Unexpected Tantalarian visitors

Hello and welcome!

You will not believe who just stopped by! It was a surprise.. an awesome one. Read further and I’ll tell you what happened a few hours ago. Go on, you’ll love it.

What is that noise? I can’t help but wonder if I am hearing things, or dreaming, as the sound of giggling comes from the other room. It is the middle of the night, and I am reluctant to admit I am uneasy about going to check on things. I quickly push that feeling aside, as I attribute it to a bout of rampant imagination.

Setting the nagging suspicion that I am not alone aside, I enter the chat room, where I entertain my guests. I can hardly believe what I am seeing. There are two winged people in the room, and no, they are not paying attention to me, as one tickles the other. I can’t help but laugh, for their horseplay and the sound of their laughter is contagious. They are immediately alerted to my presence and they become more guarded, although the smiles they were wearing earlier remain in place.

Eniko? The dark haired male asks, as he bows deeply in greeting.

The sound of that rich baritone in my mind sends goose bumps all over me.

I have a feeling I know who this is, especially as there is a red haired winged female by his side. Together this couple makes quite a contrast to each other. His wings are very black, so much so that they seem to have a blue sheen to them. Her wings are so white, they gleam.

I have to work at taking my eyes off their wings, and I get the feeling they realize this, as they tuck them away behind them, to help out. That was when I saw his very naked and well-defined chest. Oh yes, a woman could die happy pressed against that. I nearly blurt out the first thought that crashes through my mind, and only stop in time to prevent verbalizing them. It isn’t quick enough to prevent these two from reading them though. The female is the first to begin teasing, and she is outrageous.

Really Eniko? That is all you can think to say? Hallelujah? I am Adele, and this is my mate, husband, Terec. We bring you greetings from Tantalus.

There is no sense trying to hide my thoughts from them, and their names tell me exactly who they are, as well as where they came from. I respond as well as my shock will allow me to, as I return their bows, while my eyes continue to stray he, I mean, they, present such a splendid sight as a couple… I am in such trouble. Both are wearing their ceremonial garb and, while Adele looks fabulous in hers, Terec makes me want to race for my drooling towel. That chest should be outlawed, and probably would be in he lived on Earth. So unfair, I want to go to Tantalus, even for a little while. I can barely stop myself from teasing him. You know the saying, never trust a redhead, they have wicked tempers.

I don’t mind if you tease and, it is alright if you look, after all, we have eyes for a reason. Right? Adele gets the ball rolling.

I like her.

Be good Adele, poor Eniko is having a difficult enough time controlling her thoughts without your help, Terec warns his mate.

You are such a spoil sport, Terec. Perhaps I should allow her to do some of what is going through her mind. Eniko, you would find his wings are definitely as soft as you suspect. Especially on the underside, and he is very ticklish, as you get closer to the inside ridges. He likes it when you… Adele got no further, as he interrupts.

I am sure Eniko isn’t interested in the details.

But I am, is my thought, even as Terec clears his throat. I would like to know as much as possible, and more, if I could get away with it.

Terec, behave, Adele admonished him, before adding. We are here for a reason, not to embarrass our hostess. If you can’t keep your thoughts to yourself, I will definitely allow her to fondle your pearls. You know how Eniko loves black pearls.

Terec’s eyes bulge, as my face burns, and I am sure it looks as hot as it feels. Red generally suits me, and yes, it is my favorite color, but not when it covers my face. Right about now, I would rather just find a hole to hide in.

Adele realizes she has taken her joke a touch too far, and moves to my side, to wrap a wing around my shoulders. She is immediately contrite for the blunt teasing remarks, and lets me know.

You must forgive my crude form of teasing. I love to get reactions from people, and tend to get carried away.

I am surrounded by the downy softness of the interior of her wings, and can only wonder if Terec’s are the same. The thought barely crosses my mind when his wings surround the both of us and, while they are not as comfortable as Adele’s, they are definitely worth dying for. Then again, so is the body that is pressed up against mine. That man is so hot.

Be good, Adele warns me. There is only so much of my man I am willing to share.

Quite understandable, I agree, as I put a little distance between Terec and I. Sigh, such a shame.

We come bearing an invitation from Kyllan. He requests the honour of your attendance at an evening get-together in approximately three months from now, in your time. If you are interested, he will provide transportation, Terec passed on the message they had been sent to deliver.

AM I INTERESTED? Three months from now? Do I have to thing about that? Snort.

Mentally listing the pros… Kyllan, maybe with a red bow wrapped around his hips? Something to consider, no matter how unlikely…. cons – hmmm, cons?

Adele laughs out loud, as she responds to the pictures that cross my mind.

We will pass your messages on to Kyllan that you are considering the matter, and how.

Terec and Adele don’t stick around to chitchat further. They leave.

I follow them outside, into the darkness, and watch as they fly off together. A few moments later, I hear the sound of deep laughter, and know Kyllan has received my thoughts. It is definitely time to go back into my rooms.


Hope you enjoyed reading about my little adventure and you have to agree, it is never dull around me LOL if the Elves don’t highjack my chats, now I have Tantalarians popping in at all hours, but… I AM NOT COMPLAINING … nope, no way! I am having too much fun 😉

3 TS-HuntersChallenge-coverXSM.jpg

Adele and Terec hail from “Hunter’s Challenge”, book 3 in the Tantalus series by M. A. Abraham. If you have not read them, I urge you to do so, they are very entertaining. “Hunter’s Challenge” is releasing tomorrow, October 1, 2016! YAY


The entity who has been called the ‘Witch Hunter’ is focusing on those who have psychic powers. He has issued an edict to the Tantalarians, demanding that they bow to his will. He has challenged the wrong people, though he doesn’t seem to realize it.

One Tantalarian, in particular, feels he has an axe to grind with this ‘Witch Hunter’. This entity has mentally attacked Terec, and singled out the woman he loves to use for his own nefarious purpose. He will not rest until his foe is dead, the game lines have been drawn, the war is on. He might be a young warrior, but he will protect his own. He has nothing to lose but his life, for until the one he loves is safe from the madman, he will stop at nothing.

Adele, a young Earthling, falls in love with the young Tantalarian Hunter, Terec, at first sight and is determined she will have no one else. One of the Phoenixes connects with Adele, creating changes in her, both mentally and physically, that no one expected.

Adele, agrees with Terec’s decision to go after the ‘Witch Hunter’, although she knows how dangerous his plans are and she is prepared to fight at the side of the man she loves.

You can read Chapter 1 here. And the buy links are here.


There is a 2-day party on Facebook starting at 10am EST, hope you will join us and celebrate the release of the book. Many awesome guest spotlights, giveaways and fun.

Kindle Fire-wTantalusBooks.jpg


Rafflecopter giveaway is set up with awesome prizes for 2 lucky readers, a Kindle Fire with the 3 Tantalus ebooks and a signed “Hunter’s Challenge” paperback. It ends in less than 24 hours.

To celebrate her new release, Ms. Abraham is gifting an ebook copy of “Hunter’s Challenge” to a lucky reader. Comment on this post and tell me if you think there is other intelligent life outside our universe. Sexy Mr. Random will pick the winner’s name at 10 am on Sunday, October 2, 2016. GOOD LUCK!

Until next time read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

14 responses to “Unexpected Tantalarian visitors

  1. So they did drop in after all 😉

  2. Angel Lee

    Yes,I do believe there is other intelligent life out there! Nice visit you had☺ Thank you for the wonderful giveaway opportunity!

  3. kaisquared4

    Ah, Eniko the pearl fondler! 🙂 I certainly hope there is intelligent, non-human eating life out there!

  4. Betty Olsen

    Yes, I believe there is other intelligent life out there and oh, it would be so grand if it happens to be the TANTALARIANS!! Loved the chat and that Adele is something else!! 🙂

  5. LOL This is one of the most hunmorous chat yet. loved it . Will share Tweet and Pin. Envy your forthcoming visit witth Kyllan,

  6. Ninfa

    Lovely interview! Yes, I do think that there are other beings. I do wish to meet or find one 😉

  7. Erin Sheets

    I absolutely believe in other intelligent life!!! 😀😀💕💕💕

  8. Sexy Mr. Random picked kaisquared4! CONGRATS! I will be in touch shortly.
    Thank you all who came by and hope to see you next time.

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