Audiobooks to listen to: The Lighthouse

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I love the symbiotic relationship between authors and narrators. When you have a fave author who publishes a book in audio format and the voice ends up on your fave list, and when a narrator posts about an audiobook in the works or published and you find a new author.

One of those narrators is one who I posted about before and also chatted with me, Braden Wright. If you missed my chat with him in… 2015… WOW … 6 years ago … I would listen to anything narrated by him. His voice is like a hug, keeps you warm and safe.

I was fortunate to listen to an ARC of his latest audio which released today. The author was kind enough to send me the audiobook and let me tell you, it was a delight!

Happy release day, Mr. Parker!

Thank you, Mr. Wright, for introducing me to another world!

The Lighthouse

by Christopher Parker

Enchanting, mysterious, and deeply romantic, The Lighthouse follows a young woman’s breathtaking journey far from home to discover where she truly belongs.

Something strange is happening in Seabrook. The town’s lighthouse – dormant for over 30 years and famously haunted – has inexplicably started shining, and its mysterious glow is sparking feverish gossip throughout the spooked community.

Amy Tucker is only visiting for the night and has no plans to get caught up in the hysteria, but that changes when she meets Ryan, the loyal, hard-working son of a ranch owner who lives on the outskirts of town.

Their chance encounter turns into an unforgettable weekend, and against the backdrop of the lighthouse-obsessed town, the two of them forge a deep connection, opening their hearts, baring their souls, and revealing secrets long kept hidden.

But as they grow closer, and as the lighthouse glows ever brighter, a startling discovery about Ryan leaves Amy questioning everything she thought she knew. To uncover the truth about her new friend, Amy will need to enter Seabrook’s ominous tower, where waiting inside she will not only find the reason why fate has brought them together…but a shocking secret that will change the course of their lives forever.

Check out the map of Seabrook, as you read/listen along.


My review:

story: 4 stars
narration: 5 stars

When I started listening to the book, I went in without any expectations, the author being new to me.

It starts on a sad note, my heart was breaking for Amy and her Dad. The story kept me in suspense for most of it, I had a feeling that not all was as it seemed and that something was missing. The twist comes almost at the end, and when all is revealed, I was left with a sad but light heart. I was like no no no, you can’t do that, it was not what I expected, but in the end I accepted it.

Good ending and I was glad that things were resolved and all involved got what they needed, be that closure or happy ending. The story elicited so many emotions, I cried, I smiled, I wondered, I sighed, and got scared too.

I am glad I took a chance on this debut novel, and congratulations to Mr. Parker for taking the leap. Looking forward to the next one.

Mr. Wright is one of my fave voices to listen to and on my ‘eargasm’ list. His voice for each character was on point and in tune with the emotions of each situation. He makes it seem so effortless, switching between the many characters in this book and at times seemed like another person is narrating. A great experience as usual.


About the author

Christopher Parker was born in Takapuna, a seaside suburb in Auckland, New Zealand, where he currently lives with his daughter. Having loved writing stories growing up, it was a walk along Takapuna beach and a chance glimpse at a distant lighthouse that made him want to revisit his childhood passion and try his hand at producing a novel. Nearly ten years on from that fateful stroll, he is proud to finally share his story.

The Lighthouse is Christopher’s first novel.

Check out the website for more info and links to social media.

About the narrator

A lifelong performer, Braden Wright has appeared on Film & Television, on stage, on national tour, and has performed internationally as a narrator, Commercial VO artist, documentary narrator and audiobook narrator.

He has also produced a staged reading of his own two-act farce, and has worked as an instructor and also an audiobook coach. Amidst a career devoted to the Arts, he worked concurrently for 25 year in writing, producing and photo editing for Hollywood entertainment marketing.

Check out his website for more info and links to social media.


To celebrate the release, Mr. Parker is giving away an ebook/audiobook to one of you, winner’s choice. All you have to do is comment on the post and Sexy Mr. Random will pick a name after 6pm EST, October 27, 2021.

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Also like Mr. Wright’s FB page, as he will have more audiobooks coming.


Until next time, happy reading / listening!

Surprised by the Elven Sentinels – September edition

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This happened to me yesterday… read on!

There is music being played in the halls of my apartment building? That is a first, and oh what beautiful music. It is like nothing I have ever heard. As the doors of the elevator leading to my apartment open I hear the cadence of the song change as the instrumental is joined by the most beautiful voices. I have a hard time believing this sound comes from a human throat. I exit the elevator and look down the hall to where I live, I am right. There are 3 Elven men standing before my doorway. All 3 had light blonde hair, were lithe, but powerfully built, and the distinctive silver-blue eyes of the Eagle Claw family. I wonder who they were related to that I already new, because I don’t remember meeting these three men in the past.

As I approach them, the first of the trio steps forward and bows. When he stood once more, he presented me with two-dozen perfectly formed white roses,

These are from one whose love is true. I am Goldier.

As Goldier stepped back a second Elf takes his place, bows and presents me with two dozen red roses, as he speaks,

These are from one whose passion is only exceeded by his devotion. My name is Falcon.

Falcon takes the keys to my apartment out of my hand as he steps back and opens the door. The third Elf is the one who was playing a harp that provided the background music. Without stopping his performance, he stated,

The music I play was created to wrap the love a Life Mate felt for his love. Yours sends the melody to you. I have been asked to play it for you from yours.

I walk through the doorway and into my apartment and find it filled with starflowers. Three Elven maidens are busily setting a meal on a shiny mahogany table, there are many covered plates. There are two chairs set behind it, side-by-side. The three girls smile, then break into giggles as one steps forward to speak.

I am Jenna, these other two are Julia, and Alissa. We have brought you fruits of our labors.

Julia and Alissa present me with desserts made with Mutzu apples. My fave, I have not seen these often since leaving my homeland decades ago. On the table there is a bowl filled with them to be enjoyed at my leisure. I pick one up and smell it, its fragrance makes my mouth water. Then Jenna continued,

We grew them for you in our orchard, and your Lord asked us to bring them to you.

I look around at how my apartment has been transformed. The air is heavily fragranced with the scents of the flowers that I hold and those that surround us. And I am sure about what is yet to come. First, however, I must thank these Elves for serving as messengers.

I can’t believe you came all this way to do this for me. I presume you are the ones who were in the orchard in ‘Air Bonded’.

Julia answered,

We were, but that part of our lives is done. However, when we returned home to find Lord Athïan looking so glum, we thought we would give him a bit of help to reach out to the one he is missing so much.

Jenna explained further,

We thought it was only fair, as we are together with our Life Mates.

Goldier smiled as he added,

We will serve you and your Lord as you share a meal. As the evening progresses, we will leave the two of you some privacy. In the meantime, enjoy the music, and the company of the one you love.

A golden light glows as Athïan walked into the room through a doorway that is wreathed in hundreds of starflowers. He holds his arms out to me, and I drop the roses as I run to embrace him.



I’ll leave the rest to your imagination 😉 Hope you enjoyed the part I revealed though.

They hails from book 3 of the Elven Sentinel Series by M. A. Abraham.

Jenna, Julia, and Alissa are three orphans who were taken in by an elderly couple. The land they live on has been theirs for centuries, it is where they have stood guard over one of the last few portals in existence. They can see the nimbus that marks its location from their farmhouse, and like the others of their calling, they refuse to leave it untended.

Riehl, Goldier, and Falcon know what and who they are looking for. Disguised as apple pickers, the Elven males arrive to find their Life Mates being held at gunpoint. The weapons the enemy is using is beyond their experience and they will have to handle the situation with great care and without exposing their Life Mates to even more danger.

Add it to your Goodreads TBR list.

Find the buy links here.

My review: 5 stars

A great addition to the series. As it usually happens when I enter any Ms. Abraham’s worlds, especially the Elven world, I got lost in this story and was not able to put it down. The evil is not fully defeated, but suffers a major loss and the story ended on a happy note with the Life Mates claiming each other. 3 more happy couples added to the Elven Empire 😀
I am looking forward to the next instalment when the Elves finally (hopefully?) end the evil taking root in the human world for good.

CONGRATS to M. A. Abraham!

The Elven Sentinel Series

Book 1, Earth Bonded released March 23, 2021

Book 2, Water Bonded released June 22, 2021

Book 3, Air Bonded released today September 21, 2021

Book 4, Fire Bonded will be landing on December 14, 2021.


Make sure you sign up to Ms. Abraham’s blog and follow on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date.


The series is also a part of… Romantically Seasonal, a brand new multi-author, multi-book, multi-series set! Love can happen to anyone, anywhere, and in any season. It’s Romantically Seasonal… Three amazing authors have written stories based on love for each of the seasons, but with a unique voice! Each book is a standalone with a separate releases from C. A. KingM.A. Abraham and Shaunna Rodriguez .


Until next time, happy reading / listening!

Secrets, Scandals and Seductions

Hello and welcome!

A very promising anthology came to my attention and wanted to share with you. I am looking forward to discover new authors and collect more book boyfriends… and girlfriends too 😉


Desiring a Duke? Craving a Cowboy? Longing for a Laird?

This sweet and steamy collection of historical romance will transport you to a time when gentlemen were plentiful, and every scoundrel capable of seduction possessed a heart waiting to be uncovered.

Hidden identities, scandalous secrets, second chances, and happily ever afters fill this boxed set of more than 15 standalone romances, guaranteed to make you swoon.

Each unique tale in the Secrets, Scandals, and Seduction Boxed Set delivers a stand-alone story that fans of Julia Quinn, Diana Gabaldon, and Lorraine Heath are certain to love.

How do you capture a man’s heart… A lady never tells.

Authors included in this set are Lynn Donovan, Sofie Darling, Alyssa Drake, Emily E K Murdoch, Cat Cahill, Emmanuelle de Maupassant, A.S. Fenichel, Marie Higgins, Robyn DeHart, Christine Sterling, Linda Rae Sande, Adara Luann, Sophia Smith, C.K. O’Connor, Marianne Spitzer, and Rose Pearson.

Releasing June 7, 2022 and it is up for pre-order for only 99ç

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Until next time… read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

NEW RELEASE! Lost & Found by Freya Barker

 Congrats Freya Barker!

Title: Lost & Found

Pass Series, Book 4

Author: Freya Barker

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: July 12, 2021

Models: Hayley Stavenger and Charles Smith

Image: Jean Maureen WoodfinJW Photography

Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Even with a degree in psychology and a keen ability to read people, security specialist Bree Graves can’t seem to get a bead on her boss. There was a time she thought she had him figured out but she’d been wrong. Still, she loves her job with PASS and her team has become her family. However, she doesn’t realize how much she needs them until her latest assignment puts her on the radar of a dangerous stalker.

For Yanis Mazur the safety of his PASS team is paramount. Even if that means sacrificing his personal life. Not only did he spend years building his security firm, but also the shield protecting his emotions. Yet when the one person who could breach his walls goes missing during an assignment he sent her on, he’s willing to risk both his business and his heart to get her back.

A victim of obsession, betrayal, and violence, Bree has no choice but to put her faith in the man who almost broke her.


Tweet: #ReleaseBlitz Lost&Found By @freya_barker The fourth Book in The Pass Series is now available #live Purchase today #BAPpr #RomanticSuspense

PASS Series


USA Today bestselling author Freya Barker loves writing about ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

Driven to make her books about ‘real’ people; she creates characters who are perhaps less than perfect, each struggling to find their own slice of happy, but just as deserving of romance, thrills and chills in their lives.

Recipient of the 2019 Best Book We’ve Read All Year Award for “Covering Ollie, the 2015 RomCon “Reader’s Choice” Award for Best First Book, “Slim To None”, Finalist for the 2017 Kindle Book Award with “From Dust”, and Finalist for the 2020 Kindle Book Award with “When Hope Ends”, Freya continues to add to her rapidly growing collection of published novels as she spins story after story with an endless supply of bruised and dented characters, vying for attention!


My Chat with Jennifer Blom!

Hello and welcome!

I am so excited to introduce you to one of my recent addition to my ‘eargasm’ list and her audio work.

Welcome Jennifer Blom!

I am an audiobook narrator and actor living in New York. I have a varied background in many fields but found my passion in the creative pursuits. I have been a junior software engineer, a technical support specialist, and am involved in theater both on and offstage. I am also a singer and love playing my Ukulele. I have studied 3D animation, game design, true crime and forensic psychology, you know, for fun. I love knowing about how the world works at a deeper level.

Besides narrating I also run Reaping Audiobooks where I lead an all female crew in the task of post production on audiobooks. I also coach others in the art of using Reaper and efficiency in general. I love helping people find the magic and joy in technology again.

Do you have a nickname?

Some friends on Discord came up with the name Blomshell. So I suppose that is a pretty good one. Also, jendabom is a tag I often use for online accounts.

What is one word best describes you?

That would be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

What makes you laugh out loud?

Honestly, way too much. I tend to find obscure connections but I find the little nuggets of humor in most things. Call me the Sherlock Holmes of comedy.

What is your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?

Browning butter, it reminds me of my mom’s palatschinken Austrian version of a crepe.

Favourite place to spend time in.

Love my booth, and the places I journey from this padded room. If not that, I adore the ocean or the forest.

Share a funny memory.

A funny memory, oh boy, how much time you got. I usually only share funny stories over a tasty beverage. So buy me a drink and you will laugh your butt off. edited my own curse out

What is your fave genre to read in your spare time? Do you have any spare time?

I feel like you knew that I wouldn’t have spare time. I actually love listening to non-fiction books. Something that will let my brain ponder those deep thoughts, ya know.

Audiobooks! What started them?

A natural progression from theater and performing on stage, and just my love of telling stories.

Is there a genre that you would not narrate?

No, I am not picky about genre. I do love character growth and emotional journeys and as long as that fits and the writing is enjoyable I am game.

If you could choose another career what would it be?

I have had lots of careers. Loved working at a theme park as a ride operator. But, I would love to do music, and perform on stage more.

Who is your intended audience and why should they listen to your audiobooks?

My intended audience goes hand in hand with the books that I am narrating. I want those that love the stories that I am fortunate enough to narrate to enjoy the ride of their favorite authors. That said, I have been told my voice is like a warm hug so if you need a hug, give me a listen.

What is next in your narrating work?

Next up is Tropical Punch, book 1 in Bubbles in Space, by S.C. Jensen. It is a Sci-Fi Noir and I am very excited to be working on it.

Thank you so much Jennifer for spending some time in my little corner of the blogging world. I am looking forward to listening to more of your work.


Thank you for joining us and hope you enjoyed the chat.

I really enjoy listening to Ms. Blom’s voice as she is telling the story, giving the voice to the characters, they come alive.

There are quite a few books on my TBL among Ms. Blom narrations. So many to choose from!

So many to choose from!

To keep up with the news and see what other work she has, follow the links…

website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Audible

To start you on your listening journey, an audiobook copy of the recently released A Vengeance Has A Daughter, book 1 of the Drakaina Series, by M. A. Abraham will be given to a lucky reader. Sexy Mr. Random will pick the name from the comments on this post after 3pm EST on Monday, June 28, 2021. GOOD LUCK!

Until next time, happy reading / listening!

Surprised by the Elven Sentinels

I am shelving my books after receiving another box full of them from my awesome friend while listening to an audiobook when a soft knock interrupts. I frown… now what? I thought I would have the day to myself.

The chagrin I had felt at the thought of unheralded visitors turns to one of glee as I open my door to reveal two beautiful Elven men, and they have their mates beside them. Yes, I know, I mention the women second, but hey, the eye-candy is so drool worthy. Just my type, tall, good-looking, and male. Elves has such an advantage over the rest of us. So not fair.

As I smile, I tease, Hi, are you here to take me with you to the Elven Empire?

I get no answer, other than laughter, then one speaks. We came to bring some of the last Portal Sentinels home to the Empire. I am Hawk, my friend is Adriel, and we wanted you to meet our Life Mates before we left your part of the world. Please meet Caia and Thea.

I step aside and invite them in, Please, enter. Perhaps I can interest you in some tea, coffee, cake, cookies, or an adoption.

Caia cocked her head a bit as she allowed Thea to enter first and asked, Adoption?

Yes, I reply, I am an honorary Elf looking for a way home too.

Thea and Caia laugh. We understand and don’t blame you for wanting to go home. It isn’t always possible though.

Thea then holds up a bakery box and says, I was sent with a message from Gabriella. She says she will see you soon, and has sent you something you might like.

As Thea puts it down, I take a peek through the cover, Black Forest Cake.

Adriel comes up behind me, and placing an arm across my shoulders, he offers me another box. As he does, he leans over and whispers into my ear, Cherry Cheese Cakes with toasted coconut garnish around the sides, it is to die for, just as you are.

My eyes grow wide, and shoot up to him, I didn’t think male Elves spoke to others like that after they were bonded.

Caia rolled her eyes, Once a flirt, always a flirt. Don’t listen to them. They are all promise and no delivery. Well, except to us. But you know all about that.

As Caia spoke, Hawk’s expression went blank, a moment later he explains. We have to go, time is running out for us. I am sorry we couldn’t spend more time with you, leaving so fast wasn’t something we had thought to do. Perhaps we will meet again in the future.

They didn’t even leave through the door, but used a portal that suddenly appeared before them. I admit, I was tempted to jump through with them.


So what do you think? Should I have jumped after them? Maybe I could have surprised Athïan 😉

If you don’t know who these are is because their book just released an hour ago.

CONGRATS to M. A. Abraham!

They hail from Book 2 of the Elven Sentinel Series by M. A. Abraham.

As Hawk and Adriel settle into their search for two Sentinel Guardians known to be in the coastal area, they join a game of volleyball on the beach. Little do they know they are about to meet their Life Mates. They are also the Guardians they had been sent to locate and take to the Elven Empire.

Caia and Thea guard one of the last three remaining portals that allow passage from one side of the Boundary to the other. Caia and Thea know they are being hunted by an ancient foe, but they refuse to leave their posts, not even by imperial command from the emperor.

While the Life Mates begin to get to know each other, the enemy is closing in. As this happens, new information comes to light, and the services of higher powers are called in to help.

Add it to your Goodreads TBR list.

Find the buy links here.

The Elven Sentinel Series

Book 1, Earth Bonded released March 23, 2021 and is available at your favourite e-store.

As with Earth Bonded, I enjoyed reading Water Bonded too. I recommend with 5 stars. In her usual unforgettable style, Ms. Abraham brings us into the world of her beloved Elves, but with a twist… it all happens in the human world. As the Elves get ready to leave the Empire grounds (see the Guardians of the Empire series 😉 ), they have to make sure they are not leaving anybody behind and they find some in unexpected places. I can assure you, it will be an interesting, funny, suspenseful ride as Hawk and Adriel find and help the Sentinels they go to retrieve.


Make sure you sign up to Ms. Abraham’s blog and follow on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date.


The series is also a part of… Romantically Seasonal, a brand new multi-author, multi-book, multi-series set! Love can happen to anyone, anywhere, and in any season. It’s Romantically Seasonal… Three amazing authors have written stories based on love for each of the seasons, but with a unique voice! Each book is a standalone with a separate releases from C. A. King, M.A. Abraham and Shaunna Rodriguez .


Until next time, happy reading / listening!

Cover Reveal – Singe by Chelle Bliss

Releasing: August 3, 2021

While everyone around Carmello Caldo found love, he was busy losing himself in pleasure and pain. But when his cousin Lily wants to help him find true love, he doesn’t hesitate to accept her offer.

Arlo King is not Carmello’s usual type. She’s a bookworm who doesn’t give herself away easy. But she’s the perfect woman to help reform the serial womanizer, even though she has commitment issues of her own.

Quickly, their fake relationship goes from slow-burn to scorching hot from the very first touch. But can they work through their trouble pasts and embrace a fairy tale future?

Singe is the eighth full-length standalone novel in the Men of Inked Heatwave series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss.

Pre-order your copy today!

AmazonApple BooksNookKobo

Add to your Goodreads TBR list.


Meet Chelle

Chelle Bliss is the Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author of Men of Inked Series and Misadventures of a City Girl.

She’s a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, coffee fiend, ex-high school history teacher, and currently lives near the beach even though she hates sand. Chelle loves spending time with her two cats, alpha boyfriend, and chatting with readers.

Connect with Chelle

WebsiteGoodreadsAmazonFacebookFacebook Group


Text BLISS to 24587

A surprise walk into the past

Hello and welcome!

You will not believe just happened to me yesterday. Read on!

The ambience that surrounds an arched doorway made of leafy vines beckons to me from the middle of a hedge while I am taking a walk and I can’t figure the attraction. As I look around, I notice no one else seems to be able to see it. This can mean only one thing, I am getting an invitation to visit the Elven Empire. I look around to see if anyone is paying attention to this area, or me but no one is. So, as I walk past the spot, I quickly step through and into the most beautiful setting I could imagine. There are star flowers lining the side of a walkway, cherry trees in full bloom to the side, massive oaks and sentinel trees reaching high into the sky, flowers of every color imaginable, and in the middle of it all is a massive fountain with statues of a wolf family in the middle. Beside it stand a man and a woman embracing.

It takes a moment for whomever these people are to notice me standing awkwardly watching them. There is so much love surrounding them, not only just between them but in everything that surrounds them. It is as if whatever has been done in this setting has been carefully planned to show how much they care. It fills my heart to near bursting with yearning. I give a sigh and feel the presence of another, Athïan. My love is also here.

I want you to meet a friend of mine, and a friend that you didn’t get to meet in person from your world, Fran and Geraint. Athïan speaks as he takes me into his arms to exchange a very satisfying kiss. I have been missing you.

As I have you, I admit.

I then notice that Fran and Geraint are watching us, and I smile.

The moment they know that our attention is on them, they come forward, and Geraint speaks. Welcome to our home. Enikő, I would like you to meet Fran, she has wanted to meet you for a while now, but we have been rather involved.

Fran smiles at me and I can see that she is truly happy. I used to wait to see what you were going to post next. You were always so full of life it lifted my spirits.

We all loved getting wolf pictures for you, it was almost like a contest who could get the best. I miss chatting with you and miss your ‘Fran-speak’. I admitted while hugging her. Sorry we didn’t meet as we hoped.

Geraint has made sure I don’t need pictures anymore. Fran follows her comment with a huge smile as eight half grown wolf puppies’ swarm around her legs.

Geraint smiles fondly as he comments. The Fates have been kind to give me a Life Mate that loves the same things I do. I don’t know what I would do without my love.

Fran looks lovingly at Geraint and adds, Or I without mine. And, I understand that you are one of the reasons this has come to pass. I want to thank you. I can’t imagine being happier, and maybe one day we will get to spend more time together.

The smile I am wearing wanes as I reply. You mean this is over?

It is not time for you to leave your part of the world, but it will come. You must realize that you are out of time here, this is in your past and you can only spend a few moments. Athïan explains.

I sigh, as I understand what they mean. In real time Athïan and I haven’t even met yet. But, we will, and this is what counts.

As I give and receive hugs from everyone, and take a moment to pet the wolves, Athïan gathers an armful of Star flowers, and when I am finished, he gives me one last kiss before I have to leave.

I then walk back into the world I live in and wonder at what had just happened. Was it real? Was I imagining everything?

I continue to walk as I realize it couldn’t have been, for in my arms there are dozens of fragrant blooms that weren’t there before, and I smile.


I hope you enjoy my adventures.

Fran and Geraint are hailing from “To Love and Elven Healer“, book 2 in To Love A Elf series by M. A. Abraham. Their book just released on April 20, 2021 and I have to tell you, it is an emotional story especially because it is dedicated to a dear friend who we lost a few years ago.

In memory of the Wolf Lady!

Geraint, an Elven Healer has been told his Life Mate is in the Human world. He has come too late, for Fran has been dead for several years already. This will not deter him from claiming the love he was born to cherish and protect. With the help of an Elven wizard, he plans to travel back in time for her.

Fran has just been told she has cancer. She faces her bleak future stoically, determined to do what she feels best for her children. She hadn’t counted on Geraint coming into her life. As determined as she is to live her last days for her children, he is to hold her to his heart and in his arms. To do this, she must agree to leave her world for his.

Is it really possible? To those who believe with all their heart and soul anything is possible.

Read chapter 1 here !

The story is part of Spring Fling 2021 (Twist of Fate), an anthology including stories from C.A. King, Shaunna Rodriguez and A.E. Clint.

Some will win and some will lose. Only a twist of fate will tell the tale.

Spring is in the air and so is romance. New love will bloom, but will it last or will it fade like a flower? Is it a no strings attached fling, or will there be undeniable feelings?

The sky is blue, flowers are in bloom filling the air with tantalizing scents of Spring and love. Sometimes all it takes is a little nostalgia and the brush of a hand, the scent of a woman or his warm breath against her neck; to spark a flame.

Can an assistant finally catch her boss’s eye? Will the guy finally get the girl his heart is longing for? So many questions, So many possibilities.

What better time to have a fling than in Spring?


The series is about Elves searching for their Life Mates and finding them in the human world.

Book 1. To Love An Elven Lord is my story, I got my very own Life Mate ❤

Raith is tasked to look for Life Mates in the human world. The moment he sees Enikő he knows she was the one he had been sent to find for Athiän. The first thing Raith did was to send for his friend.

Enikő’s meets Athiän at her only child’s wedding and the attraction is strong and real. The only problem is, he is half her age. She doesn’t want to come across to the world like a cougar, yet she can’t keep her distance.

Athiän is a High Elven Lord in charge of a vast area deep in the wilds of a mountain range. Athiän has searched the Elven Empire over for his Life Mate but she is not there. He knows he has one. Then Raith summons him, Athiän’s Life Mate has been found. The moment he looks into her eyes, he knows it is true. Only question is, can he persuade Enikő that their love is real?

Read Chapetr 1 here !

It is part of THE BOOK OF LOVE: A Multi-Author Interlude (TWIST OF FATE 2021) alongside stories from Shaunna Rodriguez, Carrie Weston, Crystal StClair, Margaret Malory, and K.T. Brown.

In a world where fate often has a twist on love, life, and the paranormal where worlds are within worlds; some will win, and some will lose. Only a twist of fate will tell the tale.

Blind-dates, the geeky guy gets the girl, sexy, sweet, seductive, molten hot, heart-racing, nail-biting, edge of your seat, romance, chaos, with drama because there must be drama in any relationship, and a slow-burn that is anything but vanilla. Award-Winning, Bestselling, and up-and-coming authors bring you stories tailored to the most romantic month of the year, February. Not everyone will be lucky in love or life and not everyone is who they claim to be….


There will be a few more of the Elfanatics chosen to find their Elven Life Mates. Once the covers are created for them, they will be revealed here on the blog.

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My Chat with Kaina

Hello and welcome!

Continuing from yesterday… if you missed it, go read it first 😉

I just had enough time to straighten up the apartment a little, set up the espresso machine, and change before Kaina rapped at the door. I have to admit, she was nothing like I expected. Sure, Kaina was every bit as drop dead beautiful as Ranish had told me, but she didn’t put on airs as I thought she might. After all, Kaina is a Queen.

Kaina breezed through the door wearing an ordinary pair of jeans and a tee shirt that read, “Bite me”. There was nothing ominous about that. I will only admit to a slight twinge of jealousy that she has a figure that men would drool over.

As Kaina stopped before me, she handed me another cake box, Tiramisu. I hear it is your favorite.

Alright so I must have whimpered a bit, the box even bears the autograph of the chef who made it.

Kaina smiled and commented. I will take that for a yes, which is good because I had it brought in by special jet.

I blink and admit. You are nothing like I thought you might be.

Kaina gives a snort. Those two oversized lizards got to you first, didn’t they? I can’t say I am surprised. They must have heard from the chef that I was having this made for you. I wondered why the plane was late. Well, I will fix that when I get home.

I can’t help but giggle at the wicked look of glee that crosses Kaina’s expression. You are not at all like you were in the book.

Waving that matter aside, Kaina admitted. That was business. I had been given a job to do. Men don’t understand that unless it pertains to them. The moment they think it is something a little messy they have this idea that we can’t handle it. Well, I have news for them. We are good for more than bearing their children and changing diapers.

I totally agree, and as I say so, I pull the cake out of the bag, only to notice that there is also a bottle of Chateau Lafite carefully wrapped and covered in the bag. I give Kaina a wide-eyed look and she smiles. I mooched it from Ranish’s private stock. That man won’t miss it. But it will drive his dragon crazy to try to figure out who took it from his hoard. I rather like the idea of tweaking the dragon’s tail every now and then. It makes life interesting.

You were nothing like this in the book, I comment.

Would you be if you had a score to settle? Kaina asked, as she took the bottle out of my hands, dragged out two crystal wine glasses out of the bag, set them on the table, and popped the cork. So, which cake are we going to start with?

I was afraid Kaina would ask that question. I am not sure. As a hostess I should offer you your favorite cake, not mine.

Kaina shrugged, That settles it then, we will cut large pieces of both and work our way through what we can, while we can, and enjoy the wine.

I am going to be too drunk to waddle, I mumble as I dig out a couple of plates and cutlery. No matter, I will work it off. Do you often indulge yourself like this?

You only live once, Kaina points out.

How do you stay so slim? I wonder.

I have a high metabolism, I am Drakaina. Kaina points out as I cut into the first cake. Remember, don’t be stingy or the men might come back looking to finish off the cakes. They have a bigger sweet tooth than Santa Claus.

For curiosity sake, why didn’t you go to your uncle when he offered to help in the beginning? I wonder.

Kaina holds the glass up to the light to check the color of the wine, and answers. Like I was going to trust him at the time? Not a chance. I might know better now, but I still like to handle my own problems. What I did, I did for my family, and although I know he is family now. I wasn’t so certain then. As for Strafe, lets just say it was a good thing we didn’t meet earlier or there would have been scales flying. He can be such a despot.

I laugh and raise my glass to exchange a toast with Kaina, Here is to despots that look like the two I just met.

Kaina giggles as she adds, You should see them in leather pants. Be still my beating heart. I will send pictures some day.

I look at Kaina and with anticipation ask, Promise?

Kaina winks and answers, You have my word on it. Enjoy the view.

We are going to get along just fine.


Hope you enjoyed this chat and the 2 previous ones.

Kaina is the main character in Vengeance Has A Daughter, book 1 of the Drakaina Series by M. A. Abraham, releasing today, April 20, 2021.

She was born to right a wrong and to serve justice. Torn from her deceased mother’s womb she knows what is expected of her even before she takes her first breath. Her quest for vengeance starts as a child and determined to see her task to the end, she acts as opportunities present themselves. She is Naranda, daughter of Mysteria and Trance, last of the Royal line of Dragon.

Strafe is the strongest of the Drakes, the bravest and the one everyone looks towards to rebuild their empire. To do this he brings Ranish to his side to advise him, for he was closest to the throne before the Royal line was decimated. With Ranish comes news of a hidden daughter of the House of Dragon, and Drakaina hiding from both man and beast to stay safe. In helping Ranish to find his niece, Strafe becomes guardian to hundreds of orphaned Drakaina that only reluctantly pay him homage. To them, Naranda is their beloved Queen, for she alone is of Royal blood.

In a bid to strengthen the power of the throne and, to do the right thing, Ranish hopes to bring these two powerful Dragon shifters together to create a lasting dynasty. Can he do it? Will they take one look at each other and see only an enemy? Or, will they find a love that has been missing in their lives since the days when Mysteria and Trance lit up the skies with theirs?

Read chapter 1 here where you can also find the BUY LINKS.

Check out the trailer created by one of my fave narrators, Brian Callanan, who narrated the Tantalus Series by M. A. Abraham.

I hope you will give it a chance, Ms. Abraham created a new world that is worth exploring and I for one look forward to the next book with great anticipation.

It will be also available in audiobook format soon, narrated by the newest addition to my ‘eargasm’ list, Jennifer Blom. Listen to the sample below.

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My Chat with Strafe

Continuing from yesterday… if you missed it, go read it before reading this one 😉

After Ranish left, I sat back down and the waiter who had served us returned with another espresso. I am going to be wired for the next week, but it tasted sooo good I don’t refuse it. As I lift it to my lips to taste, I am approached by another man, this one is considerably younger and when I check him out … clearing throat… my jaw almost drops. In an impossibly deep accented voice he talks as he gives me a drop dead smile.

I have come to keep you company for a short time now that Ranish has left. Before we decided to come to you, we talked about this. We feel that before Kaina comes to talk to you, we need to tell you our sides of the story. In this case there is three sides. Mine is entirely different. I am Strafe.

I answered. From what I read, you never got to meet Kaina until she was almost at the end of her quest.

Strafe smiled in remembrance as he spoke. My Namanda. Kaina was as slippery as an eel while we were hunting for her. Those were the days. She can still be that way, but now I know how to find her.

I hear a rumor that she has something that will drive you crazy, I snicker.

Strafe laughs, a sound that was wickedly suggestive, as he confided… I have heard the same thing. But I have news for her, I have the antidote.

I was surprised. You do?

Strafe grinned and nodded. I have to stay one up on my mate if I don’t want to go through some of what I did before. The one thing I learned while hunting for Kaina is that she is canny. I realize she needed to be to survive all those years ago, but it wasn’t necessary. All Kaina needed to do to get her task accomplished was to reach out to us. We would have come to her.

Your meeting with her for the first time was quite, I paused and added, Interesting!

This time Strafe frowned. That was more frustrating than interesting. I could barely walk straight for weeks after I first saw her. I couldn’t get her to the altar fast enough, and Ranish enjoyed the show every step of the way.

I laughed. Your dragon loved every minute too, don’t lie, I can tell.

Strafe snorted, The randy beast nearly killed me with his demands. It didn’t help that Kaina was insistent that she finish her task before we cement our alliance.

Sounded to me like all of your friends and brethren enjoyed the show. I reminded Strafe.

Strafe grinned and replied. They got their own comeuppance each in their own turn. Drakaina are not easy on their mates, no matter what it looked like.

If it is so difficult, why did you pursue Kaina? I asked.

Strafe’s expression turned fierce as he replied. Because she is mine.

I assume I will get to meet Kaina soon from what you were saying earlier. I pressed for information.

In a few hours. We thought we would defend ourselves and tell our sides first. Kaina will be all excuses, but the truth is, she wanted to fight this battle on her own. It wasn’t our fault she refused our help. But no matter what, it all came together at the right time. Strafe decided.

And her decision at the end? I asked.

Strafe laughed as he rose to leave. Her decision was pure Drakaina. As much as our women hate to admit it, they can be even less forgiving than we are. Never forget that when dealing with one of our women, not if you want to sleep at night.

As Strafe left, I watched him walk away, He looked as good walking away from me as he had coming towards me. There are times I really love my job.

As I rise to leave, the server steps up with a cake box and hands it to me. When I look at him in question, he answers. Ranish said you would need this when Kaina comes to see you. It is her favorite cake, and you seemed to like it too. There will be an espresso machine waiting by your door with the flavors you enjoyed here. You are also not to concern yourself with the bill, it has all been taken care of.

I look inside of the bag and there is a four layer chocolate cake like the one I slavered over earlier. I wonder how soon before Kaina gets to my place. I need to set that machine up quickly. As I grab the handles on the bag and head for the sidewalk, a limousine pulls up beside me and the driver gets out to open the door. Eniko, I was told to take you home. If you walk you will never get there on time.

Ah yes, there are certainly days when I really, really love my interviews.


I hope you enjoyed the chat.

Strafe is one of the main characters in Vengeance Has A Daughter, book 1 of the Drakaina Series by M. A. Abraham, releasing April 20, 2021.

She was born to right a wrong and to serve justice. Torn from her deceased mother’s womb she knows what is expected of her even before she takes her first breath. Her quest for vengeance starts as a child and determined to see her task to the end, she acts as opportunities present themselves. She is Naranda, daughter of Mysteria and Trance, last of the Royal line of Dragon.

Strafe is the strongest of the Drakes, the bravest and the one everyone looks towards to rebuild their empire. To do this he brings Ranish to his side to advise him, for he was closest to the throne before the Royal line was decimated. With Ranish comes news of a hidden daughter of the House of Dragon, and Drakaina hiding from both man and beast to stay safe. In helping Ranish to find his niece, Strafe becomes guardian to hundreds of orphaned Drakaina that only reluctantly pay him homage. To them, Naranda is their beloved Queen, for she alone is of Royal blood.

In a bid to strengthen the power of the throne and, to do the right thing, Ranish hopes to bring these two powerful Dragon shifters together to create a lasting dynasty. Can he do it? Will they take one look at each other and see only an enemy? Or, will they find a love that has been missing in their lives since the days when Mysteria and Trance lit up the skies with theirs?

Read chapter 1 here where you can also find the BUY LINKS to preorder.

I hope you will give it a chance, I look forward to the next book with great anticipation.

It will be also available in audiobook format soon, narrated by the very talented Jennifer Blom.

Make sure you enter the Rafflecopter contest, there will be 3 winners for a HC book, an audiobook, and an ebook. GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To celebrate the release, Ms. Abraham is offering an ebook to one of you. Sexy Mr. Random will pick a winner from the comments after 3pm EST on release day, April 20, 2021.

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Until next time, happy reading / listening!

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