Surprise visit… a secret is revealed ;)

Good afternoon.
A voice slides through my mind as I am walking past a small park on the way home.

I look around.  It is a beautiful day with barely a cloud in the sky and the temperature is balmy.  There is nothing else to be seen but the signs of nature, and the lack of people around the area is confusing, there should be lots of children out enjoying this weather in the park with their parents.  I look closer and notice other strange things; there is a suspicious lack of birds in the sky as well.  Something is going on and I would be concerned about a violent weather front coming in, if it wasn’t for the fact that there are only one or two clouds in the sky.  I frown as I shrug the voice off and begin to walk again.

I have been told you can be trusted with a secret.
The voice returns, catching my attention a second time. It is a pleasant voice, smooth as silk and filled with the essence of magic.

Who is there?  I almost stammer.

You don’t know me.  In fact you have never met me, although we do have a history of sorts so you have heard of me.

All right, I am beginning to get really nervous.  I am sure I am hearing this voice, but the last thing I want to do is answer back where people can hear me.  They are going to think I lot it.  Hell, I am beginning to believe I have lost it.  I can just hear the telephone call already.  Belleview, here I come, I need to reserve a room.  Yes, I know you will be interested in the case.  I am hearing voices in my mind.  No, they are not the type that will make me write compulsively, but if you want to meet someone like that I know such a person, I would highly recommend you meet her.

No, you are not hallucinating.

Then where are you?  Who are you and why are you hiding?

Look up, my friend.  You see the cloud high in the sky overhead?

I answer uncertainly as I wonder what the cloud has to do with anything.  I watch it closely and realize it is moving against the wind.  What is going on?

I thought I would give you some warning ahead of time of my presence before descending to speak with you.  I can be very overwhelming to someone who has never seen a Dragon before.
The voice confides.

A Dragon?
All right, now I know I am certifiable for sure.

Except that the size of the cloud is growing and it is getting closer to the ground.  It begins to form into a shape with huge white wings.  I take a big swallow… of nothing.  There is only dry air in my throat and even at that it almost lodges in my esophagus.  I am so scared I am visibly shaking.

I am sorry.  I forgot to tamp down on the terror factor of who and what I am.  You humans are so fragile, nothing like my beloved Serenity.
The voice sounds contrite, friendly and loving all at the same time.

The air shimmers in the park area and I can see a white Dragon forming.

I will only allow you to see me, no one else.  It is for the good of both you and those around you, as well as myself.  Can you imagine the pandemonium my presence would cause if everyone saw me?  Silly people.  Almost makes me consider doing just that.
The voice sounds amused at the thought.  I can just about imagine the sounds of sirens and jets flying overhead to go on the attack… nope, not a good thing.

You are Serenity’s Dragon?
I ask.

In the scaly flesh.  I go by the name, Alleria.
The voice replies with a chuckle.

I can’t help but be excited, despite finding it next to impossible to believe I am actually in the presence of a real Dragon.

Serenity sends her love.
Alleria adds as an afterthought.

Did she send you for me?  Does she want me to go to the Light Kingdom?
That idea makes me so excited I feel giddy.

Not only a Dragon rides, but to go to the Light Kingdom!

Maybe Loth will be there!  Oh my!  I suddenly feel light headed.


I come to prepare you for other things.  News no one might expect, but it is wondrous, nor does it have anything to do with the arrival of the list of things needing to be adjusted in the manuscripts you completed.  Perhaps I shouldn’t say anything.  I could get in trouble.
Alleria considers the possibility.

Please?  I beg. You can’t leave me in suspense like this.

Of course I can, silly human.  I am a Dragon; I can do whatever I want.  Within reason.
Alleria chuckles.

That is so unfair.
I grouch with a slight pout on my face as I think… oops, did I really say that out loud?

Yes, you did actually.
Alleria replies jovially, letting me know she was reading my mind again.

No matter what, you can’t just leave me hanging like this.  It is just wrong.
I shake my finger at Alleria’s nose and she giggles.

Darn Dragon is getting her jollies out of my anxiety and my anger is giving me courage.  I cross my arms, tap my foot and glare at her as she lowers her muzzle to my height and whispers her secret.

King Garoldth and Tári had a little boy and now that he is four he is able to shift from Elf to Dragon.  The Golden Dragon is very pleased.  He says he is going to seed others and in a few hundred years there will be more because they will be able to find Life Mates.

But if they are all from Dragon shifter to Dragon shifter and he seeded them all, wouldn’t that be like incest?
I can’t help but ask.

You don’t understand, not that I should expect you to because you don’t know the details.  Any seed he sows will be male, only because the silver Dragon isn’t involved.  She says she will plant her gift deep in the Elven females so we never die out.  Isn’t that exciting?
Alleria gives a satisfied sigh.

My mind goes in a thousand directions at once.  What does this mean?  Does it have any real significance on what is happening in the Elven Empire at this time?  I have a feeling that answer is no, so what is Alleria getting at?  I open my mouth to ask and Alleria laughs as she spreads her wings.  She is magnificent!

Only time will give you the answer to your question and now that you know my secret I will take my leave.

There is a rush of wind around me.  I close my eyes as the leaves and dust swirl around, some even lodge in my hair. When the wind dies down and I open my eyes again I am alone.

Did I imagine this conversation?  I can only wonder.  I hear laughter in the recesses of my mind, the laughter of Dragons.  I look up and there is only one tiny cloud in the sky.


For those of you who do not know, Alleria is hailing from The Elven Chronicles series by M. A. Abraham.

I am thinking it is time to invite Alleria for a chat, now I just have to come up with the questions I would like to ask her, there are so many things I would like to know about her and her kind.


If you would have a chance to meet a dragon what would you ask?

Two lucky readers will receive a swag pack containing rack cards, trade cards, magnets with covers from the Elven Chronicles by M. A. Abraham and pens engraved with the “Elven Bonding Words”.

MA swag

The contest is open until 3pm EST on Thursday, July 31st, 2014. Good luck!

Until next time, read a book!

My Chat with Tadhg …YUMYUMYUM

Hello and welcome!

Thanks again for joining me in my chat room.

Today I have somebody who I met very recently, I fell in love in the first book of the series and after reading the second book which was his story, he is locked forever in my heart. I anticipated all week his arrival ever since Miss Ceci told me that he is coming.

And here he is, be still my heart, he is so handsome… I just hope I don’t get tongue tied… wish me luck.

Come in, come in. Thank you for accepting my invitation for a chat. Have a seat.

He bows, then takes a seat in the high back chair across from me.

What is your full name?
Tadhg Matheson, Laird of Clan Matheson.

I am ready to melt just listening to his voice, I love the Scottish accent… sigh

Do you have a nickname?
My friends just call me Tadhg, that is pronounced TIEg

What is one word best describes you?
Hmmm, I suppose that depends on one’s point of view but I would have to say loyal.

Describe what you are wearing now to our readers.
Now lass, I can’t imagine why they would want to know that.

I can see you, but they can’t and I know they are always curious.
I am wearing what I always wear, a full-sleeved tunic, called a léine in Gaelic that reaches my knees and a length of plaid belted at my waist and pinned at my shoulders.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?
Och lass, talk has reached my ears that I have been called the perfect man. I don’t think such a beast exists, so she may have polished my edges a bit. However, I do love my wife with all my heart and I try to be a fair and noble leader.
I think you are perfect …. sigh

What makes you laugh out loud?
I laugh at a lot of things but I suppose my greatest joy comes from children. Their enthusiasm and willingness to simply experience life is refreshing.

What is your favourite dessert?
I love tarts, particularly berry tarts with a bit of fresh cream on them.

Baking is not my strength, I am glad my friends do bake, but I make some really good raspberry whipped cream, here, taste this.


He looks curiously at it, smells it and then tastes it.

Tastes really good.
I know, raspberries are my favourite.

What is your favourite drink?
It depends on the occasion. As a general rule I enjoy good, mellow ale. However, I would never say no to a drop of fine, aged whisky.

What is your greatest fear?
Ah lass, what is every man’s greatest fear? I fear not being able to protect and care for my family. They are my world.

What is your favourite colour?
At one time, I would have said green. Now, there is nothing more beautiful than the silver grey color of my lovely wife’s eyes. 

What do you wear when you go to sleep?
Have ye ever seen my wife? All I wear to bed is a smile.

What is the perfect romantic date?
Date? Ah, ye mean the courting ritual in which modern folks engage? Well, I can’t say I have ever been on a date, but I suppose slipping away to someplace private with my sweet Mairead might be fun. Perhaps taking a wee snack and a skin of wine to share would be nice.

How ticklish are you? Where are you ticklish?
I am not ticklish. Well, perhaps I am a little ticklish under the arms. 

What’s your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?
I love the fragrance that belongs solely to my wife. It is the fresh clean aroma of soap, herbs and some unique aroma that is hers alone. When I smell it, I know I am home. I am with those I love most in the world.

When you look at a woman what catches your interest?
Her eyes. I have already told ye, I find my wife’s eyes captivating. I think a woman’s soul and beauty are most profoundly revealed in her eyes.

Do you have somebody in your life now?
Aye lass. My wee wife Mairead is the heart of my heart.

What is one word best describes her?
Strong. She doesn’t always believe that, but I know it is true. She has the heart of a warrior.

Is your book part of a series? What does the future hold for the readers of the series?
My book is the second book in the Duncurra series. The third book is about my old friend, Fingal MacIan. He and I trained together under Laird Chisholm. King David II has plans for Fingal and I do not envy him. He is being asked to marry Malcolm MacLennan’s heir and lead his clan. The problem is, he is the last man on the face of the earth that she wants to marry. Still, he is up to this task. If anyone can win the heart of a reluctant lass, it is Fingal.

I look forward to see what happens to Fingal.

Thanks again for making the time for the chat, I know you are a busy man. Sending my love to Mairead, she truly is amazing.


And there you have it, I hope you enjoyed the chat as much as I did.

Tadhg hails from “Highland Courage”, the second book in the Duncurra series by the awesome Ceci Giltenan.


Amazon • B&N • Kobo •

Her parents want a betrothal, but Mairead MacKenzie can’t get married without revealing her secret and no man will wed her once he knows.
Plain in comparison to her siblings and extremely reserved, Mairead has been called “MacKenzie’s Mouse” since she was a child. No one knows the reason for her timidity and she would just as soon keep it that way. When her parents arrange a betrothal to Laird Tadhg Matheson she is horrified. She only sees one way to prevent an old secret from becoming a new scandal.

Tadhg Matheson admires and respects the MacKenzies. While an alliance with them through marriage to Mairead would be in his clan’s best interest, he knows Laird MacKenzie seeks a closer alliance with another clan. When Tadhg learns of her terrible shyness and her youngest brother’s fears about her, Tadhg offers for her anyway.

Secrets always have a way of revealing themselves. With Tadhg’s unconditional love, can Mairead find the strength and courage she needs to handle the consequences when they do?

The first book in the series, “Highland Solution” is where I first met Tadhg and he captured my attention. Make sure you are sign up at BookBub, this title will be on sale for 99ç on July 21st.


Amazon • B&N • Kobo • Audible •

Laird Niall MacIan needs Lady Katherine Ruthven’s dowry to relieve his clan’s crushing debt but he has no intention of giving her his heart in the bargain.

Niall MacIan, a Highland laird, desperately needs funds to save his impoverished clan. Lady Katherine Ruthven, a lowland heiress, is rumored to be “unmarriageable” and her uncle hopes to be granted her title and lands when the king sends her to a convent. King David II anxious to strengthen his alliances sees a solution that will give Ruthven the title he wants, and MacIan the money he needs. Laird MacIan will receive Lady Katherine’s hand along with her substantial dowry and her uncle will receive her lands and title.

Lady Katherine must forfeit everything in exchange for a husband who does not want to be married and believes all women to be self-centered and deceitful. Can the lovely and gentle Katherine mend his heart and build a life with him or will he allow the treachery of others to destroy them?

You can follow Ceci Giltenan on Facebook ~ Twitter , also on her website to keep up to date on her amazing books.

Books are listed on Goodreads, and go check out the author page on Amazon and give it a like.


What is your favourite dessert? Mine is tiramisu.

One lucky commenter will win an ebook copy of Tadhg and Mairead’s book, HIGHLAND COURAGE by Ceci Giltenan. The comments will stay open until 3pm on Monday, July 21st, 2014, when Sexy Mr. Random will pick a winner. Good luck!

Until next time! Happy reading!

My Chat with Terek

Hello and welcome!

Today I have somebody I met a few years ago and cannot forget. He is my fave Son of Navarus.

Here is what he has to say…

What is your full name?
Terek. It’s a name given to me by the vampire who turned me.

Do you have a nickname?

What is one word best describes you?

Describe what you are wearing now to our readers.
Black pants, a white shirt, and a black jacket.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?
Gabrielle found a way to show the real Terek, and I’m thankful for that.

What makes you laugh out loud?
Dante. That vampire does things that I can’t help but laugh at.

What is your favourite dessert?

Ilona made her first apple pie a few weeks ago, so that’s my new favorite dessert.

What is your favourite drink?
I don’t drink alcohol. To be honest, my favorite drink is blood.

What is your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is that at some point I won’t be able to take care of Ilona and my vampires.

What is your favourite colour?

What do you wear when you go to sleep?

What is the perfect romantic date?
Women want to be adored, so no matter where I take a woman, I make sure she’s the only focus of my attention. Whether it’s a night at home or a date at a fine restaurant, the perfect romantic date is all about making the woman you’re with your number one concern.

How ticklish are you? Where are you ticklish?
Vampires aren’t ticklish.

What’s your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?
The spices of Moroccan cooking—cinnamon, saffron, cumin—remind me of my time there right after I was made vampire.


I know what you mean. Being used to all kinds of spices back home, I really took a liking to Moroccan cuisine.

When you look at a woman what catches your interest?
Her behavior is the first thing I notice. A woman should be graceful and confident, not brash or loud. Beauty comes from within.

Do you have somebody in your life now?
Yes, Ilona is my mate.

What is one word best describes her?

Is your book part of a series? What does the future hold for the readers of the series?
Blood Spirit is the third book in the Sons of Navarus series. Readers will get to see the final showdown between the Sons and the Archons as the series unfolds.

Thank you Terek for making the time for a chat, hope I will see you again within the pages of your world.


I hope you enjoyed this chat and thanks joining me here.

Blood Spirit 1575x2400

Terek is from “Blood Spirit”, 3rd book in the SONS OF NAVARUS series by one of my fave authors, Gabrielle Bisset. She was a sweetheart to convince Terek to come for a chat. He doesn’t really like being away from his mate, Ilona, for long. I don’t blame him, she is a great lady.

I am everything you seek. I am vampire.

Blessed with the gift of telepathy, Terek always knows what a woman wants. His gift has afforded him nightly sensual pleasures and exotic treats for centuries, but beneath the surface he yearns for much more.

Ilona can give him what his soul craves, but only if he trusts his heart. One fateful choice made out of desire puts all he cares for in danger. With a civil war and the threat of Archon hunters at every turn, this Son may lose everything if he can’t find the balance between heart and mind.

To connect with Gabrielle Bisset follow these links

Facebook Author PageTwitter

Or to keep up to date on her news and check out her other books

website • Amazon • GoodreadsFacebook Sons of NavarusPinterest

For those who don’t know, the author also writes under the alias K.M. Scott. Check it out! I just started reading those book, so far they are yummy.

Facebook • Twitter website • Amazon • Goodreads

The cover above is the new cover of Terek’s book, I like it, but I think I prefer the old one, see below 😉


What do you think?

Let me know and one lucky commenter will win a signed paperback copy of “Blood Spirit” by Gabrielle Bisset and swag.

The comments will stay open until 3pm on Monday, July 14th, 2014 when Sexy Mr. Random will pick a winner. Good luck!

Until next time! Happy reading!

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You get cups with the books 😀

M. A. Abraham

1. Who wants me to send all 3 upcoming books, along with their free cup together… keep in mind this will mean you will be getting them later than you normally do then.

2. Do you want more than 1 cup… this will not necessarily mean you have to order a second book, but you will have to pay for the second cup if you don’t. The cup only comes with your copy (s) of ‘First Contact’.


You can leave your message here, or preferably through the contact. Let me know ahead of time so I order enough cups. (these things are important)

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My Darling Janice by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway

My Darling Janice by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway     Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Smashwords Description: After discovering some old…

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