My Chat with the Eagle Claws !

Hello and welcome!

I am preparing for a visit from the Elven Empire and I am a bit nervous and a whole lot excited. I have a feeling my chat will be highjacked again. Remember the other chats? Those Elves are mischievous and a hoot, I always enjoy their visits.

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I am puttering around, checking the refreshments and the munchies are ready. I am not a big baker, but I made something yummy for them, my fave… brownies. They smell heavenly.


Meanwhile… just outside…

“What do you sense?”  Jerrol asks Ennacas.

“She is in the house, but not the interview room,” Ennacas reports.

“Time to move,” Jerrol decides, before turning to Gildren and Timorean and asks, “Is the prisoner secured well?”

“I think so,” Timorean replied.

Eärwen looks at the twinkle in their prisoner’s yes and, felt she could argue that point, but that would be a waste of time and energy.  They were only going to release him in a few moments anyway.  Instead, she slips past her siblings to open the door to the interview room, so she can scout the area out visibly.  Ennacas is right, the room is empty.  She sends her sister a thumbs up signal, to confirm her reading, as well as congratulate her, and Ennacas smiles back smugly.  Eärwen rolls her eyes and turns her attention back to the room.  She takes a sniff of the air, and freezes.  She only takes a moment to send another signal to her siblings, telling them to hold back.  She needs to investigate matters better.  Eniko, it seems, has set a trap for them, and she has baited it well… double chocolate fudge brownies.  That is not to be taken lightly.

“I think it is a trap, I am headed in to check this out.  If it is safe, I will let you know,” Eärwen assures her siblings.

They nod in unison and watch Eärwen disappear through the door.  She smiles, as the door snicks shut behind her.  Brownies, and her siblings fell for that, BONUS!  It takes her two seconds to cross the room to where the plate of brownies sits.  She takes a deeper whiff of the goodies and comes close to dancing; they are still slightly warm, with the thick chocolate icing close enough to melting to drip.  Their hostess is one of the good ones.  She quickly stuffs a piece into her mouth and only finds time to grab another two, before Jerrol opens the door to check on his sister.

“Brownies!”  Jerrol’s voice bursts through the silence, to cause Eärwen a moment of surprise, she jumps slightly and, almost chokes on the crumbs in her mouth.

Eärwen just grins, as she stuffs another brownie into her mouth, while she greets Jerrol, “I was just checking them out. What if they were drugged?”

“You are so busted Eärwen,” Gildren declares, as he leads the rest of their siblings into the room.  “How many have you eaten already, two, three?  You have chocolate on your face and hands, you are a mess.”

“And you are jealous,” Eärwen answers, as she gives them an unrepentant smile.

“You are so dead, sister,” Galadriel warns her.  “To think you could do something like this and get away with it.”

“Yup,” Eärwen thinks to herself, “And proud of it.”  She doesn’t tell them that she can feel Eniko headed towards the door with another tray of brownies, because her mouth is too full to talk.  Nothing tastes like warm brownies.  She shrugs off the matter, they will find out in a minute anyway, so it doesn’t matter….


Then I walk through the doorway between the kitchen and the interview room, and I am so close to bursting out with laughter, as six sets of eyes focus on me.  I haven’t seen such guilty looks since the last time they were here.  There isn’t a brownie left on the plate, a clean set of hands, or a face that isn’t smudged in the crowd.  Which was why I served them warm, with extra thick icing.  I smile, and shake my head.

If Eden and Gabriel could see their children now.

The guilty expressions turn to ones of sheepishness, as Jerrol, who is the only one capable of speech at the moment, finishes swallowing and comments.

“You make extraordinary brownies and they are worth running laps for.”

I don’t even try to hide my grin, as I set down a large tray, filled to capacity with more brownies.

Eärwen grins widely, as she swallows the last of what is in her mouth, and speaks.

“You are one of the good ones, and we have brought you a present.”

I mentally shake my head, seeing their chocolate stained clothing.  I am willing to wager those were their Sunday best.  Eden would fry their little pointed ears, or join them, one never knew for sure with her.  I watch as Ennacas runs out of the door, to return with a dark haired Elf, and my smile falters.  What is the meaning of this?  Why have they restrained this man with their father’s rope?

“We brought Felcor to meet you,” Galador announced.

Did he have to be restrained?  I ask.

“It is for your protection, he can be dangerous,” Eärwen replies, as she helps herself to a couple more pieces of brownies.

“You keep eating like that and you are going to get fat,” Ennacas declares, through a mouth filled with brownies.

“Do I look like I care?”  Eärwen sniffed back, as she bit into another brownie.

They boys weren’t paying attention to their sisters.  They were watching Felcor’s hands, as they began to glow.  A moment later the rope fell and, all thoughts of the sweets were forgotten, as the children scrambled to form a battle line, between me and Felcor.  They would protect me with their lives, for I was a friend, and they weren’t so sure where he stood yet.

Felcor spoke a few words and, the rope they had tied him with, lengthened, as it flew at the young Eagle Claw children.  A moment later they were lying on the floor, while they squirmed to gain release from the rope.

Felcor smiles at me and, in a smooth baritone, asked, “Are you interested in taking a walk with me in the woods?”  He then holds out a hand to me.

I look at the amusement, written across his face, that he didn’t attempt to hide, and the robes he is wearing of a High Elven Priest, and I wonder about his real station in the Empire.  Before I could ask, he gave me the answer to my question, even before it took form in my mind.

“Yes, I am a High Priest, and no, that does not mean abstinence.”

I laugh, as I take the offered hand, and then watch while he transfers the few remaining brownies to the smaller plate.  As we walk out of the building, side by side, the plate follows us, and Felcor assures me that the children will be safe.

“Eden and Gabriel are on their way to collect their babies.  They should arrive momentarily.”


Thank you for joining me and I hope you enjoyed the chat! You see what I mean? They are a hoot and I never get tired of their antics. Did you check out the previous chats? See the links at the beginning of this post.


Felcor hails from “For The King and Elven Empire”, book 8 of The Elven Chronicles, a great series by M. A. Abraham, release date is June 16, 2015.

Elendil, Gabriel, Eden, and their children are accompanying King Elrohir and his bride to the High Elven Kingdom, by invitation of his father, King Silas. What started off as a simple trip turns into a nightmare, as the children disappear while working in the forest. Eden and Gabriel are frantic. Where are their children? Why can’t they touch their life forces? They join their talents and go on a search, calling in every resource they can, but get no results. They reach out to the Empire for help, but that is quickly brought under control when Lothrariel arrives. Unfortunately, he didn’t get there quickly enough.

At Gabriel’s command, the Kings and Queens lead their armies into the High Elven Kingdom, but it is not Gabriel who will take command; it is Lothrariel. He has regained his ancient powers and searches for answers, but a power as ancient as his has hidden the answers. Who has done this? Why?
With their parents away, the children of the Light Elven Kingdom work behind the scenes to regain the freedom of their friends. There is only one Elf who can reach the children where they are; S’Larea. When they are finished, will the High Elven Kingdom be the same?

For those of you new to Miss Abraham’s books, I hope you will give them a try. I promise, you will not regret it, and her loyal readers will agree with me.

To keep up with the series or find all the books by M. A. Abraham, check the links below:

• websiteFacebook Author PageAmazon • Barnes & Noble • GoodreadsblogTwitter

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Join us on Facebook for the release party on June 15 and 16, a laid-back event filled with lots of fun and prizes. The page is live and we already have many visitors and the contests start even before the event begins. See you there!

Now onto the QUESTION


What is your fave dessert?
Mine is anything with chocolate, especially brownies YUM

Ms. Abraham has graciously offered one lucky commenter, that will be chosen by Sexy Mr. Random, an ebook copy of the “For The King and Elven Empire”. The comments will stay open until 3pm EST on Monday, June 15, 2015. Good luck!

Until next time read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

14 responses to “My Chat with the Eagle Claws !

  1. Thanks for having the little monsters, Eniko, 😉

  2. Pingback: Hijacked again, by Eniko | M. A. Abraham

  3. Mary M.

    My favorite dessert this time of year is fresh strawberry pie. Those kids! Felcor can walk with me in the woods any time 🙂 I was worried at first that you were feeding Brownies to Elves, but then I realized you meant the dessert!

  4. Betty Olsen

    DON’T ENTER ME as I’ve already pre-ordered it. Loved reading about the kids-what minxes!! I love dark chocolate, but with the summer here now, my favorite dessert is rhubarb pie with whip cream!! Sounds like it would be a facinating walk in the woods with Felcor!!

    • Thanks for pre-ordering Betty! You could always ask MA to substitute 😉 I was a bit scared of Felcor at the beginning, so aloof and huge powers, but he turned out to be a great guy 😉
      Thanks for dropping by

  5. emilylucero

    Loved it . I do love those children all of the the book was a roller coaster ride I love it and the whole series. As I have my sign copy please don’t enter me.

  6. julie

    Another good one thanks I’ve popped in to the party.

  7. Sexy Mr. Random just handed me the envelope with the winner’s name, I think his voice is gone…. hmmmm.. I wonder why? 😛
    Julieeeeeeeeee! You are the lucky winner! CONGRATS! Will be in touch shortly!

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