My Chat with Baron Wolfgang

Hello and welcome!

I am bringing one of my book boyfriends over from the old blog because I can’t let him be forgotten.

Wolfgang … what can I say… sigh

Oh and here he is…

Welcome, welcome! Please sit. Would you like some coffee, tea or maybe some hot chocolate? I will have some hot chocolate, my favourite on an evening like this, rainy and blustery for sure out there. I was hoping spring will finally arrive, but Mother Nature has other ideas. I love whipped cream on my hot chocolate!


Yes, I would love to try your whipped cream and hot chocolate…
he winks

Good thing I wasn’t drinking it then, I would have chocked LOL

Here are some cup cakes, really delicious, even the cup is edible! licking fingers

He stares at me…

Shall we begin? OK so here I go.
Wish me luck, he looks very imposing, forbidding even, and I should feel intimidated, but I know better. Besides, I see the mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

What is your full name?
I am the Baron Wolfgang Gerhart Von Schlader.

Do you have a nickname?
Only one calls me Wolf.

What is one word best describes you?


Describe what you are wearing now to our readers.
It is on the cool side so I am dressed in a warm pair of pants with a fur lined Hussar coat. I have a pair of knee high boots.
he does look rather delish

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?
Embarrassingly so. There were some parts of my character I would rather have had brushed over. I like to think of myself as a fair man, I don’t like having my faults laid out for the rest of the world to look at.

What makes you laugh out loud?
I enjoy a good joke and lighthearted play.

What is your fave dessert?

Oooh… mine too!
I should have made some!!!

What is your greatest fear?
The same as anyone else, that my country might someday go to war, that those that I love will be hurt or worse.

What is your fave colour?
I love the color red, in moderation of course.

What do you wear when you go to sleep?
I am a civilized man. I wear pyjamas… for a while at least…

What is the perfect romantic date?
I believe the perfect romantic date would be to go out for a dinner at an expensive restaurant then to go to a ball or dance of some sort. I like to hold my woman in my arms and in this time you have to be careful of these things so you don’t cause her dishonor but mere association. Waltzing is the perfect excuse, you can look into her eyes and dream as you move across the floor.

I love the waltz and the tango, my Father taught me many types of dances. I love dancing.

How ticklish are you? Where are you ticklish?
Clearing throat. I am a little sensitive on the sides. Well perhaps just below the ear as well, but not to the fingers.
he smiles and winks

What’s your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?
I love the smell of the earth after the first rain in spring. It has a sense of cleanliness about it. A feeling of renewal.

When you look at a woman what catches your interest?
I like my women to have class, nothing crass or abrasive. A woman is special, she should have grace as well as beauty and she should be happy. A well loved woman is a thing of beauty.

Do you have somebody in your life now?
Yes, my Janice.

What is one word best describes her?
She is spirited.

Is this book part of a series?
This is a stand alone book.
Oh! That is too bad.

Well, I guess there comes a time when all good things come to an end. Thank you for accepting my invitation for a chat.
It was my pleasure!

He bows and kisses my hand. Not many men do that anymore, do they? sigh


Thank you for coming by and reading my chat with Wolfgang. He is the main hunk, well… one of them, in My Darling, Janice by M. A. Abraham. There is another one, but you just have to read it to find out 😀


Isn’t this just gorgeous? Loved the work that Cora Graphics did.

A taste here.

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3D Character and Question Mark

Tell me about your favourite dance.
Do you remember your first dance, maybe with your first love?

One lucky commenter, chosen by random draw, will win an ebook copy of “My Darling, Janice”. The contest is open until 3 pm EST, Monday, April 18, 2016. GOOD LUCK!!!

Until next time read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

A taste of “My Darling, Janice” by M. A. Abraham


To My Darling Granddaughter

If you are reading this letter I know you are on your way to Vienna to follow the trail of the one who once bore your name. Notice how I am not asking how you learned about her? There are only two people who could have told you about my second sister; my wife, or your Great Aunt Lydia. I was never able to get either to swear that they would keep silent about her, no matter how deeply the pain of her memory remains in my heart.

Your mother knew. I think she found the journals and read them. I am still not sure how that happened, although I have my suspicions. Your father never knew. We never discussed his aunt, not ever. His wife, however, was constantly making sure all the corners of the townhouse where these books were kept remained clean and free of cobwebs. The person I am writing about in this journal, is she whom you got your name from, and it is as beautiful as she was. She was one I loved with all my heart, as I love you.

Perhaps the women in my life whom I have loved the most have been right about how I handled the portion of my life that contained that sister. I have no answers to explain why I have done what I have. In remembering, however, I wrote these journals. The contents within them hold the memory of the last year we were together. They keep her alive as she is in my memory to this day. You, my sweetheart, are the living spirit of what she was.

I like to watch you, as I did her, as you dance. Light, carefree, so full of the bloom of life. You float over the ballroom floors lost in the music of the waltzes you so love. My sister was like that, her every movement was like watching a butterfly floating in the air, gracefully epitomizing the spirit of the tunes the masters dreamed. They were but a tribute to her beauty.

I do not say this lightly my beautiful butterfly. I say this because you are so much like her in many ways. You flit through life and nothing touches you, yet you love deeply and selflessly. You spread beauty and grace wherever you go. Anyone who experiences the light of your life longs for its touch forevermore. Unfortunately, as you are like my sister in all ways that are good, you show some of her faults as well. You can be headstrong and often unthinking about what you are doing or saying, but these are the traits of youth. I hope that you find what you are seeking with this trip of adventure you have embarked on.

I have asked Lady Marta to serve as Chaperone for you while you travel, to protect your reputation. She was more than happy to do this, as she loves you like a daughter. I have written to your Great Aunt Lydia and your Great Uncle Wolfgang, to let them know you are coming. I hope the letters get to them before you do. I would not like to think of you stranded in a foreign country with no guidance or protection.

You will find the bundle of journals along with the letter I have written, read them all. You will find not only the reasons for my pain, but my love. Read now my darling Janice, and get to know my sister Janice as a living, breathing person.

Your Loving Grandfather, Martin
Dated April 12, 1864


After discovering some old journals that belong to her grandfather Janice finds he has been hiding a painful memory of a sister he once had. She is determined to find out more and after confronting him she leaves for the country of his birth to learn more from his family. She has wrung some of the story out of him. She learns that she looks like her grandaunt and was named after her. He told her how beautiful his sister was, how popular and loved she had been, but refuses to talk about her in any detail.

As Janice travels she learns that her grandfather expected her to go to his former home. In her luggage she finds her grandfather’s journals that detail the last years of his sister’s life along with a couple letters from him. She begins to read and is pulled into the glittering whirlwind of her grandaunt’s life. A world where the Janice that was, reigned as the social Queen of Viennese society and was loved by one and all, but especially by the man she eventually married. As she closes the journal she is more determined than ever to get to know the world and people her grandaunt knew, and to bring joy to their world in memory of the woman who was.

Wolfgang has lived all of his life under the shadow of his illegitimacy. He dwelt with a granduncle, a man who raised him like a son. He watched his granduncle live with the memory of a woman he couldn’t let go, even when death stole her from him. He could easily understand the attraction when he gazed at her portrait, but not the reasons. Not until he meets the woman who not only bares her name, but shares her beauty and personality.

As Wolfgang watches Janice from the doorway he not only sees a woman that resembles the lady he has admired in the portrait his granduncle coveted, but the woman he falls instantly in love with. Like his granduncle, he is determined to win her hand and love, no matter the cost, for despite the pretense of Janice’s appearance he knows that underneath the veneer beats the heart of a woman who will make him happy for the rest of eternity.

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