My Chat with Reid *mmmm*

Hello and welcome!

I finally got to chat with him… YAY… the one I fell in love not long ago when reading the newest instalment in this awesome series. But keep reading and find out who he is 😉

Welcome Reid!

What is your full name?
Reid Jackson

Do you have a nickname?
I’ve been called a lot of things, but that probably doesn’t count.

What is one word best describes you?
Private. My buddy Troy’s wife would say ‘solitary’, but Shayla is determined to fix me up.

Describe what you are wearing now to our readers.
Jeans and an old sweatshirt. It’s the middle of the night and I’m awake, watching a bad horror movie. I think I’ve seen this one…

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?
She thinks she did and Cassie thinks she did, but a guy has to have some secrets. If she missed anything, I’m not telling.

What makes you laugh out loud?
A woman who says what she’s thinking, even if it’s not socially acceptable. I like that.

What is your favourite dessert?
Anything Cassie Wilson is serving. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I can’t get enough of her.

What is your favourite drink?

What is your greatest fear?
I don’t have one anymore. The worst has already happened and I survived. I wasn’t really living, though, not until Cassie came back to town and shook me up.

What is your favourite colour?
Black. I especially like black leather boots, when the woman wearing them is gorgeous …. and she knows it.
Oh yeah, I think I know what you are referring to 😀 Cassie was wearing leather boots when we were chatting a while ago… smoking hot.

What do you wear when you go to sleep?

What is the perfect romantic date?
Delivering Pappy’s fried chicken to a woman who’s reluctantly babysitting – and who guarantees to make it worth your while. I could have stayed there all night long.

How ticklish are you? Where are you ticklish?
I’ll never tell.

What’s your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?
Dill pickle brine. It reminds me of the day Cassie walked back into my life.
I remember, I was laughing at the young lad and feeling sorry for him at the same time.

When you look at a woman what catches your interest?
Her confidence. She doesn’t have to be classically beautiful: she just needs to believe in herself and I’m hooked.

Do you have somebody in your life now?
Yes. Cassie and I are getting married next week.

What is one word best describes her?
Courageous. I always thought she was confident, lucky and gorgeous, but now that I know her secret, I realize she’s a lioness. She can roar for more from me anytime she wants…

Is your book part of a series? What does the future hold for the readers of the series?

Yes, Some Guys Have All the Luck is book #4 of the Flatiron Five series. Next up is a shorter story, Going to the Chapel, which includes Cassie and my wedding and more. After that will be Theo’s book, Bad Case of Loving You. I’m looking forward to knowing a bit more about him. He’s the most mysterious of the F5 partners to me.

Thank you Reid for taking the time to chat with me. Looking forward to reading the wedding book 😉 Hugs to Cassie and congrats to both of you!


Well… there you have it and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I think Reid is a contender to Ty for 1st place for BBF in the series. Almost… Do I have to choose? Nope, I do not. So can I have both, Deb? LOL


As Reid mentioned he is hailing from the Flatiron Five Series by Deborah Cooke, appearing in book 4, Some Guys Have All the Luck  and you met his love, Cassie back in August when she stopped by for a chat. If you missed it here is the link, go check it out.

YOU HAVE TO CHECK out the Pinterest board for this book and see who Ms. Cooke’s inspiration is for Reidfanning face

I am looking forward to reading the next book. Is it September 27 yet???? The cover is so cute, makes me smile every time I look at it.


It’s September in Manhattan and the weather is perfect for a wedding – if not two! Cassie and Reid tie the knot with style in this short story, while Haley and Damon take their vows surrounded by friends and family. Will Amy and Tyler’s son arrive in time for the festivities? Join the F5 crew as they celebrate two weddings, welcome the first child of the partners, and make changes to build the future of their fitness club.

Buy links

If you have not read the series yet, here is your chance to try it. Simply Irresistible is free for a limited time. Find links here. Just a note of warning… Ty is MINEMINEMINE 😛 if you missed my chat with him, check it out here.

To keep in touch with Ms. Deborah Cooke and check out all her yummy books, follow the links below and if you chat with her, tell her I said hi 😀

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To celebrate her upcoming release, Ms. Cooke is offering an ebook copy of ‘Going to the Chapel‘ releasing on September 27, 2018. A lucky reader will be chosen by Sexy Mr. Random after 3pm on Monday, September 24, 2018. GOOD LUCK!

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My Chat with Cassie!

Hello and welcome!

I have few BGF (book girlfriends), usually is the hunks that grab my attention.

One of the few joined me for a chat today and we are celebrating.

Welcome Cassie!

What is your full name?
Cassie Wilson

Do you have a nickname?
I guess Cassie is technically a nickname, but no one has ever called me Cassandra. Except my mom when I was in trouble as a kid.

What is one word best describes you?
Energetic. Positive. Passionate.

Describe what you are wearing now to our readers.
I’m going to work at the Flatiron Five club tonight, so I’m wearing my fave dancing shoes. They’re black leather thigh-high boots with spike heels and I think they go perfectly with my little black, short dress. It drives Reid crazy when we meet again at the beginning of our story, because he can’t see exactly where the boots end. I’m going with that. I’ve twisted up my long blonde hair and painted my nails red, to match my lipstick. It’s going to be hot at the club tonight!

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?
Yes. She made me share a big secret with Reid, one I’ve been keeping for a very long time – even though I didn’t like it at the time, I felt better afterward. Lighter. Maybe it was time to let that old stuff go.
That was quite a secret, I am glad you were able to share it, I know it helps.

What makes you laugh out loud?
Reid. He makes all these one-liners, deadpan, and cracks me up every time.

What is your favourite dessert?
Something sweet and thick, like chocolate syrup, but I don’t want it on ice cream.
I like how you think LOL

What is your favourite drink?
Something fizzy – like sparkling water, or champagne.


Champagne is mine too, here is my fave sparkling wine, had a bottle chilled to celebrate today. Last year’s crop was pretty good.

What is your greatest fear?
It was going back to Montrose River, the town I couldn’t wait to leave. I guess I need a new fear now.

What is your favourite colour?
Red. Or black. Or both together.

What do you wear when you go to sleep?

What is the perfect romantic date?
One that ends with great sex.

How ticklish are you? Where are you ticklish?
Ha! Of course, I am, but I’ll never tell where!

What’s your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?
Fried chicken from Pappy’s in Montrose River. It used to make me think about hanging out with my friend, Tori, at my uncle’s garage and eating take-out in the summer, but now it makes me think about jumping Reid in Tori’s kitchen.
That scene is really hot!

When you look at a man what catches your interest?
His eyes. His hands. His smile. The way he looks at me.

Do you have somebody in your life now?
Reid Jackson.

What is one word best describes him?
Unexpected. she winks
You can say that again!

Is your book part of a series? What does the future hold for the readers of the series?
Some Guys Have All the Luck is book 4 in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke. Book 5 will be Going to the Chapel, will be published September 27, 2018 and book 6 will be Bad Case of Loving You, to be published January 22, 2019. It’ll be Theo’s book and I’m looking forward to learning more about his unrequited love. I also have the first tattoo that Chynna gave away at F5 and which launched the Secret Heart Ink series. I guess hmm I have the tattoo that proves her right, that this tattoo given on a full moon brings love to the person who wears it.

I am excited by what is coming! Thank you Cassie for dropping by, I really enjoyed your story and the chat. Maybe you can put a good word in to Chynna and she will agree to come for a chat.


Thanks for joining us and I hope you enjoyed the chat.


As Cassie mentioned she hails from the Flatiron Five Series by Deborah Cooke and Some Guys Have All the Luck is her story, which released today.


Adding Reid to my BBF list, Ty has competition for number 1 spot in the series now, or maybe I am taking both. Remember Ty? He chatted with me back in December 2016, if you missed it check it out here.


Cassie has everything she wants…
Cassie Wilson’s life is pretty much perfect, with a dream job, great partners—and the freedom to do whatever she wants whenever she wants. The last thing she wants is to go back to Montrose River, the town she couldn’t wait to leave, and revisit the past. But when her oldest friend asks her to be a godmother, Cassie sees an opportunity to make a difference in Emily’s life. Maybe teaching Emily to dream big will be her legacy. Besides, one weekend in the Midwest won’t kill her. She’ll be back in Manhattan so quickly that they won’t have time to miss her at Flatiron Five.


Reid knows what he wants…
Reid Jackson is convinced that luck has to be made. Keeping his eyes open has been the secret to his success, along with a lot of hard work. He might have come from the wrong side of the tracks, and he might have a reputation of being bad to the bone, but he’s built success after a major setback. When Cassie Wilson comes breezing back into town, Reid is ready to find out if she really is different from everyone else. Cassie is everything he imagined. She turns his expectations inside out—and shakes up his life. When Cassie decides she wants more than a fling, Reid knows he’s not the man she wants him to be—can Cassie change his mind and convince him to hope for more?

My review: 5 stars

Loved this new story, it has the usual smooth flow and the organic unfolding of the story I love in Ms. Cooke’s books. 

I really enjoyed learning more about Cassie and her past, she has quite a story. To carry that secret for so long… WOW
Reid is such a lovable guy and he came so far despite his childhood. Loved the chemistry between them, hot and sweet and real without the angst and drama so prevalent these days.

It is true in real life too, we only get to know somebody as far as they allow us to see or sometimes as far as we are willing despite having all the clues in front of us.

I can’t recommend this series enough.

Book 1, ‘Simply Irresistible‘ is on sale for a limited time.

To keep in touch with Ms. Deborah Cooke and check out all her yummy books, follow the links below and if you chat with her, tell her I said hi 😀

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To celebrate her new release, Ms. Cooke is offering an ebook copy of Cassie and Reid’s book to a lucky reader who will be chosen by Sexy Mr. Random after 3pm on Thursday, August 16, 2018. GOOD LUCK!

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Secret Heart Ink series

Hello and welcome!

Today is the release of Spring Fever, book 2 in the Secret Heart Ink series by Deborah Cooke, one of the few authors whose books are on my one-click list for a few decades now. If you missed my chat with Ms. Cooke, check it out here.

CONGRATS on the new release, Ms. Cooke!

Secret Heart Ink-covers

Secret Heart Ink is a series of contemporary romance novellas and a spin-off series Flatiron 5 series which has 3 books out, the 4th coming July 31, 2018.

Each month, on the full moon, Chynna does a special tattoo that brings true love to the recipient. Secret Heart Ink tells the stories of those characters and their HEA’s.

It introduces three women from Honey Hill, Maine. They’ve been best friends forever and have a girls’ weekend in Manhattan to celebrate Olivia getting her doctorate. Liv is the science nerd. Lexi is the party-girl. Reyna is the cupcake queen. They’re three smart, fun women and I think you’ll enjoy their stories. I’m also pretty sure we’ll see more of Honey Hill in future.

You should check out the Pinterest board for the series.



Flatiron Five has a new tattoo shop—run by the enigmatic and legendary tattoo artist Chynna. When the moon is full, Chynna creates one tattoo to set two hearts afire and gives it away, with the goal of making romantic dreams come true. Who will be next?

Olivia trusts in here-and-now…
Olivia doesn’t believe in magic or everlasting love—she’s a scientist, after all—but winning a tattoo from Chynna convinces her to take a chance. She’s always admired her best friend Lexi’s big brother Spencer, maybe because opposites attract. What would it be like to seduce him? Would it end her fascination with him? With a little help from her friends and a blindfold, Liv decides to find out. The bonus is that Spencer will never know his secret lover was her…

Spencer believes in forever.
But Spencer guesses the truth almost right away. He’s good with having Olivia want him—having her alone in his cabin is the perfect chance to teach her to trust sensation and him. A blizzard interferes with Olivia’s plan, giving Spencer more time to work his own persuasive magic. He knows a night or two will only be the beginning of what he wants to last forever. Can he convince Olivia to give love a try, or will she leave him forever as soon as the snow melts?

My review – 5 stars
A great start to this new series. Loved following Olivia’s education not only in cooking and enjoying food as more than sustenance, but changing her mind about love too. The way Spencer turns her carefully laid plans of “tasting” him into a seduction of the senses makes me crave him too 🙂 Did the magical tattoo help? I think it did!
I love Ms. Cooke’s writing style and the way her characters are so alive. I can’t wait for the next book.



Reyna knows happily-ever-after isn’t in her future…
But after three years of solitude, Reyna is ready for a fling. She’s learned her lesson with bad boys and long-term expectations, so her neighbor’s visiting nephew is the perfect man to lead into temptation. But Kade has a gift for breaking her rules and ensuring Reyna doesn’t regret it, which means one night becomes two…

Kade believes in putting the past where it belongs…
Kade was always waiting for the right woman, and one night with Reyna convinces him that he’s found her. It’s more than great sex and good conversation: Reyna’s determination to shape her life inspires him to rebuild his own, and he knows they’ll be a great team. All he has to do is convince her to take a chance on him and forever. When Reyna’s past catches up to them both, will it destroy their new partnership before the future begins?

My review – 5 stars
A great addition to the series, Spring Fever is following the same idea as book 1, but quite a different story altogether. Kade is so lovable, you’d have to try really hard not to fall in love with him. Reyna despite her resistance for most of the book, falls for him and together they are better prepared to heal their scars from the past. There is a HFN ending which is awesome in my book. Tristan, a very smart raven and Chynna’s sidekick, is quite a character, adding a magic hint to the series. I hope book 3 is coming soon.



This is Lexi and Gabriel’s story and a second-chance-at-love romance. We meet them in book 1, Snowbound. It just takes one hot night to bring the past to the present all over again.

It will be published this summer and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

To keep in touch with Ms. Deborah Cooke and check out all her yummy books, follow the links below and if you chat with her, tell her I said hi 😀

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Check out her alias, Claire Delacroix! She writes Medieval Romance where the heroines are spunky and the heroes are quite delish 😉

Until next time read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

My Chat with Ty

Hello and welcome!

I’ve been waiting with much anticipation since I heard about his story and now that I read it, I had to invite him for a chat. My knees are trembling… OH MY! … sigh … too bad he doesn’t have any brothers, those eyes DAYUM … my fave colour


Please welcome Ty!

What is your full name?
Tyler McKay

Do you have a nickname?
My friends call me Ty. My sisters sometimes call me Ty the Tiger, but I let them live.

What is one word best describes you?
That you are, I am impressed how much.

Describe what you are wearing now to our readers.
A navy Ermenegildo Zegna suit, and white shirt with French cuffs and gold cuff links – a graduation gift from my grandfather. They have my initials engraved on them. I don’t much do casual, even business-casual. I’m also wearing a silk tie that Amy picked for me. It’s a little more colorful than I would have chosen myself, but I’m taking her out for dinner tonight and she’ll like if I’m wearing it. Pleasing Amy is very big for me. Stepping out of my comfort zone has proven to be a big part of pleasing Amy, but it’s totally worth it.
A little colour is good for you 😀

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?
I don’t think I’m quite as bossy as Deborah made me sound. I did get that exasperated with Amy, though. That part was all true, every single word. My car is never going to look right again, and it’s my own fault.

What makes you laugh out loud?
Being surprised. That can make me laugh or it captures my interest. Amy did both the first time we talked, which explains a lot.

What is your favourite dessert?
I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I was always a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, but Amy’s homemade pasta is changing my thinking very quickly.

What is your favourite drink?
Red wine.

What is your greatest fear?
I don’t have many fears. I was raised to see fear as a challenge, and to address it with my choices. So, if I were – just for example – afraid that this relationship with Amy might not continue to be as incredible as it’s been so far, I’d make every effort to keep that from happening. I think relationships need to be nurtured, and that partners need to be appreciated. My parents do that for each other, and Amy’s parents apparently did that (I would have liked to have met them) so we both are committed to talking and sharing. I’ll never take her for granted, and that’s a big part of what undermines fear.

What is your favourite colour?
I’ve become unexpectedly partial to tangerine. Just catching a glimpse of a dress in that color – especially if it’s a puffy bridesmaid’s dress – makes me smile.

What do you wear when you go to sleep?
Nothing. What do you wear? he winks
Wouldn’t you like to know I say with a grin

What is the perfect romantic date?
I used to think it was one in which everything went according to my plan. The thing is that while it’s satisfying to organize something well, it can also be a bit dull. I didn’t realized that until Amy and I started our fake date plan – I was never entirely sure what was going to happen and that actually increased my interest in seeing her. She challenges my expectations and I like that, I like it a lot.

How ticklish are you? Where are you ticklish?
As if I’d admit anything that will make me vulnerable.

What’s your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?
I like how women smell. I like how the scent of a woman’s perfume (if she wears any) and her soap and whatever other products she uses all blend with her own scent to create a distinctive and personal scent. In particular, I like how Amy smells. I could find her in the dark.

When you look at a woman what catches your interest?
I read mysteries and thrillers, so I’m intrigued by a woman who can’t be understood at a glance. Amy, for example, used to dress very plainly. It was probably easy for people to overlook her, but I noticed that she had a quiet confidence, and also that she was quite pretty. After we were in the elevator alone together and she was too flustered to remember to push the button for her floor, I knew she’d noticed me. After that, I paid attention. I saw that she read a lot, just like me. I noticed that she always brought her lunch to work, just like me. I saw that she bought herself a coffee only on Fridays and I wondered why. Why one? Why only on that day? Because we’re both readers, I thought of Amy when I decided to take a fake date to my sister’s wedding. Because she chewed me out for my assumptions the first time we talked… and quoted Anaïs Nin to me! I had to know more – which is why that fake date led to an engagement of our own. She wasn’t like any other woman I’d met before, so I had to know more.

Do you have somebody in your life now?
Amy, my own enigma. We’re getting married soon.
I hear, congrats to you both!

What is one word best describes her?

Is your book part of a series? What does the future hold for the readers of the series?
Simply Irresistible is the first book of the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances and romantic comedies by Deborah Cooke. Next up is Addicted to Love, which is my friend, and partner, Kyle’s book. Kyle is the high king of one-night stands, so I’m not convinced that Deborah can lead him to a happily-ever-after, but maybe and I say this with some doubt, it’s only a question of Kyle finding the right woman. Maybe.

Thank you so much Ty for chatting with me, I really enjoyed your company and I am looking forward to read how things progress in the next books. Hugs to Amy.

I give him a quick hug… hey… I couldn’t resist feeling up his hard body… I know, I know, I am shameless 😛 … and those eyes? Le sigh!

As I close the door after Ty, I hear …

Pssst – this is Deborah. It’s actually a question of Kyle having a second chance with the woman he already knows is the one for him. She married someone else, so he knows that a relationship with any other woman has no future for him. Lauren is Ty’s sister, though, and Ty knows nothing of either the night Lauren and Kyle shared once-upon-a-time, or the fact that Lauren has turned to Kyle for pure pleasure after the end of her marriage. Don’t tell Ty. He’ll be shocked that his favorite sister would do such a thing.

Great timing Deb, Ty just left. Thanks for sending him over for a chat. I am sure Ty will get over it and be happy for his favourite sister. I can’t wait for Kyle and Lauren’s story. I can’t believe I have to wait for 6 months to read it o_O


Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed the chat as much as I did.

As Ty mentioned, he hails from “Simply Irresistible”, book 1 in the Flatiron Five series.


Tyler McKay has had enough…
Going to his fourth sister’s wedding without a date will only encourage his female relations to “help” him find romance. Ty’s ready to wait for Ms. Right and is busy enough as the finance guy for F5. When he learns that the cute woman who works in his building is in the same predicament, he’s sure that fake dates are the perfect solution. She agrees, but Ty soon realizes that there’s far more to Amy than meets the eye. When she enrolls in a bondage class at F5, he finds himself taking a disguise as dangerous Matteo to keep her safe. How far will he go to win the heart of a woman he finds…simply irresistible?

Amy Thornton can’t get enough…
Amy can’t resist another romance about a hot hero and the woman who steals his heart away with naughty games. When she decides to write her own book, she knows she needs to do research. Her fake date, Tyler, is gorgeous but too nice to play naughty games—unlike Matteo, Amy’s mysterious personal instructor at F5, who plays them so well. When Amy has to choose, will she pick the nice guy or the promise of the forbidden pleasures she finds…simply irresistible?

Download the first chapter free from Ms. Cooke’s online store! The buy links are there too 😉

My review: 5 stars

I think I am in love … I really enjoyed Ty and Amy’s story, the way it unfolds, with small detours that seem big at the time. What I liked the most is that Ty is a nice guy, no dark past, no scars or emotional baggage and that is refreshing. The excerpts from the book Amy is writing are from an actual book which I read and enjoyed, another novel idea I love, having two authors collaborate this way. I can’t wait for Kyle’s book. Thank you Ms. Cooke for an awesome read!

Maybe you remember I posted a while ago that this series is connected to Ella Ardent‘s Euphoria series. With Tyler’s encouragement, Amy decides to follow her dream of becoming a writer. She begins to write an erotic fairy tale called Her Dark Prince. I read that one too… Amy you naughty girl LOL…  and I am hoping I can get Lothair to come for a chat 😉


To keep in touch with Ms. Deborah Cooke and check out all her yummy books, follow the links below and if you chat with her, tell her I said hi 😀  also check out the Chat we had last year.

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One lucky reader, chosen by Sexy Mr. Random from the comments, will win a signed print copy of “Simply Irresistible” courtesy of Ms. Cooke (can I enter too? 😀 ). Comments will stay open until 3pm, EST, Monday, December 12, 2016. GOOD LUCK!

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NEWS – A collaboration

I am so looking forward to reading these series written by Deborah Cooke and Ella Ardent.

Look at these beautiful covers.

First book in the Flatiron Five series by Deborah Cooke. I am already in love, look at that face sigh … and wait until you read the excerpt.


First book in the Euphoria series by Ella Ardent.


Check out all the details on Deborah Cooke‘s blog post, also on Ella Ardent‘s blog post.

Happy reading! Until next time!


Another month of audiobook giveaways!!!

Source: #XmasAudio from Claire Delacroix


My Chat with Deborah Cooke

Hello and welcome!

Today I am so happy to have one of my most fave authors whom I had the honour to meet in real life too. A wonderful lady, classy and beautiful inside and out.

Please welcome Deborah Cooke!

I fell in love with Ms. Cooke’s Pyr years and years ago and had the pleasure of having their leader for a chat back in  May.

TheDragonfireBooks The Dragon Diaries

Then I recently discovered the medieval romances published under her alias, Claire Delacroix. When I told her at the book signing that I’ve written off the medieval era totally, she just smiled and told me to try it anyway.

box1 box2 box3 box4

I think she knew… I have to tell you, I fell in love with her characters and can’t get enough of them. I listen to them in audio format, and Saskia Maarleveld‘s voice totally captures the listener and brings the story to vivid life.

Deb CookeBestselling and award-winning author Deborah Cooke has published over fifty novels and novellas, including historical romances, fantasy romances, fantasy novels with romantic elements, paranormal romances, contemporary romances, urban fantasy romances, time travel romances and paranormal young adult novels. She writes as herself, Deborah Cooke, as Claire Delacroix, and has written as Claire Cross. She is nationally bestselling, #1 Kindle Bestselling, KOBO Bestselling, as well as a USA Today and New York Times’ Bestselling Author.

clairedelacroix_thebeauty_200Her Claire Delacroix medieval romance, The Beauty, was her first book to land on the New York Times List of Bestselling Books.
Deborah was the writer-in-residence at the Toronto Public Library in 2009, the first time TPL hosted a residency focused on the romance genre, and she was honored to receive the RWA PRO Mentor of the Year Award in 2012. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and of Novelists Inc.

Deborah thinks a lot about publishing and writing, and also knits too much.

Check out her blog where she posts about her beautiful knitting projects among book news and releases.

Here are my faves.

hebrides2 jasperswirl

Do you have a nickname?

What is one word best describes you?

What makes you laugh out loud?
Our dog. She is a bit goofy, but mostly it’s her joy that makes me laugh. It doesn’t hurt that she “talks” back all the time. We have these very funny conversations, mostly when I think she should do something and she disagrees – or when I take too long to get ready for our daily walk and she feels the need to complain about it.

What is your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?
Both vanilla and roses are very evocative for me. Vanilla makes me think of fresh baking and all the coziness of a kitchen filled with good conversation. Roses make me think of gardens, summertime and romantic heroines.

Favourite place to spend time in.
Other than my office, which is a little sanctuary and the place where my characters talk to me, I love to spend time in my garden. The weeds always have me outnumbered but it’s quite peaceful to either work out there or just sit. We have a lot of guests – birds, butterflies, bees – and I like to watch them as well. Sometimes in the summer, I merge both and move into the garden to write.

Is there a genre that you refuse to read?
No. I’ll read pretty much anything. It’s not unusual for visitors to the house to find our collection of books “eclectic” (because, yes, we have a lot of print books.) There’s an old saying that a good library should contain something to offend everyone and I like to think ours has achieved that.

Writing! What started it?
I always wrote, probably because there were characters in my imagination who demanded that their stories be told. Some of them are quite persistent. The amazing thing is that no matter how many books I write, the line of characters never gets any shorter.

It took quite a while for me to consider publishing my work, because that’s not why I write. The more important thing to me is to tell the stories, than to think about marketing them. Once I decided to pursue publication, it took about two years of rejection letters for me to sell my first book. Over the years, I learned a lot about marketing and publishing, and now I’m very glad to be indie publishing. It lets me control what is important to me, and not worry so much about other people’s priorities.

If you could choose another career what would it be?
I like to bake, so maybe I’d be a pastry chef. I see those cakes go by on Facebook of dragons curled around wedding cakes and think “hmmmmmm.” One day maybe I’ll give one a try.

Audiobooks! What started them?
I think audiobooks are really interesting, and they’re also a growing market. I held off on having my books produced in audio for the longest time because the process seemed so overwhelming. What accent? Should the narrator be male or female? How should all the characters sound? I was lucky to connect with Brick Shop Audio very early, and have been working steadily with them. They have a lot of experience (and remind me when to breathe) and also have access to a lot of talent. They were the ones to suggest Saskia Maarleveld as a narrator, when I mentioned that there were so many characters in many scenes of my books. She differentiates them all brilliantly so has done all of the Jewels of Kinfairlie medieval romances and is contracted to do all of the True Love Brides medieval romances. They should all be done by the end of the year.

For the Champions of Saint Euphemia, I wanted to have a male narrator, and they suggested Tim Gerard Reynolds. His audition blew me away, and I’m so looking forward to hearing his narrations of these books. The plan is for the first two in the series to be done by the end of the year.

This is part of the new plan. The idea is that going forward, the audio editions of my new books will be available closer to the publication date of the print and digital editions. It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun.

Does your work convey a specific emotion or message?
Maybe that love conquers all?

Who is your intended audience and why should they read your books?
Well, I don’t have a specific audience in mind, beyond people who already like my books, when I sit down to write. I do tend to write long series with many continuing characters, and have heard from readers that they like being able to “move into” the world of any given series and stay there for a while. All of my stories tend to mix action and adventure with the romance, and some of them have a bit of mystery or some paranormal elements as well.

I’ve noticed over the years that my readers are mostly women, although there are men reading Dragonfire, in particular. Their ages vary depending on the sub genre of my work, but some read all of it – which is a very exciting thing! I hope they read my books because they enjoy them.

What is next in your writing?
2016 is going to be a crazy-busy year. I seem to be adding new projects to my plate every time I turn around. A big part of that comes from a transition: this year, I completed my series that had been cut short by publishers. The True Love Brides (almost) finishes the story of the children of Kinfairlie – there are eight of them, and only three had their stories told in the Jewels of Kinfairlie trilogy. The True Love Brides told four more, and shut the portals to Fae at Ravensmuir and Kinfairlie. I also finished my Dragonfire series with Firestorm Forever this year, the big finish. It really was a big finish, and ended up taking place over a year, having three romances in it and being twice the length of other Dragonfire novels. In 2014, I also published Abyss, which is Tupperman’s story, because he was the one character in my future-set dystopian romance series who didn’t get his HEA.

So, The Crusader’s Bride, which was published in July and is the first book in my Champions of Saint Euphemia series of medieval romances is also the first new project I’ve started in ten years. That’s pretty exciting stuff. Also, digital publishing makes more projects feasible: one of the things I’ve just decided to do is add a fifth story to the Champions series. The Crusader’s Handfast will be Radegunde’s story and will fill in some of the gaps between the books. It’ll also be offered in free instalments to my newsletter subscribers, then available as a whole book next July.

I’m also launching a new contemporary romance series in June 2016, which starts with Simply Irresistible. In addition, my DragonFate paranormal romance series will launch in 2016. The first book is Hot Blooded but I’ve yet to decide whether it will be linked books, linked novellas, or a huge serialization. The format will become clear as I write more of it – then the covers can be done and the release schedule established.

There’s a lot of new work coming, and I’m excited about the year ahead!

I am looking forward to more! Thank you Ms. Cooke for chatting with me.


Thank you for joining me today and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

deb banner

To keep in touch with Ms. Deborah Cooke and check out all her yummy books, follow the links below and if you chat with her, tell her I said hi 😀


claire banner

Check out her alias, Claire Delacroix:

websiteFacebook • GoodreadsAmazonB&NKoboiBooksAudible


One lucky reader, chosen by Sexy Mr. Random, will win a print copy of “The Crusader’s Bride” courtesy of Ms. Cooke. Comments will stay open until 3pm, EST, Monday, November 16, 2015. GOOD LUCK! The giveaway is open to US, UK and CA.

Until next time read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

My Chat with Erik !

Hello and welcome!

Those who know me, know that my fave shifters are the dragons, I’ll take them in any shape and form. My little man is aware of this, he gave me all his dragon toys because he knows how much I love them.

2015-05-07 15.14.30

Today I have with me one who stole my heart and every time I think of him I sigh.

Please welcome The Leader of the Pyr!

SIGH I wish I could take a picture, but is not allowed, will leave it to your imagination…

What is your full name?
Erik Sorensson.

Do you have a nickname?
Nicknames are for children – although, come to think of it, my daughter doesn’t have one either. Hmm. Maybe they’re for human children.

What is one word best describes you?
One word? I’ll give you four: principled, stubborn, loyal and sometimes psychic.
I’ll say

Describe what you are wearing now to our readers.
I’m wearing jeans and Blundstone boots, both black, a black leather jacket and a t-shirt. The shirt is purple because my mate, Eileen, believes that it suits me to wear colours. I don’t agree particularly, but even a dragon shifter must make some concessions to ensure tranquility in the lair. Erik drums his fingers for a moment before continuing The fact is that it pleases Eileen when I wear colour shirt, and her reaction pleases me. I couldn’t care less about clothing, especially when we Pyr are fighting for our survival, but I do care that Eileen is happy. We have overcome a great deal to be together again, and this time, it will be for the duration.
Isn’t that just adorable?

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?
I suppose so, but I wish Deborah Cooke hadn’t revealed so many of my thoughts. I prefer to keep my secrets, while she chose to share them with the entire world. At some point, perhaps when the Pyr war against the Slayers is over and won, Ms. Cooke and I will have a… discussion about her lack of discretion. he leans over and whispers It can’t happen before the end of the Dragon’s Tail Wars, because I need her to finish our story. If you know anything about dragon shifters, I’m sure you realize just how much it irks me to need a human, other than my mate, and that this confession will go no further.
Please don’t be mad at her, her readers and your fans, including me, want to know everything about you and we would never betray your secrets to the Slayers.

What makes you laugh out loud?
My daughter, Zoë. his face lights up and he smiles She’s my pride and joy, and will remain so, even if she isn’t the next Wyvern.

What is your favourite dessert?
I don’t eat sweets. Dessert is a state of mind, an indulgence in pleasure that doesn’t have to be served on a plate. his smile gets a little bit sultry and I am looking around for my ice water I savour the sweetness of life and love, without consuming many calories.

What is your favourite drink?
My tastes are simple. Water, coffee, single malt Scotch or a good bourbon. Neat. Always neat.

What is your greatest fear?
he frowns That the Pyr will lose this battle against the Slayers and our kind will be eliminated for all time. It is terrifying to even express this possibility aloud—a world without dragons!—but the battle will be finished by the time the moon changes its node in October 2015. My fear is less for myself than for our children: I’ve lived for centuries, but Zoë is only six. She hasn’t even come into her powers as a dragon shifter yet, and I want that for her. Actually, I want everything for her.

What is your favourite colour?
Black. he leans forward, green eyes glittering Here is a little-known detail for you: many of the Pyr discover, at puberty, when they develop their shifting abilities, that their dragon scales are the same colour they have favoured all their lives. My scales are ebony and pewter.
I wish I could see him in full shifted glory.

What do you wear when you go to sleep?
Please refer to my answer about dessert. that sultry smile is back I have had my second firestorm and secured the goodwill of my mate and the mother of my child. She is my heart and my blood, as well as the richest treasure in my hoard. I sleep little, but I still spend each night in bed with Eileen. Sometimes I just watch her sleep. the smile turns wicked Sometimes I wake her up.

What is the perfect romantic date?
My business involves the creation of large pyrotechnic displays timed to music. There is little more satisfying to me than watching one of those synchronized fireworks shows unfurl perfectly with Eileen by my side, then celebrating that success with her. We Pyr celebrate by indulging in earthly pleasures of every kind, and we do have remarkable stamina. Indeed you do!

How ticklish are you? Where are you ticklish?
Erik inhales sharply and glares at me This is the kind of secret I would never reveal by choice. The Pyr have few weaknesses, and any we possess are best kept hidden.
I understand.

What’s your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?
I like the smell of the ocean, and the feel of its spray on my face. It reminds me of sailing forth with the Vikings as the Drakkir, a role I first fulfilled with my father, Soren, the first leader of the Pyr. I miss his company and his advice more keenly when I taste the salt of the sea.

In Chicago, though, I’m more likely to smell Eileen’s perfume, which is an old-fashioned mix of roses and lavender. It has also been known to evoke a response in me, but the specifics of that will remain outside this discussion.
Those who read your book, know… I wink


When you look at a woman what catches your interest?
Eileen caught my attention with the spark of the firestorm—which is a remarkable sensation—and the fact that she had appeared to me in a dream in advance of our meeting. I recognized her as a woman I was destined to meet. That drew us together, but what convinced me that she truly could be my mate was her intelligence and spirit. She was being attacked by Slayers when we first me, cornered and in possession of a mysterious treasure, but she never stopped seeking a way out of the predicament. I admired that about her, and even though I’d intervened to save her, once I saw her true nature, I gave my all to ensure her survival.

Do you have somebody in your life now?
My mate, Eileen. We’ve been together since our firestorm in 2008. Lucky woman!

What is one word best describes her?
One word is not enough. She’s creative. Audacious. Clever. he smiles again My equal and my complement.

Is your book part of a series? What does the future hold for the readers of the series?
My book, Kiss of Fate, is the third book in Deborah Cooke‘s Dragonfire series of paranormal romances featuring the Pyr.


The 11th and final book in the series, Firestorm Forever, will be published in May 2015. It’s the end of the Dragon’s Tail Wars and you’ll be able to guess who wins when I tell you that Deborah is writing another trilogy featuring the Pyr. So, the Dragonfire series will come to its resolution, but the Pyr will continue and so will Deborah’s stories about them.

Thank you so much Erik for joining me today. I am looking forward to reading “Firestorm Forever” and I am certain you will prevail! I can’t imagine a world without dragons!


Thank you for joining me today and I hope you enjoyed this chat.

Kiss of Fate-cover

As Erik mentioned, his book is “Kiss of Fate”, book 3 in the Dragonfire series by one of my fave authors, Deborah Cooke.

One foretold love deserves a second chance…

Haunted by dreams of a lover who takes the form of a mythical dragon, Eileen Grosvenor searches for the truth. She never expects to find a real dragon shape shifter, let alone one who awakens her passion and ignites memories of her own forgotten past.

Erik Sorensson is focused on leading the Pyr to triumph over the Slayers, even if it costs him his life. When an ancient relic that can turn the tide of the battle reveals itself, Erik knows he has to retrieve it from Eileen’s possession. But when he tries to do so, he’s shocked by an incredible firestorm that compels him to confront the truth about Eileen’s identity. Her presence reminds him of mistakes he’s determined not to repeat, and Erik is forced to make a choice: duty or love.

Only by unlocking the secrets of the past can Erik and Eileen fulfill the final prophecy of the Pyr. Can they face their deepest fears and claim their destined love in time to defeat the Slayers?


Read an excerpt by following this link, where you will find all the ‘buy’ links also.

The Dragon Diaries

There is also The Dragon Diaries series, a paranormal YA trilogy, following the adventures of Zoë’s coming of age as the new Wyvern of the Pyr. It’s a spin-off series from Dragonfire. I have not read them yet, but they are on my list!

I had the privilege to meet Ms. Cooke in person at RTC in Ottawa last month, one of the highlights for me, she is a classy lady and fun to be around.

To keep in touch with Ms. Deborah Cooke and check out all her yummy books, follow the links below and if you chat with her, tell her I said hi 😀


She also writes medieval romance as Claire Delacroix, check them out:

websiteFacebook • GoodreadsAmazonB&NKoboiBooksAudible


What do you collect? Beside books, that is 😉
As you saw, I have dragons, I also collect angels and teddy bears … and I LOOOOVE scarfs 😀

One lucky commenter, chosen by Sexy Mr. Random, will win Erik’s book, KISS OF FATE, a signed paperback courtesy of Ms. Cooke. Comments will stay open until 3pm, EST, Monday, May 11, 2015. GOOD LUCK!

Until next time read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

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