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Surrender to the Desire… Embrace your Destiny… Soar with the Dragons…

Stoke the flames that 13 of your favorite NY Times, USA Today and International Bestselling authors have ignited with their fiery tales of the scorching passion that erupts when a dragon is united with their soul-mate.


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From the Dragon Guard Series Arises a Saga Unlike Any Other…
Abandoned by their clans for centuries. Presumed dead. Forced to build a new clan, one designed by Destiny to embrace their differences. These seven women, Shifters of Power, will ascend from obscurity to battle enemies unlike any the world has ever known.

Join the journey of the Ladies of the Sky…
Once You Take Flight, the World Will Never Look the Same Again.

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Soul Fire Kelly Abell
Sometimes breaking a curse leads to an unforeseen destiny.

Desired Revenge  Solease M. Barner
A throne lost.. Centuries of debt.. A new threat arises that not only jeopardizes her lost kingdom but also her heart.
Sometimes vengeance isn’t vengeance once the heart is involved.
Will Carmen have her Desired Revenge?


Devon Kathi S. Barton
Kelly was finally taking the vacation she had been promising herself for years… and escaping her crazy family.
But as fate would have it somethings are worse than insane relatives.


On Wings of Time – Linda Boulanger
One man with a dragon’s soul.
One woman with the key to unlock his powers.
With six hundred years separating them, Fate’s carefully woven web is about to be tested with a kiss and the flip of a coin.

Dragonslayer, Dragon Heart – Isobelle Cate

Heart of a Dragon L.J. Garland

When an unimaginable evil rains down from the sky, fate demands action from the most unlikely place–a terminally ill woman.
But even with a fierce warrior at her side, does a single dragon
stand a chance at saving the world?

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Promised to A Dragon – Darlene Kuncytes

When you’re promised in marriage to a dragon shifter like a piece of chattel… what will it be – fight or flight?
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The Dragon’s Sacrifice – Andi Lawrencovna

A dragon threatening a forest. A princess sent to face the beast.
A romance to impact the ages. There’s no telling what The Dragon’s Sacrifice will be in the Never Lands.
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Sadie’s Shadow – Julia Mills

Secrets, ancient curses and a prophecy she’s been running from for over a century. Fate and Destiny battle for her soul but only her Shadow knows the truth…

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I Dream of Dragons – Tricia Owens

When a genie in a bottle seduces her inner dragon, a sorceress must decide if the attraction is real or if she is being tricked.

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Fire and Ice Kate Richards

The battle for Crossroads rests in the hands of an ice dragon who has yet to shift and isn’t sure she can. Is his fire enough to set her desire ablaze and free the dragon within?

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Curse of the Dragon’s Eye Kali Willows

When reality is just an ancient curse in disguise,
an Egyptian Pharaoh fights for her soul & her flight of dragons.

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Scorched Hearts – Victoria Zak

One lost heart and another ready for love collide with burning desire. One of them is bound to get SCORCHED.

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Surprise visit… a secret is revealed ;)

Good afternoon.
A voice slides through my mind as I am walking past a small park on the way home.

I look around.  It is a beautiful day with barely a cloud in the sky and the temperature is balmy.  There is nothing else to be seen but the signs of nature, and the lack of people around the area is confusing, there should be lots of children out enjoying this weather in the park with their parents.  I look closer and notice other strange things; there is a suspicious lack of birds in the sky as well.  Something is going on and I would be concerned about a violent weather front coming in, if it wasn’t for the fact that there are only one or two clouds in the sky.  I frown as I shrug the voice off and begin to walk again.

I have been told you can be trusted with a secret.
The voice returns, catching my attention a second time. It is a pleasant voice, smooth as silk and filled with the essence of magic.

Who is there?  I almost stammer.

You don’t know me.  In fact you have never met me, although we do have a history of sorts so you have heard of me.

All right, I am beginning to get really nervous.  I am sure I am hearing this voice, but the last thing I want to do is answer back where people can hear me.  They are going to think I lot it.  Hell, I am beginning to believe I have lost it.  I can just hear the telephone call already.  Belleview, here I come, I need to reserve a room.  Yes, I know you will be interested in the case.  I am hearing voices in my mind.  No, they are not the type that will make me write compulsively, but if you want to meet someone like that I know such a person, I would highly recommend you meet her.

No, you are not hallucinating.

Then where are you?  Who are you and why are you hiding?

Look up, my friend.  You see the cloud high in the sky overhead?

I answer uncertainly as I wonder what the cloud has to do with anything.  I watch it closely and realize it is moving against the wind.  What is going on?

I thought I would give you some warning ahead of time of my presence before descending to speak with you.  I can be very overwhelming to someone who has never seen a Dragon before.
The voice confides.

A Dragon?
All right, now I know I am certifiable for sure.

Except that the size of the cloud is growing and it is getting closer to the ground.  It begins to form into a shape with huge white wings.  I take a big swallow… of nothing.  There is only dry air in my throat and even at that it almost lodges in my esophagus.  I am so scared I am visibly shaking.

I am sorry.  I forgot to tamp down on the terror factor of who and what I am.  You humans are so fragile, nothing like my beloved Serenity.
The voice sounds contrite, friendly and loving all at the same time.

The air shimmers in the park area and I can see a white Dragon forming.

I will only allow you to see me, no one else.  It is for the good of both you and those around you, as well as myself.  Can you imagine the pandemonium my presence would cause if everyone saw me?  Silly people.  Almost makes me consider doing just that.
The voice sounds amused at the thought.  I can just about imagine the sounds of sirens and jets flying overhead to go on the attack… nope, not a good thing.

You are Serenity’s Dragon?
I ask.

In the scaly flesh.  I go by the name, Alleria.
The voice replies with a chuckle.

I can’t help but be excited, despite finding it next to impossible to believe I am actually in the presence of a real Dragon.

Serenity sends her love.
Alleria adds as an afterthought.

Did she send you for me?  Does she want me to go to the Light Kingdom?
That idea makes me so excited I feel giddy.

Not only a Dragon rides, but to go to the Light Kingdom!

Maybe Loth will be there!  Oh my!  I suddenly feel light headed.


I come to prepare you for other things.  News no one might expect, but it is wondrous, nor does it have anything to do with the arrival of the list of things needing to be adjusted in the manuscripts you completed.  Perhaps I shouldn’t say anything.  I could get in trouble.
Alleria considers the possibility.

Please?  I beg. You can’t leave me in suspense like this.

Of course I can, silly human.  I am a Dragon; I can do whatever I want.  Within reason.
Alleria chuckles.

That is so unfair.
I grouch with a slight pout on my face as I think… oops, did I really say that out loud?

Yes, you did actually.
Alleria replies jovially, letting me know she was reading my mind again.

No matter what, you can’t just leave me hanging like this.  It is just wrong.
I shake my finger at Alleria’s nose and she giggles.

Darn Dragon is getting her jollies out of my anxiety and my anger is giving me courage.  I cross my arms, tap my foot and glare at her as she lowers her muzzle to my height and whispers her secret.

King Garoldth and Tári had a little boy and now that he is four he is able to shift from Elf to Dragon.  The Golden Dragon is very pleased.  He says he is going to seed others and in a few hundred years there will be more because they will be able to find Life Mates.

But if they are all from Dragon shifter to Dragon shifter and he seeded them all, wouldn’t that be like incest?
I can’t help but ask.

You don’t understand, not that I should expect you to because you don’t know the details.  Any seed he sows will be male, only because the silver Dragon isn’t involved.  She says she will plant her gift deep in the Elven females so we never die out.  Isn’t that exciting?
Alleria gives a satisfied sigh.

My mind goes in a thousand directions at once.  What does this mean?  Does it have any real significance on what is happening in the Elven Empire at this time?  I have a feeling that answer is no, so what is Alleria getting at?  I open my mouth to ask and Alleria laughs as she spreads her wings.  She is magnificent!

Only time will give you the answer to your question and now that you know my secret I will take my leave.

There is a rush of wind around me.  I close my eyes as the leaves and dust swirl around, some even lodge in my hair. When the wind dies down and I open my eyes again I am alone.

Did I imagine this conversation?  I can only wonder.  I hear laughter in the recesses of my mind, the laughter of Dragons.  I look up and there is only one tiny cloud in the sky.


For those of you who do not know, Alleria is hailing from The Elven Chronicles series by M. A. Abraham.

I am thinking it is time to invite Alleria for a chat, now I just have to come up with the questions I would like to ask her, there are so many things I would like to know about her and her kind.


If you would have a chance to meet a dragon what would you ask?

Two lucky readers will receive a swag pack containing rack cards, trade cards, magnets with covers from the Elven Chronicles by M. A. Abraham and pens engraved with the “Elven Bonding Words”.

MA swag

The contest is open until 3pm EST on Thursday, July 31st, 2014. Good luck!

Until next time, read a book!

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