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Lady Eniko?

I hear my name, and look at a middle-aged man standing by the entrance to the apartment complex I live in. I don’t know who he is, but yes, hello. His clothing is different, and there is an otherworldliness about him, but for his age he is some serious eye candy. But you know what they say, never trust a book by its cover.

Yes, I am Eniko, but how do you know me?

A little birdie told me who to look for and what you look like.

Does this ‘little birdie’ have the initials of M.A.?

The man grins, as he responds.

Yes, that would be her.

I assume you are from one of her books.

The hottie bows.

You assume right, I go by two names, Seaman, or Seymour, and I live in the world she created in ‘To Tame a Warrior Princess’.

Interesting, so how did you get to this time?

A friend of yours sent me a capsule, it only carries one, and grants a return trip so I am not lost in time.

I look at this person with suspicion as I ask, Which friend?

I believe his name is Athïan, although I wasn’t supposed to tell you about this.

Seymour admits.

Yes, I am going to have to talk to one friend who has never sent me a capsule. I hear my cell go off. I excuse myself for a moment to check it out. There is a message from M.A.

Bent over backwards to get this man to you so you can interview him. Knock yourself out.

I send back my reply.

Tell Athïan I want to talk to him. I will take care of Seymour.

She had the nerve to respond with a laughing emoji. Wait until I see her again.

Why don’t you come up to my office where we can talk in comfort?

I swear I must have scared years off the man when I took him up the elevator, although when he got over the experience, he seemed interested enough in how it worked. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about it to explain anything. Although, getting stuck between floors was getting to be an option I was beginning to think about. Love the grey at his temples.

We settled with drinks in hand, I learned he likes scotch… interesting choice considering the time he comes from.

So, what can you tell me about Shemaine’s past?

Not much more than what is in the book. Her father should have been killed years before. I can’t tell you how many times that poor child had to sleep in those rooms in the dungeons. It was the only safe place Allender could think of to hide her when their father was drunk, not that the man drank much. No, he just had it in for the child. When he would catch her doing nothing, he would beat her bloody. No child should live like that, especially not a girl. Men were put on earth to protect the young and innocent. We are given daughters to nurture, not abuse. What I wouldn’t have given to have a daughter like Shemaine. She grew to be a woman a man could be proud of. She will give young Ranolf a run for his money. He’ll never be bored with her at his side.

I read the book. I noticed how much he grew to love her.

Grew to?

Seaman gives a loud snort.

The boy had it bad for her. It might have been only lust in the beginning, but I swear the man could barely walk at times for wanting what she wouldn’t let him have, and he wouldn’t take by force. He had to fight hard to win her hand. He is a good man, one who will appreciate her, and how I trained her for him. She will make a good queen, an excellent mother. No one better try to abuse anything that is hers. If they try, it will cost them their life. That is my Shemaine.

You certainly know how to tease that poor little boy, I chuckled.

He joins me in mirth.

What is an uncle for? He knows what was done with him in mind, and he is grateful. It is the best we can hope for.

How about Ranolf? What type of youth did he have?

He is a handsome man, so you know he had women from all walks of life chasing him. As a prince, he was considered to be a price worth the effort. I knew Shemaine was for him though. It is one of the only reasons I stayed with her as long as I did. She needed me, and he needed me to guide her to become the woman best suited for him.

What about the kiss you shared with her?

Seaman laughs as he responds.

You should have seen the look on Ranolf’s face when he saw that. If a man could have killed for no good reason, that would have been the place and time. He caught on soon enough. Never say my brother raised a fool for a son. I was proud of him, and how he curled her toes with just the one kiss. It was enough to make her want to run, but you know about that.

So now what?

I give them a year, tops, before there is a young lad laying in a crib by their bedside, another, and the lad will have a brother or sister. I will be there to help them raise the future king. It will be an honor.

And for now?

Seaman checks what I assumed was a clock on his wrist, and quickly stands.

It is time for me to leave. Athïan warned me about being late. I don’t want to become lost in time. It was an honor meeting you.

I escort Seaman to the front door at the front of the building, and he walks to a spot in the grass that looked strange. He makes some weird symbol in the air, takes out a huge bouquet of starflowers, presses it into my arms and winks.

Athïan said you would need no explanation. You would know what these are and all that comes with them.

Seaman steps into the empty space and disappears. I guess it was time for him to leave.

In the meantime, I bury my nose in the flowers. Just wait until I see Athïan again. What I won’t tell that man.


So what do you think?

As he mentioned, Seymour hails from the newly released, To Tame a Warrior Princess by M. A. Abraham. It is a standalone (for now 😉 ) set in a fantasy world.

Surrounded by a hostile environment, Shemaine has needed to fight for her very existence all of her life. Things are about to change.

Ranolf was only after revenge, not a potential bride. Nor was he about to accept one as a peace offering from a homicidal maniac. Things are not as they first seem, nor are the people who surround his prize who or what he thought.

As secrets unfurl, thoughts change, and so does the playing field. Can either side learn to live with the world that is changing around them? Or will they be forever enemies?

Released February 28, 2023, available everywhere ebooks / print books are sold.

Buy Links : Amazon USAmazon CAAmazon UKKoboiBooksSmashwords

Add it to your Goodreads TBR list. Read the Preface here.


My review:

5 stars

A unique fantasy story from one of my fave authors, Ms. Abraham never ceases to amaze me with the new worlds she creates. It is a story of courage and perseverance in face of hardships. Shemaine is a heroine after my own heart, she is kind despite of the treatment she grew up with, courageous despite the daily threat of death. Ranolf found his match in Shemaine for sure. One of my fave characters is Seymour, he is not what he seems at the beginning and it was quite a twist to find out who he actually is. Worth the read for sure.


To celebrate the new release, one reader will be selected to receive an ebook copy of To Tame a Warrior Princess. Winner will be selected from the comments, shares of this post will receive extra entries, mention where you shared in your comment. Sexy Mr. Random will pick a winner at 5pm EST on Friday, March 3, 2023. GOOD LUCK!


Sign up to Ms. Abraham’s blog and follow on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date. You can also sign up to my blog and get the news directly in your inbox.


Until next time, happy reading / listening!


6 responses to “My Chat with Seymour

  1. Thank you, Eniko. One of the proofreaders suggested I write a follow-up about Seaman.

  2. kaisquared4

    Another great encounter, in honor of another terrific book birthday! You have an elevator and an office??

  3. Congrats kaisquared! Happy reading ! I will be in touch shortly!

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