“Elven Chronicles” Celebration – part 3

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Today is the third of the 6 posts leading to the release of the last book in the Elven Chronicles, Kings of the Empire by M. A. Abraham on February 16, 2017. See my post with the preorder links.

It has been a few years since the series started and I along with the many fans of the Elven world have been emotionally connected to one character or another, cheered with each triumph and wept at each loss they suffered in the battle with the demon horde.

One thing that stayed constant is their absolute love for their Life Mates and I am sharing the bonding scenes in each book which are my fave in all the books.



Book 5 is…


5 ROTL-meme.png

There are two couples bonding in this book…

HALDEMIR, Price of the Free Lands and a Warrior mated to AINARIËL, Crown Princess of the Gray Elves…

  “Are you real, or a dream come to taunt my waking memories?”

    “I am your love,” Ainariël replied sounding her shock and disbelief. She was no less affected by the meeting than it appeared the Elf before her was. This meeting was exactly like her mother told her it would be like and she smiled shyly at the handsome Elf before her.

    Haldemir raised his left hand to gently connect with Ainariël’s cheek as she raised her lips to offer a kiss. He smiled as he continued to hold her gaze with his, and lowered his mouth to her slightly parted one. She placed her hands onto his chest and as their lips met she ran her palms up over his shoulders to wind her arms around his neck. Hers. He was her Life Mate.

    Haldemir could not believe his luck. He wound his arms around his Life Mate and drew her gently into his embrace. Here in his arms he held his future, the sole reason for his living. He kissed her as if she was the most precious being in the world, and in his world, she was. He had to tell her. As he raised his lips from hers he breathed out his words.

    “You are my everything.”

    Ainariël smiled as she replied. “As you are mine. My name is Ainariël.”

    “I am Haldemir.” He introduced himself.

    “Haldemir,” Ainariël breathed his name.

 “My most precious love. I am yours forever more.”

    Haldemir fought the urge to say the words of bonding that were burning through his conscious state. If was difficult to restrain the impulse when he knew she would accept and repeat them gladly. This, however, was not the right time. There were things he had to do before claiming her. He wanted to speak to her father first. He also wanted to introduce her to his father and Tári. It was important that their bonding was done properly. He wanted their parents blessings on their union. 

    Ainariël didn’t see things the same way as Haldemir did, and she was not willing to wait to claim her Life Mate.

 “Haldemir, you are mine.”
    Haldemir placed his fingers lightly against Ainariël’s lips to silence them as he explained. “This is not the right time my love. I will not deny you the full extent of the ceremony that will bind us but I would speak with your father before we exchange the words of bonding. It is important that we receive the blessings of those who brought us into this world so we can begin our life together as it was meant to be.”

    Ainariël understood. It would slow up the process slightly, but she could live with that. Her Life Mate stood before her, holding her in the circle of his embrace and for him she could do anything, would do anything.


    Ainariël blushed as she wrapped her arms around Haldemir’s chest and dug her face into the velvet hardness of his shoulder. Her warrior, and Life Mate, he was a maiden’s dream come to life, and he was hers. She looked up into his smiling face and as their shining eyes met, she spoke.

“Haldemir, I am yours.”

    Haldemir smiled wider as he answered: “Ainariël, I am yours.”

    “Haldemir, you are mine.” Ainariël claimed him.

    Haldemir responded with his own, “Ainariël, you are mine.”

To seal the words of bonding, they finished as one. “Together, we are one.”

    With a laugh of joy, Haldemir swooped Ainariël into his arms and swung her into a circle as he kissed her thoroughly. His. His bride and Life Mate, the fates had been kind.

VANDAMIR, Prince of the Free Lands and a Warrior mated to AILUMN, Princess of the Gray Elves…

    Haldemir had chosen to claim his bride in the newer, and more progressive fashion that most Elves were embracing. Vandamir found he could not do the same. He was not his brother. He was a scholar as well as a warrior and preferred the teachings of the ancients. He had a feeling his Life Mate felt the same way. He looked at the indecision written on her face, and decided it was time to say what he felt needed to be said. The words he carried in his heart and soul.

    “I come to you on bended knees and pray you will listen to what I say. My love has no room for pride. I reach to embrace you with all that I am. You are the light that brings life to my soul. My heart beats in the anticipation of your love. My mind needs to learn the depths of your knowledge. My eyes only seek the sight of your great beauty. Place your hands in mine and speak the words of bonding with me. Bring light to my life and soul. Bring everlasting completion to our essence.”

    Ailumn could only stare at the sight Vandamir made. She would never have thought that her Life Mate would share her romantic nature. She had gone to great lengths to hide that part of herself. Vandamir’s words could not and would not be denied. She stepped closer and slowly sunk to her knees before him as she reached out to place her hands in his.

 Her mother once had told her and her sister stories of gallant Elven Knights. She had spoke words such as Vandamir had. They were a declaration of the love, commitment and devotion of those knights to their ladies. They were words meant only for a Life Mate. Her romantic soul had absorbed the tales her mother had told like a sponge. As she had grown older, her mind had rejected the ballads. They were nothing but fairy tales meant for children. She was finding now that her heart had held onto her dreams of childhood despite her efforts to deny them. Fate had brought them to life for her in the form of an Elven Prince who had been born to someday be hers.

 Ailumn responded to Vandamir’s plea.

 “I place my hands in yours. In your tender care, I trust my body. My mind opens to the wonders you will teach me. My lips move to speak the words you seek as my soul leaps in joy, and the golden light of our bond thread shines brighter than the sun. Vandamir, you are my one true Life Mate. I am yours.”

    “Ailumn, I am yours.” Vandamir sounded amazed that she would respond as she had, or even as quickly.

    “Vandamir, you are mine forever more.”

    “Ailumn, you are mine.”

“Together,” their voices merged. “We are one.”

    As if to seal the vow, Vandamir cupped Ailumn’s face with his hands and kissed her with tender care. When the kiss ended, Ailumn wound her arms around him and rested a cheek against his shoulder. Before she could stop herself, she whispered a plea.

 “Never let me go. Hold me forever within the safe haven of your arms and heart.”

    “You have my vow, Ailumn. I will always be at your side. My sword is yours to command, my love will be yours forever more.” Vandamir replied.

99c until January 27, 2017 – buy links

and book 6 is…


6 KingsDaughter-meme.png

KING LIESSEN of the Dark Elven Empire and an Elven Wizard mated to AREDHEL, Princess of the Free Lands and an Elite Squad Warrior.

Their bonding is quite steamy 😉

    “Aredhel, you are mine.”
     Aredhel continued to gasp as she fought for air and sanity. She couldn’t let Liessen win or she would be lost forever. It was more than she could control. […] She felt his will take control and the words he demanded spill from her lips.
    “Liessen, you are mine.”
    “Aredhel, I am yours.” Liessen sounded his victory and he forced her eyes to connect with his.
    “Mine,” Aredhel’s mind acknowledged as she felt their souls merge as she spoke again.
“Liessen, I am yours.”
    “Together,” Liessen led Aredhel as he started the last words to complete the bonding and she joined.
    “Together, we are one.”
    Again Liessen allowed instinct to take over, as he possessed his Life Mate in body and soul. […] He felt her acceptance of what they were and the connection of their souls that would bind them from this time forward. He saw the glitter of tears in her eyes, but felt no remorse for what they meant, for they both knew this would be the final result of their meeting. He hadn’t thought it would come about as it did, but he wasn’t about to bemoan the fact that it had happened. They were one.

99c until January 27, 2017 – buy links

Here is your chance to grab the next two novels at a very low price for a limited time.

Check out this awesome trailer for the series, created by Wicked Muse

There is a Thunderclap campaign for the KINGS OF THE EMPIRE release day, your support and shares are appreciated.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 6.46.10 PM.png

Thank you for joining me in the celebration and I hope to see you next Sunday.

Until then… read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

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  1. Wishing Mary Ann all the best with her coming release

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