My Chat with Ilène – KaLiCon Reader’s Bundle – day 1

Hello and welcome!

As I mentioned in the intro post, Andi Lawrencovna came up with this great idea and a few of the authors signing at KaLiCon 2019, joined her to make a bundle where each share a short story, giving the readers a chance to get to know their writing styles and the worlds they created. It will release August 1 and will be available FREE until the event starts.

My first guest! SQUEEE

I am not about to be ambushed by Elves or Aliens this time, but for some reason, this visit has been on edge more than any other I have had in a long time. The only advance warning I got came by messenger…


translation for those of you who do not read Elvish: Brace yourself, I come bearing tales of the past our friends would probably rather I forgot. There was nothing else on the paper, but I could swear I heard a maniacal laugh after I finished reading it.

It is for this reason I am standing outside of my chat room and bracing myself to go inside to face what is to come up. I walk through the doorway, into the room and notice a Female Elf inside. She is dressed in black leather that covers her from top to bottom like a second skin and the skirts are cut on the sides from hem to hip. She is also seated in my chair with her feet propped up on the desk and crossed at the ankles. I am tempted to say something, but the devilish look on her face accompanied by a challenging gleam in her eyes stills my tongue. Sure, you are free to drip mud and water all over my notes, make yourself at home. I walk over to where she should have been sitting and make myself comfortable by emulating her. Unfortunately, I can’t do it with the same degree of grace. Despite this, the only difference between us is that I am not checking the sharpness of a knife with my thumb or bristling like a porcupine with others. I refuse to allow her to outdo me in my own office though.

Hello Lady E, my name is Ilénè, The Dark Elf speaks with a sultry voice that brings up images in my mind that doesn’t belong there. Damn, but if she is half as dangerous as she sounds, we are in serious gimshee.

I look at her mocking grim and know she can read me like a cheap novel. No matter, I reply, Your ancestor, King Liessen, was much more eloquent.

Ilénè laughs, her amusement sounding of pure joy, I am sure he was. His reputation isn’t about to die any time soon in the Elven Empire either. I am willing to bet it was well earned too.

I return her smile and answer, The secret of his behaviour in this world is safe with me.

This isn’t what I came for, but it has been rather fun. Do you spar as well as interview? Ilénè asked hopefully.

Never touch the stuff, I admit.

Well, if you ever interview Gabriella Eagle Claw, it is the only way you will have any fun, Ilénè informed me. She can be as canny as the rest of us, but under it all is a plain boring sense of duty. Cambria, on the other hand, will show you a good time if you let her. That girl does know how to party.

Taught her all you know, did you? I chuckled.

Those who plot together and all, Ilénè answers in a flippant tone. Of course it doesn’t work so well against her sister, but occasionally we get lucky when she is otherwise busy and not looking to be ambushed. An excited flush covers Ilénè’s face as she giddily adds,Gabriella on a mission to even the score is a thing of beauty. She has such a diabolical mind. A girl can hurt for a whole week after she is finished, but it is so worth it.

As I continue to smile, I shake my head and think to myself this girl is certifiable. I have heard about Gabriella Eagle Claw and wouldn’t want to butt heads with her.

About this time, I hear a soft knock on my door and Ilénè calls out, Come in if you dare and you better make sure it is worth the interruption.

With that, two Male Elves walk through the doorway and they are wearing very little else but a dark bunny suit and a suggestive smile. A little less and there would be nothing left for the imagination. Oh, but they are drop dead gorgeous. The only thing that seems out of character about the costumes are the weapons they carry. Bunnies don’t wear swords and knives tucked in strategic places. How they found those places I will never know. As I check out their … COUGH … costumes, I notice other things bunnies don’t have… things like fur lined collars and cuffs hanging from whatever there is to hold them. 

I glance at Ilénè and a seductive purr comes from her direction, Well, well, the boys want to play. Time to leave the office for a bit of fun and games. Care to join the party, Eniko? Always room for one more and I have the most interesting games room.

I can’t help but grin as I reply, I am sure you do.

Ilénè chuckles as she answers, I am, after all, in training to become a member of the Dark Elven Elite Squad. I also fully intend to be the head of it one day. To do this, I will need to know everything.

I watch her leave with the two hunks and shake my head. She is definitely a descendant of Liessen , King of the Dark Elves. I am pretty sure she had a good time. Dark Elves are not known for their shyness LOL


Ilénè hails from “The Legacy” by M. A. Abraham, a short story from the Elven Empire where I would love to move once M.A. convinces one of the Elven Mages to open a portal for me 😉

I had the chance to read the story and you will love it. Here is an excerpt:

Mariss looked at Gabriella in suspicion as he asked, “Where did you ever hear about anything like you said?”

Ilénè preened, as she openly grinned and answered, “You seem to forget, Dark Elven Princess here, hello. If you think what she said was explicit, you should try living at my place.”

“Your parents allow talk like that in front of you?” Mariss’ Life Mate exclaimed. “You are a child.”

“If you think the words paint a picture, Ranèdel, you should see the visuals,” Ilénè sniffed. “As far as the rest goes, I might be a child, but I have ears and eyes. Only a baby wouldn’t be able to put two and two together.”

“You are corrupting my sisters,” Mariss stated. In his indignation, the syrup and feathers were pushed aside.

“Correction,” Ilene pointed out. “I am educating them. I would rather have them know about these things than have some randy Dark Elven teenage boy try to take advantage of their innocence. We will work on the heavier stuff in a few more decades.”

“If the young men in the Dark Elven Kingdom value their nuts, they will stay away from my sisters,” Mariss mumbled.

“I heard that,” Ilénè grinned. “I will warn my brothers. They keep saying Gabriella and Cambria can’t grow up fast enough for them.”

As Ilénè dealt with Mariss, Gabriella and Cambria turned their charms on Ranèdel “If it wasn’t meant to be there, you would have thought our brother would have gotten this sticky mess off of you immediately,” Cambria tsked.

“You take care of the sap and I will help with the feathers,” Gabriella offered. “Men. No sense of a woman’s needs.”

Mariss heard what Gabriella said and turned to her angrily, “I was about to tend to some of those needs when you set off your trap. You little hooligan.”

Gabriella and Cambria stood as if stricken. While twin sets of silver blue eyes filled with tears, Ranèdel admonished Mariss. “That is quite enough. You are a big bully. All they were doing was trying to help. As for this mess, they weren’t anywhere near us when that bird landed on the overhead branch causing it to break. It was just our bad luck everything happened at the same time. Look at the poor darlings. You made them cry. Your own baby sisters.”

Gabriella and Cambria were tempted to send each other looks of triumph, but that would have been a dead giveaway. It was enough to know they had won this round. The look on Mariss’ face, however, told them he was far from being fooled. He was well aware of what they were doing, and what they had done. He just had no way of proving any of it.

With an abruptness that caused Ranèdel to gasp, Mariss conjured a cleansing spell to whisk the gooey mess covering them both away, then took her hand and led her away. To make sure he made his point with his sisters, he shot them a look over his shoulder to tell them this was not over. He was surprised when Gabriella returned one to him that she was ready and waiting for him.

Make sure you sign up to Ms. Abraham’s blog and follow on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date.

Born and raised in the central part of Canada, M. A. Abraham still lives on the prairies, while she writes her stories. She was known as the storyteller when she was a child, and those she told were played when they were at a loss for something to do. Her friends and her would act out the character parts, as they raced around outdoors, in summer as in winter. At thirteen, a friend challenged her to a writing contest, to see who could make up the best story. Well, after winning that, she continued to write, and never stopped, although her life didn’t run in that direction later.

Her sidekicks, Thena and Tath, the two Siamese cats, aptly nicknamed The Gorgeous Bratz, rule her house and she tries to keep them in line. They are spoiled beyond reason, but there are a couple of things she will not share with them, her extensive Snoopy collection, and her books. The Snoopy stuffies are hers exclusively; the books are for those who want to read. The question she often asks, when people go for a signed copy, “Which would you like? Elven Warriors? Or Winged Aliens?” She has them both in the worlds she creates.


Stop by tomorrow for part 2 in the “Discover new worlds” for the KaLiCon Reader’s Bundle.


Download the bundle via BookFunnel and start reading today.

Until next time… read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

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