A Christmas visit to remember

Hello and welcome!

First I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, hope you are spoiled. I sure was!!! You will not believe who came by last night SQUEEEEEEE

Read on and find out 😀

“Are you out of your mind?” Branith’s outraged tone was quieted by the need for secrecy.

What were his nephews and nieces thinking? Both Gabriel and Marious’ broods were in attendance. They were grinning, and looking at him with eyes filled with an expectation that made him wonder what they were up to. Those eyes were sparkling brighter than all the Christmas lights that shone around them, from every surface of the city that surrounded them. None of the Humans were supposed to see them, so he had to watch what his reactions to their newest caper were, or it would be him that gave them away to the rest of the world.

When Branith had first heard about their plan, he had thought it was a great idea. They were not going to make a big deal of it; their intension was to sneak into the human world, to wish Eniko a Merry Christmas.

“Lets surprise Eniko on Christmas Eve,” Timorean had suggested.

Coming from anyone but Timorean, Branith would have known something was off, but that boy had a way of putting anyone who dealt with him at ease. He was a lighthearted child, playful and eager to please everyone around him. If it had been any of Marious’ children who had suggested that he join them, he would have automatically realized there was an ulterior motive for their invitation.

When Branith had shown up at their rendezvous on Christmas Eve, only the boys had been there to greet him. He had been surprised to see how much they had filled in and grown since his last trip into the Light Elven Kingdom. They were nearly as tall as he was, and they showed muscles from their training, where only been the signs of future development had existed before. They had already changed into their costumes, and he had laughed at them, for they were dressed like Christmas Elves. That alone should have warned him of more dire things to come, but he wasn’t thinking straight, or not like an Eagle Claw should. Instead, he had been carried away with his amusement. About the time his subconscious caught on to what was going on, they pulled out a red Santa suit and passed it to him, with instructions for him to put it on. He looked at it and could only wonder where they had found it. Also, he began to question where they were going? He had a feeling it wasn’t to Eniko’s interview lounge, or they wouldn’t be dressing up like this. Elves didn’t celebrate the way most Humans thought they did. It wasn’t the way it was.

Branith didn’t have to wait long to find out what his nephews and nieces had in mind, for the girls joined them shortly after. They entered the room, leading a half dozen huge Tantalarian Guardian Warriors, along with a couple Tantalarian females. Now, that was a sight he could appreciate, even if he wondered how they had managed to get them there. To top it off, the girls had gotten the Tantalarians to dress up as angels, Halos and all. They didn’t look like they minded, so he figured he was probably over reacting to the plans they hadn’t told him about yet. He put the red suit on and followed the group out to the meadow, where Larien and Alyssa were waiting for them with their Dragons.

S’Larea showed up at the last moment, with a red sack, filled with something, and told Branith to give Eniko her love when they met.

Well, he supposed he could do this, for Eniko, he liked her. He looked around, to see where his sleigh was; after all, Santa drove a sleigh, right? There was nothing. That didn’t push any warning buttons in the back of his mind either. He should have known better. The little stinkers hadn’t changed. They might be well into their teens, but deep inside, they were still toddlers at heart.

Now Branith was standing on a rooftop in the middle of a city, looking at a chimney that was spewing smoke into the air, while the Tantalarians were blowing trumpets as they flew around the building. He looked at the six-inch flue and refused to go any further.

“I will never fit down that,” Branith objected.

“We can help make you fit,” Eärwen offered.

Branith couldn’t believe Eärwen had managed to utter those words, while looking so innocent, not when the others were staring at him like little fiends of the nether regions. They were all wearing evil grins and had eager gleams in their eyes. This was not what they were supposed to be doing. Was it?

Then again, Branith looked at the chimney with a speculative glance, it did seem like going down that on his own might be the lesser of many evils. He conjured a spell, and rose into the air, to silently descend down the opening. It had worked, and he hadn’t gotten incinerated! He was standing beside Eniko’s tree, with the red sack S’Larea had given him earlier, still clutched in his hand. He smiled, as he opened the bag and began to look inside. There were a few things marked with her name, and a flat box for Eniko from Lothrariel. He placed them under the tree, and then turned to notice a group of teenage Elves, standing on the balcony watching him. They were smiling, as they sang an Elven carol.

I woke up suddenly, I was sure that I had heard something moving in my home. I quickly checked on my son, but he was fast asleep. The clock began to strike twelve, as I walked into the living room where the tree stood, and I stopped and stared.

There was a very handsome looking Elf, putting a few presents under my tree… OH YES!!! I must have been very good this year… YUM. He stopped, looked out of the window of my balcony, where the sound of some heavenly sounding music seemed to be coming from. He then turned, to look at me. He gave me a roguish grin, as he seemed to disappear in front of me. I remembered his wink as he left, and smiled. I went to the tree and noticed the extra gifts.

IMG_3444.JPGmade by Eöl

IMG_3443.JPGmade by Loth

One especially caught my eyes, for I would have recognized that name and writing anywhere, even if it was scripted in Elven.

Lothrariel, he had not forgotten me…. sigh

The sounds of trumpets outside of the building caught my attention and I moved to the door of the balcony. I went outside, to see where they were coming from, and was sure I saw a group of angels hovering overhead. They only stayed for a moment, then they were gone, as if they had never been. I would have questioned the whole thing, if it hadn’t been for the gifts I was holding.


Wasn’t that an awesome surprise? I am still giddy *squeal*

Thank you Mary Ann for making my Christmas so special! XOXO

Mary Ann is the amazing author known as M. A. Abraham and as you might know I am her Alpha Reader and #1 Elfanatic. If you missed my chat with her back in January, click on this link.

To check out all the books by M. A. Abraham, check the links below.

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She is gifting one reader chosen from all those who comment on this post an ebook, winner’s choice, from her backlist. The comments will stay open until 3pm on Monday, December 28, 2015. Good luck!

Until next time read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!


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