“Elven Chronicles” Celebration – part 6

Hello and welcome!

Today is the 6th and last post leading to the release of the last book in the Elven Chronicles, Kings of the Empire by M. A. Abraham on February 16, 2017.

I along with the many fans of the Elven world have connected to one character or another, cheered them with each triumph and wept at each loss they suffered in the battle with the demon horde… or laughed at their antics.

One thing that stayed constant is their absolute love for their Life Mates and I am sharing the bonding scenes in each book which are my fave in all the books.



Book 11 is…


11 ITDL-meme.png

I really enjoyed reading this book and the cover is beautiful, fits their story. Their journey is not easy, full of danger and were some tense moments where I sat up and was chewing my nails… and then there are the lighter moments for which Ms. Abraham is known for, where the tension is broken and I found myself laughing out loud. I was so happy for Larien when it was revealed that Rothliel is her Life Mate, a very well-matched couple in every way.

    As they lay, looking into each other’s eyes and exchanging silly grins, he spoke.

    “Larien, you are mine.”

    Larien’s smile widened, as she ran a fingertip lightly over his lips and responded.  “Rothliel, you are mine.”

    “Larien, I am yours,” Rothliel purred smugly, deep in his throat.

    Larien’s response surprised him, as she grinned and admitted.  “You most certainly are,” She then added, after a moment of hesitation, “Rothliel, you are mine.

    They exchanged a long kiss, that threatened to reignite their passions, and then, in one voice, finished.  “Together, we are one.”

    Neither Rothliel nor Larien thought about the war, for the few hours they were left alone.  There was no one there to remind them that things were not as they should be in their world.

Larien’s sister, Alyssa finds her Life Mate too in this book, but like all Eagle Claw women, she is not easy to succumb to the bond yet LOL Be prepared for a few surprises especially one that reveals something that nobody knew about in the Elven Empire and that brings hope that the Elves will be triumphant over the Demon Horde. Happy reading!

99c until February 17, 2017 – buy links

And now onto the conclusion of the series, book 12, releasing on February 16, 2017.


12 KOTE-meme.png

This book brings happy and sad emotions for me, happy because we finally find out the outcome of the war against the demon horde and sad because it is the end of the series and my ultimate book boyfriend, Lothrariel finally bonds with his Life Mate, S’Larea…
It is a huge book with lots of happenings but I am convinced that you will not be able to put it down…


    As Lothrariel wrapped his body around his Life Mate’s, S’Larea raised her eyelids to look into his eyes, and gave a small smile of satisfaction, as she repeated their bonding words.

    “Lothrariel, you are mine.”

    They were words Lothrariel was sure he would never tire of hearing, and he repeated his.  “S’Larea, you are mine.”

    “Lothrariel, I am yours,” S’Larea murmured.

    Lothrariel looked into S’Larea’s softly glowing eyes, so filled with her love, and smiled, as he answered.  “S’Larea, you are mine.”

    “Together, we are one,” they breathed as their lips touched and blended.

on sale for $5.99 until February 17, 2017 – pre-order links

Here is your chance to grab the these two books in the series at a very low price for a limited time.

Check out this awesome trailer for the series, created by Wicked Muse

There is a Thunderclap campaign for the KINGS OF THE EMPIRE release day, your support and shares are appreciated.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 6.46.10 PM.png

A RAFFLECOPTER giveaway is set up, running until the release day! Good luck. Click here!

There is a release party on FB on February 15-16 to celebrate the release of the “Kings of the Empire”. We will have pre-event postings and giveaways, come join in!


Thank you for joining me in the celebration and I hope to see you next time.

Until then… read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

“Elven Chronicles” Celebration – part 1

Hello and welcome!


Today is the first of the 6 posts coming up until the release of the last book in the Elven Chronicles, Kings of the Empire by M. A. Abraham on February 16, 2017. See my post with the preorder links.

It has been a few years since the series started and I along with the many fans of the Elven world have been emotionally connected to one character or another, cheered with each triumph and wept at each loss they suffered.

One thing that stayed constant is their absolute love for their Life Mates and this is my theme for the next 6 weeks, sharing the bonding scenes in each book.


And to start at the beginning… book 1 is…


1 Gabriel-meme.png

There are two couples bonding in this book.

DAROTH King of the Light Elves, a powerful seer mated to C’LIANDRA, a powerful seer herself…

As C’Liandra stepped forth Daroth beamed at her his face full of love and pride.  He held out his hands as she walked up to him and placed her hands into his.  Her eyes never once left his.
     “C’Liandra, my Life Mate.”  His voice was strong.
     “Daroth, he for whom I have waited all my life.”  C’Liandra almost sounded breathless and her hands trembled in his.
     “Would you wish to speak the words of binding now before all who are assembled before us, or would you wish to wait pending a period of courtship as is your right?”
     “We have our entire lives for you to pay court to me my love.  I would be yours in all ways from this moment on, if this is also your wish.”
     “It is my fondest dream.  I shall speak the words of bonding.  C’Liandra my Life Mate; my love, light of my soul, I am yours.”
     “Daroth, my Life Mate, I am yours.” C’Liandra replied.
     “As you are mine, I am yours.  We are one.”  Daroth then sealed the declaration with a kiss.
     The crowd cheered as Daroth drew her into his embrace and as she took her place at his side.

GABRIEL EAGLE CLAW, High Lord General of the Elven Combined Forces mated to EDEN, a powerful Tratchar (A special title held by Elves of extreme power focused on the health and welfare of the Great Guardian and the Sentinel Trees of the Elven Empire.)
… skipping the parts that are not PG, you’ll have to read the book to get the whole scene 😉

…….Are you mine?”
     “Yes,” Eden hissed, her mind was a jumble of emotion.
     “I want to hear you say it Eden.  Say the words Eden.  You’re mine.”
     “You’re mine,” Eden rasped out and Gabriel ran his tongue over her ……. as she gave a throaty cry and begged.  “Gabriel, please.  I need you Gabriel. Please.”
     “I need the words Eden,” he urged her and he worked his way back up her body.  …..
     “I am yours, my Eden.  You are mine.”  Gabriel repeated the words of binding.
     Eden’s eyes met his and all he could see was need,……. she cried aloud.  “Gabriel! I am yours.  You are mine.  You are mine, Gabriel.”
     “As our bodies join my love, we become one in body and Soul, in mind, spirit and heart.” 

99c until January 14, 2017 buy links

2nd book is


2 MariousStory-meme.png

MARIOUS EAGLECLAW, Diplomat of the Light Elven Kingdom mated to TAMARAK, a Fletching, guardian to the birds…

“Come, join me.” Daroth held out his hands to Marious and Tamarak as everyone gathered around them in a circle.

“This is your moment, your dream and hearts desire. Here, beneath the light of the full moon you will reaffirm your bond, surrounded by the light and love of your family.”

Daroth joined their hands together and went to stand amongst the others that formed the circle about them.

Marious took Tamarak’s hands in his and looked deep into her eyes. They were shining a brilliant green, filled with love and happiness and he smiled as he spoke.

“Tam, you are mine.”

In a sure but silvery soft voice, Tamarak repeated the beginning of her vow.

“Marious, you are mine.”

“Tam, I am yours.”

“Marious, I am yours.”

Together they finished. “Together, we are one. Forever.”

There, in the family estate gardens, amidst the light of the full moon and Elven magic, surrounded by beauty and majesty, Elven voices raised in song. Those who had attended the small ceremony were serenading them. Marious took his Life Mate into his arms and kissed her.

As the couple parted, a hoot of an owl was heard, followed by another in answer, and two white snow owls glided out of the night to land on Marious and Tamarak’s shoulders. To Tamarak, that was the crowning touch. Confirmation that it was a joining that had been meant to be, and the acceptance of her mate by those she had lived her life with.”

99c until January 14, 2017buy links

If you have not read the Elven Chronicles yet, here is your chance to grab the first two novels at a very low price.

Check out this awesome trailer, just released a few minutes ago, created by Wicked Muse

Thank you for joining me in the celebration and I hope to see you next Sunday.

Until then… read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

Chapter I – ‘Kings of the Empire’

Read the beginning of the end of the epic Elven Chronicles series by M. A. Abraham

M. A. Abraham

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.


King Daroth walked through the crowded paths as he made his way to the High Lord General Gabriel Eagle Claw’s headquarters. He was hesitant to bother the Elf, because the last time he had seen him, he had looked so tired he appeared to be ready to collapse. Eden hadn’t looked much better, and it pained him to see his subjects in such a state. He realized it wasn’t his fault. The whole of the Elven Empire had the same problem, and it would only get worse, before things began to improve.

This time, King Daroth had another concern to add to the growing problems the High Lord General was facing. There was another army closing in on the West gates of the Light Elven Kingdom. He wasn’t sure what Gabriel was going to be able to do about that, if anything…

View original post 3,186 more words

Preorder links for KINGS OF THE EMPIRE

Hello and welcome!

The preorder links for last book in the Elven Chronicles by M. A. Abraham.


Release day for “KINGS OF THE EMPIRE” is February 16, 2017 and many fans are waiting with great anticipation.

It is an epic end to an EPIC series. Lots happening in the book, it is almost double the size of the other books… a few twists that I didn’t see coming and I was like “OMG… you didn’t!” or “Oh oh! I better hire the extra security for MA” or LOL at some mischief of one of the Elves or had to reach for tissues because I do that at sad scenes.  I can’t wait to hear what you think of it after reading.

12 KOTE-meme.png

The Empire is rising to face the enemy. They are not alone, for their allies and neighbors have come to help; some have even come to fight despite the objections of their own rulers.

The Drazon is free, the Demon Hordes are on the march, and their numbers are staggering. Will the Empire survive this challenge? Or will their enemies prevail? The stakes are high, for if they fail to win the upcoming battles, the lives of every Elf in the Empire will be in jeopardy. No one knows the real extent of what they will be facing

As the Elves prepare to fight, the Drazon attacks at will, first challenging the might of the Dragons. He feels invincible. Omnipotent. Immortal. He will show the world who is in charge and the meaning of fear. His hatred knows no boundary.

While King Lothrariel continues to hold his Empire and, the lives of his people together, he is besieged by problems. He turns to Gabriel, to handle the greatest tasks, and to resume his place as Commander in Chief of the Combined Elven Armies of the Empire. Lothrariel must also answer his Life Mate’s call to fight at her side. He quickly finds out there is more to her summons than their bond. As an Oracle, she ‘sees’ the possible outcomes, but she cannot speak of them, she can only guide.

Amazon USAmazon CAAmazon AUB&NiBooksKoboSmashwords

Add it to your Goodreads TBR list.


Until next time… read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

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