her close because of what she knows. Thorn wants to keep her closer but for other reasons. Here is the woman he has searched for, his soul mate. Can he hold on to her, or does fate have other plans?

And here is a small excerpt:

“Is the food not to your liking my lady?”  Thorn asked, noting that Aura had eaten nothing of what she had been given.

Aura looked at him, then lowered her lashes as she answered.  “I fear I have no appetite your lordship.”

A smile tugged at the corner of his lips, as her color rose and he knew she lied.  She would not be pleased at his pointing it out, and for some reason that was just what he was going to do.  “You should never tell a lie, my lady.  You have no talent for it.”

She took a deep breath, but refused to rise to the bait, though she felt sorely tempted.  His smile widened as he watched her and sought other ways to goad her, for some unknown reason he hoped she would react to his badgering in a fit of temper.  He remembered with extreme clarity how beautiful she looked when she was angry.  The picture of her heightened coloring, coupled with her dressed in the clothing she now wore, made her even more appealing.

“Surely you will eat something, if for no other reason than to please me, your future love?”  Thorn taunted.

It was too much.  No matter what anyone else thought of him, she still agreed with her initial impression of the man.  He was an absolute boor.  Her eyes flashed with suppressed anger and she answered him from between clenched teeth.  “As I have no talent for lies, perhaps I should tell you the truth of the matter.  I am of the full belief that if I ate now I could not hold down my food, for I find the present company more than my stomach can handle.”

“Really?”  Thorn smoothly continued to taunt in a purring fashion.  “I shall have to be wary of the state of your being then, especially after we are wed, as I hold you in my arms throughout the night.”

“It will never happen.”  Aura hissed at him, embarrassed by the picture his words brought to mind.  His manner irritated her.   Her reaction to his taunting dissolved her resolve to placate him in a fashion that he might listen to her pleas to release her.  

“Of course it will happen my lady and I am especially looking forward to it.”  Thorn continued to goad her.  He could barely help himself, she looked about ready to spit fire at him, and her temper-heightened color lent her a vibrancy he had never seen in her before.  It made her look incredibly beautiful, and his hands itched to touch her.  He wondered how long he could refrain from making claiming her in every sense.  He leaned over towards her, as if to give her a light kiss on the cheek, but instead moved his mouth to her ear, which he traced with his tongue.

For Aura it was just too much to accept, the ultimate insult and embarrassment.  To have any man touch her, in public, in such a manner could not and would not be tolerated.  Her hand flashed and struck his cheek with a resounding crack, just as he had begun to back off.

“Never touch me like that again!”  Her outraged voice echoed throughout the hall as she rose and stormed off.

Check out some great reviews from various bloggers, including mine, here.

Available for purchase in ebook and print format from: SmashwordsAmazonB&N • Kobo • signed print books.

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To keep up with the news and check out the awesome books by M. A. Abraham, check the links below.

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One lucky commenter will win an ebook copy of Aura, courtesy of Ms. Abraham. The winner will be chosen by Sexy Mr. Random after 3pm EST on Monday, August 10, 2015. Good luck!

Until next time read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

16 responses to “My Chat with Thorn

  1. I hope you enjoyed Thorn, he does tend to be very serious sometimes though… and when he wants something, he goes after it.

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  3. julie

    Sounds like a fascinating hero. Like the sound of the heroine too. Chain mail I love to see it when they have it from the head down. It could give a woman fantasys

  4. Betty Olsen

    Loved the chat Eniko and Thorn sounds scrumptious and a little arrogant too! Love a spunky heroine!! You do manange to get to chat with some very handsome and intriguing men – lucky you! 🙂

  5. emilylucero

    He was yummy . I will have to reread the book now, not remembering enough. Don’t enter me for the e book I have a signed copy. Love Thorn and forgot how swoon worthy he is. Keep them coming Eni.

  6. Well, Eniko, you have been busy playing with Thorn’s…. sword. Nice leather pants! Aura is a lucky woman. (I have been very good and avoided any American Pie/apple pie jokes…oops)

  7. liz evans

    I just love him…and apple pie 😉
    Great interview, would certainly love to read more about Lord Thorn & Aura *hint hint*

  8. Late again and I can’t blame Sexy Mr. Random this time. We have a winner: Mary McCoy!!!! Congrats and happy reading! Will be in touch shortly. Thank you all who came by and for your continuous support XOXO

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