My Chat with Strafe

Continuing from yesterday… if you missed it, go read it before reading this one 😉

After Ranish left, I sat back down and the waiter who had served us returned with another espresso. I am going to be wired for the next week, but it tasted sooo good I don’t refuse it. As I lift it to my lips to taste, I am approached by another man, this one is considerably younger and when I check him out … clearing throat… my jaw almost drops. In an impossibly deep accented voice he talks as he gives me a drop dead smile.

I have come to keep you company for a short time now that Ranish has left. Before we decided to come to you, we talked about this. We feel that before Kaina comes to talk to you, we need to tell you our sides of the story. In this case there is three sides. Mine is entirely different. I am Strafe.

I answered. From what I read, you never got to meet Kaina until she was almost at the end of her quest.

Strafe smiled in remembrance as he spoke. My Namanda. Kaina was as slippery as an eel while we were hunting for her. Those were the days. She can still be that way, but now I know how to find her.

I hear a rumor that she has something that will drive you crazy, I snicker.

Strafe laughs, a sound that was wickedly suggestive, as he confided… I have heard the same thing. But I have news for her, I have the antidote.

I was surprised. You do?

Strafe grinned and nodded. I have to stay one up on my mate if I don’t want to go through some of what I did before. The one thing I learned while hunting for Kaina is that she is canny. I realize she needed to be to survive all those years ago, but it wasn’t necessary. All Kaina needed to do to get her task accomplished was to reach out to us. We would have come to her.

Your meeting with her for the first time was quite, I paused and added, Interesting!

This time Strafe frowned. That was more frustrating than interesting. I could barely walk straight for weeks after I first saw her. I couldn’t get her to the altar fast enough, and Ranish enjoyed the show every step of the way.

I laughed. Your dragon loved every minute too, don’t lie, I can tell.

Strafe snorted, The randy beast nearly killed me with his demands. It didn’t help that Kaina was insistent that she finish her task before we cement our alliance.

Sounded to me like all of your friends and brethren enjoyed the show. I reminded Strafe.

Strafe grinned and replied. They got their own comeuppance each in their own turn. Drakaina are not easy on their mates, no matter what it looked like.

If it is so difficult, why did you pursue Kaina? I asked.

Strafe’s expression turned fierce as he replied. Because she is mine.

I assume I will get to meet Kaina soon from what you were saying earlier. I pressed for information.

In a few hours. We thought we would defend ourselves and tell our sides first. Kaina will be all excuses, but the truth is, she wanted to fight this battle on her own. It wasn’t our fault she refused our help. But no matter what, it all came together at the right time. Strafe decided.

And her decision at the end? I asked.

Strafe laughed as he rose to leave. Her decision was pure Drakaina. As much as our women hate to admit it, they can be even less forgiving than we are. Never forget that when dealing with one of our women, not if you want to sleep at night.

As Strafe left, I watched him walk away, He looked as good walking away from me as he had coming towards me. There are times I really love my job.

As I rise to leave, the server steps up with a cake box and hands it to me. When I look at him in question, he answers. Ranish said you would need this when Kaina comes to see you. It is her favorite cake, and you seemed to like it too. There will be an espresso machine waiting by your door with the flavors you enjoyed here. You are also not to concern yourself with the bill, it has all been taken care of.

I look inside of the bag and there is a four layer chocolate cake like the one I slavered over earlier. I wonder how soon before Kaina gets to my place. I need to set that machine up quickly. As I grab the handles on the bag and head for the sidewalk, a limousine pulls up beside me and the driver gets out to open the door. Eniko, I was told to take you home. If you walk you will never get there on time.

Ah yes, there are certainly days when I really, really love my interviews.


I hope you enjoyed the chat.

Strafe is one of the main characters in Vengeance Has A Daughter, book 1 of the Drakaina Series by M. A. Abraham, releasing April 20, 2021.

She was born to right a wrong and to serve justice. Torn from her deceased mother’s womb she knows what is expected of her even before she takes her first breath. Her quest for vengeance starts as a child and determined to see her task to the end, she acts as opportunities present themselves. She is Naranda, daughter of Mysteria and Trance, last of the Royal line of Dragon.

Strafe is the strongest of the Drakes, the bravest and the one everyone looks towards to rebuild their empire. To do this he brings Ranish to his side to advise him, for he was closest to the throne before the Royal line was decimated. With Ranish comes news of a hidden daughter of the House of Dragon, and Drakaina hiding from both man and beast to stay safe. In helping Ranish to find his niece, Strafe becomes guardian to hundreds of orphaned Drakaina that only reluctantly pay him homage. To them, Naranda is their beloved Queen, for she alone is of Royal blood.

In a bid to strengthen the power of the throne and, to do the right thing, Ranish hopes to bring these two powerful Dragon shifters together to create a lasting dynasty. Can he do it? Will they take one look at each other and see only an enemy? Or, will they find a love that has been missing in their lives since the days when Mysteria and Trance lit up the skies with theirs?

Read chapter 1 here where you can also find the BUY LINKS to preorder.

I hope you will give it a chance, I look forward to the next book with great anticipation.

It will be also available in audiobook format soon, narrated by the very talented Jennifer Blom.

Make sure you enter the Rafflecopter contest, there will be 3 winners for a HC book, an audiobook, and an ebook. GOOD LUCK!

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To celebrate the release, Ms. Abraham is offering an ebook to one of you. Sexy Mr. Random will pick a winner from the comments after 3pm EST on release day, April 20, 2021.

Make sure you sign up to Ms. Abraham’s blog and follow on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date.


Until next time, happy reading / listening!

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    Yummy! and I don’t mean just the cake!

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