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Excerpt from “Return of the Legend” and this is where he appears in the series…. quite a predicament to be in 😀

The moment Gabriel caught a glimpse of Eden he froze.  Eden was standing perfectly still.  Her chin was lifted high in the air, and a naked male Elf stood behind her.  There was a knife pressed to her throat and a look of determination on her face.  There was no question in Gabriel’s mind that she was in trouble and while he slid up behind the strange Elf he noticed that he was also standing as stiffly as Eden.  Why?  That didn’t make any sense.

“Drop your knife or die,” Gabriel snarled at the stranger as he pressed his own knife against the neck of the male Elf holding his Life Mate captive.

“You tell her to drop her knife and I will drop mine.”  The strange Elf returned.

“What knife?”  Gabriel asked before he had a chance to think whom he was asking about.   Of course Eden would have a knife.

The strange Elf didn’t hesitate to answer, as he replied.  “The knife she is holding my balls hostage with.  I have no intention of killing a pregnant female Elf any more than you would.”

Gabriel almost gave in to an urge to burst out laughing as he took his knife away from the Elf’s neck and addressed his Life Mate.

“Eden, let the Elf’s balls go.”

“Give me one good reason why I should trust him.”  Eden replied.

“She isn’t a female to take orders, is she?”  The Elf remarked.

“No, orders are not her favorite thing.”  Gabriel replied.

“If I lower my knife, will you lower yours?”  The Elf offered as a gesture of good faith.

Eden looked as if she was prepared to give the matter some thought, but little credence.  Gabriel was not about to let her get away with that.  There was no aura of menace about the Elf to indicate that he didn’t mean exactly what he said.  The only sign of ill intent he could see was coming from his Life Mate.  It was time this matter was settled, and the male Elf clothed.

“Eden, now.”  Gabriel ordered with a sharp snap to the tone of his voice.

Eden immediately balked, and Gabriel warned her.  “No Eden, you are to do exactly as I said, and you are going to do it now.  I am not happy having to stand here and watch while you have your hands around another man’s balls.”

Eden gasped, the stranger grinned, and Gabriel knew he was going to regret saying what he had.  Eden was going to have a few words to say to him later, if she was talking to him.  He decided, he would cross that bridge when he got to it.  He watched as Eden pulled her knife away from the male Elf so fast he could have sworn she had been burned.  The knife at her throat disappeared equally quickly.

“You don’t appear to be dressed for the weather,” Gabriel noted as he lightly teased the strange Elf.

“Really?”  The Elf returned.  “I thought myself appropriately undressed for the temperature.  If my lack of attire offends you I can see to the matter immediately.”

It took the Elf little more than a thought, and he was dressed in a foreign uniform.

“You may tell your Life Mate it is safe for her to turn around and face me now.”

Eden turned without being told and Gabriel snickered.  She was still blushing and he loved it.  She frowned at the two men, then decided to let the matter go.  There had been no harm done.  She looked at the strange Elf and wondered whom he was, and where he had come from.  He certainly looked like a man who would be popular with the women.  She couldn’t help but compare him with Gabriel and although she found him lacking, she knew many others would not.

To Eden the strange Elf’s hair was too bland, not that Gabriel’s was all that much darker, but she had never favored white blonde hair.  She looked at his eyes and she noted that they were too blue, granted they were much like her own, but men should never have eyes that blue, it didn’t look right.  His mouth was too generous, his nose too straight, his hair too long, his skin too dark, his body too lean and his outfit strange.  She frowned as she moved to Gabriel’s side, and she exuded pure attitude.

Gabriel chuckled at the look on the strange Elf’s face as he studied Eden in return.  He knew they were not about to hit it off right away.  Not with the way they had met.  Eden was not the type to forget that someone got the drop on her in her own forest. 

“Where am I?”  The foreign Elf asked.

“I am going to assume that we are in the part of the forest that used to be covered by the veil.”  Gabriel replied.

“The veil has fallen or you wouldn’t be here, and neither would the other Elves that are about to join us.”  The foreign Elf added.

“You seem to know a lot about the veil that formed the boundary.”  Gabriel noted as Marious and Torrent broke out of the trees at a run.

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    I loved this scene I laugh so hard. Sorry FB is being a PITA

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  3. Betty Olsen

    Love this scene and poor Loth-almost became a soprano. What an intro to Eden LOL

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