My Chat with Zoe York!

Hello and welcome!

Today I have an amazing author who I’ve been reading for a few years now and she is a fellow Canadian!



Love, love her books and will get the chance to stalk her… errr … I mean meet her, along with some awesome authors, at the Romancing the Capital event held in Ottawa, Canada this weekend SQUEEEEE

Please welcome Zoe York!


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Zoe York is a busy working mom of two young boys, wife to a very understanding soldier, and creator of modern, sexy, small town contemporary romances.

Wardham series

Her debut novel, What Once Was Perfect, started the popular Wardham series.

Pine Harbour-series

Love in a Small Town is the beginning of Pine Harbour series


Her first military romance, Fall Out, was released as part of the international bestselling SEALs of Summer super bundle and now it is book 1 of the SEALS Undone series

Zoe York lives in London, Ontario with her young family. She’s currently chugging Americanos, wiping sticky fingers, and dreaming of heroes in and out of uniform.

Grab yourself a cup and enjoy the Q & A below.

Do you have a nickname?
Nerkie — that’s from my husband, and I can’t even tell you where it originated!

What is one word best describes you?

What makes you laugh out loud?
My kids

What is your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?
Lavender and lily of the valley both remind me of my grandmother; I’ve got both in my garden

Favourite place to spend time in.

Is there a genre that you refuse to read?

Writing! What started it?
Reading, and coming to the end of a small town romance series and wanting more…and realizing that maybe I could write that more.

If you could choose another career what would it be?

Audiobooks! Any plans to have any of your books in audio format?
Not in the near future; audiobooks are quite expensive to produce, and I’m not interested in selling the rights at this time, so doing it myself is the only option. Maybe one day!

Does your work convey a specific emotion or message?
Hope and a belief in second chances

Who is your intended audience and why should they read your books?
Romance fans who like a good dose of heat with their sweet

What is next in your writing?
I’ve got three SEALs Undone novellas coming out this summer; two of them people have already seen part of (Fall Deep, which is currently being shared with my newsletter as I write it, and Fall Fast, which started with Nathan and Emme’s first night in the LOL 3 Anthology—when Fall Fast is published on its own, it will be a longer story with a HEA ending), and a brand new story in this summer’s SEALs of Summer 2 superbundle.

Thank you so much Zoe for making the time to join me in my chat room. I am looking forward to reading more of your books.


Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed the chat with Zoe York.

To keep in contact with Ms. York, have a chat, (if you do, say hello from me 😉 ) or see what comes next, here are the links:


Fall Deep-cover

Sign up for the newsletter, the subscribers get treats like the now on-going, a chapter a week, “Fall Deep”, a newsletter exclusive story, already on chapter 14.

Miles is on his way back to war. He isn’t supposed to fall in love.

Piper left San Diego behind, looking for adventure in Europe. The no-strings, easy-breezy kind of adventure. And now her heart is headed to the Middle East with a man she won’t see for months.

Miles is already one of my book boyfriends and I invited him on the chat once the book is published YUMYUM and Piper is such a lovable woman, a good match for Miles.

free reads

Also if you sign up now you will instantly get THREE FREE stories!

Her alter-ego, Ainsley Booth is a filthy romance writer by night, and is super grateful for caffeine, banana and blueberry muffins, and yoga pants.


Sign up to her newsletter HERE and check out parts 1 and 2 of Hate F*@k, The Horus Group, romantic suspense serial, part 3 coming soon.


To start you on your reading journey, Ms. York is giving away “Fall for a SEAL” boxed set to a lucky reader chosen by Sexy Mr. Random at 1pm EST on Thursday, April 16, 2015. GOOD LUCK!

Until next time read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

My chat with Liam

Hello and welcome!

Do you ever wonder about chance meetings? How a comment rolls into a delightful experience?

I commented on a thread about a book at a FB party, then I got curious about the series. The blurbs caught my attention, so I got all of books in the series. I spent the next few days reading the books… or more like inhaled them, they were so good. That is how I met my next guest whom I fell in love with and he is now one of my book boyfriends.

And here he is…

WELCOME! WELCOME! Please have a seat.

I have to have a chat with Zoe, she could have warn me, he is serious eye candy!!!


He just looks at me, grinning…
Did I say that out loud? My cheeks are on fire… I am too old to be blushing like a teenager… I wish you could see him…

wait!!!! you can… here

What is your full name? 

William Alexander McIntosh III, but my friends call me Liam. We’re going to be friends, right?

I wish you could be… for real…

Do you have a nickname?

Ha. Evie has been known to call me her Boy Wonder. But as I said, my friends call me Liam.

he winks

What is one word best describes you?


Describe what you are wearing now to our readers.
Cargo shorts, brown leather belt, white t-shirt, blue oxford button down shirt on top.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?

In a lot of ways our book was Evie’s story. I’d do anything for her, and Zoe knows that. She also knows I’ve got some unsettled business with my family, but now isn’t the time to deal with that. Not when my new family needs me to be strong and stable. So she portrayed me accurately in the here and now. There are some layers she hasn’t yet explored, though.

You say that like there’s more to your story.
Evie and I are getting married next year, and we’ve invited Zoe to the wedding. I’ll let Zoe decide how much of that story she wants to tell.

What makes you laugh out loud?

My step-son, Max. He’s going to be a stand-up comedian when he grows up. Evie when she’s pissed off. Some of the new friends I’ve made here in Wardham. The men are…well, let’s just say they’re super-protective of their women. That can be comical at times.

What is your favourite dessert?


What is your favourite drink?


What is your greatest fear?

Turning into my father.

What is your favourite colour?


What do you wear when you go to sleep?

Cotton drawstring pants. I used to sleep naked, but we’ve got three kids in our house and most nights at least one of them shows up at some point for water or cuddles.

What is the perfect romantic date?
A private picnic. Lots of champagne and strawberries, and the entire afternoon to lay in the sun.

How ticklish are you? Where are you ticklish?

Not really. Maybe the bottom of my feet, but I’m quick, and I’ll turn that around pretty quickly.

What’s your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?
Brown sugar. Reminds me of Evie making everyone oatmeal. After she sprinkles brown sugar on top, I have this fantasy of slowly licking her fingers clean.

When you look at a woman what catches your interest?

Honest enthusiasm and a sense of adventure. Great posture. Long hair. A quick smile. 

Do you have somebody in your life now?

Not just somebody. I’ve got Evie. And she’s perfect.

What is one word best describes her?


Is your book part of a series? What does the future hold for the readers of the series?

Sure is. Turns out this little town I’ve moved to is exploding with love stories. Before I arrived, Evie’s sister reunited with her first boyfriend, and one of her best friends found love with the guy next door. And now I’m working for Evan and Ty West, the founders of Go West Winery, and something tells me Zoe is hanging around just in case they find their perfect mates. She has crushes on them, it’s cute.

I think Zoe is not alone in the crush area, I can’t wait for Evan’s story.

Great! I can’t wait for more books.

Thank you for taking time and answering my questions. I am looking forward to read about your wedding. Congratulations and give my hugs to Evie. She is awesome, I like her spunk.


And there you have it. Liam and Evie’s story is in When They Weren’t Looking, book 3 in Wardham Series by Zoe York.


AMAZON ~ B&N ~ KOBO ~ ARe ~ iTunes

She’s not looking for love…
A girl can have just one night of fun, right? After years in a spirit-breaking former marriage, Evie needed to get her groove back. Cutting loose in the big city with no strings attached—no matter how cute her one night stand guy might be. Besides, she’ll never see him again once she goes home to Wardham.

…He’s not thinking about forever.
Liam knows showing up on her doorstep might throw Evie for a loop. But Wardham’s his new home now, and he just can’t get the sexy single mother out of his mind. A second date isn’t to much to ask, is it? Or a third, and a fourth!

It’s not what they expected. But it might turn out to be just what they need.
Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs, though. Just when things are finally going right for Evie, two little lines on a pregnancy test change everything. Now she’s running scared, and Liam has to pull out all the stops to prove a family with her is everything he’s ever wanted.


The Wardham Series
Between Then and Now (Novella #0.5 – Carrie & Ian)
What Once Was Perfect (Book #1 – Laney & Kyle)
Where Their Hearts Collide (Book #2 – Karen & Paul)
When They Weren’t Looking (Book #3 – Evie & Liam)
Beyond Love and Hate (Novella #3.5 – Beth & Finn, coming JUNE 2014)

Look up the awesome author, Zoe York, and see her other books.
Website ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon
You can also connect with her on:
Facebook ~ Twitter

Also check out the book trailers and book playlists on youtube

I have a question for you. If you had the choice, where would you choose to live, small town or big city?

One lucky commenter, chosen by Sexy Mr. Random, will win an ebook copy of Liam and Evie’s book,
When They Weren’t Looking.

The contest will be open until 3 pm EST, Monday, May 26, 2014. Good luck!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all in the USA. Have fun and stay safe!

Until next time, happy reading!

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