My Chat with Gage, Magennis, Sabre and Chris

Hello and welcome!

Today I am bringing to you a whole lot of yumminess…. overload warning !!!

I met the four hunks about a year ago and let me tell you… I have not forgotten them *sigh* One of them visited me and we had a chat about the same time if you remember.

Ipe Rooftop Deck


I was invited to the condo in Toronto and I am excited to see what they have in store for me, so come along and find out. I am at their front door… and I am shaking with excitement!

Sabre opens the door…. OH MY… he is so mouth-watering, but so are the others!

Hi Ms. Eniko, please come in. Thank you for accommodating us at this late hour and for driving into Toronto to Gage’s condo, I hope you found it all right. If it is too late to drive back, we can get a car service to take you home or we would be happy to have you as our guest for the remainder of the night. Please make yourself at home.

Sabre leads me through the foyer and into an open living room, and as he passes the winding staircase he calls up the stairs, Gage, Magennis, Chris! Ms. Eniko is here. We’ll be on the patio.

He looks at me, I thought we could have drinks on the patio, if that is all right with you?

Magennis pops his head out and asks I’ll grab the beverages. Eniko, what is your poison, my love?
Oh my! He is so devastatingly handsome

Gage: Mag! Grab me another Macallan’s on the rocks, Sab you want another cabernet?
Now I am really drooling…

Sabre: Please, thank you Mag.

Gage: Where’s the punk? Is he coming too, not that you want to meet him, Eniko?

Magennis comes back with drinks and we all get comfortable on the patio with heaters on so I don’t get a chill and I am really grateful, it is warming up, but nights are still chilly.

Of course she would want to meet him, he is the infamous Chris Michelson of Defeat the Darkness. Human women think he’s dreamy, with that smokey voice and all. Magennis laughs

Gage: That’s a load to crap, he’s just a punk.

Chris: Who’s a punk, you smelly dog?

Magennis: Oh brilliant, he might only be human but he cuts up well. Grab a drink Chris, beers in the fridge.

Sabre: Okay, that’s enough. Ms. Eniko doesn’t need to hear you all going on, she’s travelled a ways to talk with us and she did come late just for you, Mag. I’m sure she’s quite tired so let’s get on with the interview. When you’re ready, Ms. Eniko.

What are your full names?
Sabre Osvalder
Christopher Lee Michelson, and it is a pleasure to finally meet you, Eniko. Sabre has told us a lot about you but he never mentioned how stunning you are.
Oh, bollacks, don’t mind that wanker Eniko, he thinks he can charm the pants off a penguin. It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Magennis. We supernatural don’t have the conventional 3 names as you might be use to and the older we are the less names we do have, especially vampires. We are so old that when we were born, there were smaller populations so there was no need for more than one name.
Are you about done with the history lesson, Jesus! I am Gage Blackwood.
Sabre: Gage, mind your manners, Ms. Eniko doesn’t need to hear you cussing. Sorry my dear, please go on.

Do you have nicknames?
Sabre: Those that I trust and love, call me Sab. Please feel free to do so, Ms. Eniko.
Chris: Hmm, I don’t think I have a nickname, but my band mates use to call me Slayer.
Gage: You won’t even know the first thing about being a slayer. Take Sabre, now he is a warrior slayer, you couldn’t even slay a booger. Call him punk.
Magennis: Now Gage, go easy on the boy. I believe he was referring to his musical skills.
Gage: Well, it definitely wasn’t his lovemaking skills. rounds of laughter
Sabre: Again, off topic and I’ll remind you that our beloved thinks of Chris as her rockstar, I think that is your nickname in our world.
Gage: Dear God, that’s sickening, I hope I don’t have to call him that. Anyway, I’m G and this blood thirsty vamp is Mag. Next question.
Magennis: You’re right cheeky, aren’t you? Damn hound, I can answer for myself if you’d shut up.
Next question.

What one word best describes you?
Sabre: Loyal
Gage: True dat, I would say, protective.
Magennis snorts Abundantly so. I would say, wise.
Gage: Are you shitting me, you’re not wise, old but not wise. Pft.
Chris: I don’t know G, Mag has been around a very long time. To stay alive as long as he has, you have to have some smarts. Beside don’t you guys always go to him when there’s some supernatural problem.
Gage: Who said you could answer, one word to describe you, annoying. Next question.
Sabre: G, be nice, Chris go ahead.
Chris: I guess it would be the obvious, musical.
Magennis: Oh bully for him, he can play an instrument. Gage can play too but at least he has a better word.
Sabre: Enough, please.

Describe what you are wearing for our readers.
Magennis: We are a sorted lot, when it comes to our attire, wouldn’t you agree lads?
Sabre: Yes, this is very true Mag. I prefer my comfortable casual look of jeans and denim or plaid dress shirts, which suits my position as head of security. It allows me to be comfortable but still provides a loose fit in the event I must protect my beloved. Where as, Gage must attend meeting in the human world for business, which means he has more suits.
Gage: But I prefer a casual business attire, like my jeans with a dress shirt and suit jacket, much like what I have on now. No ties, I detest those damn things, unless it is used in a more sexual manner.
Magennis: She didn’t ask how you use your clothing, Gage, she merely wishes to know what it looks like.
Gage: How do you know she doesn’t want the extra colour commentary? This from a guy that wears cartoon characters on his chest.
Magennis: I believe this is a smurf, and I will have you know my clientele feels more relaxed around me when I wear these shirts, which helps me when I need to find out information about our community.
Gage: Well bully for you, making friends and having tea parties.
Chris: Ah, before this gets out of hand, I am wearing black leather pants, a white t-shirt and black leather vest.
Gage: Don’t forget to add the black nail polish, chain necklaces and diamond stud earrings.
Magennis: You forgot to mention he’s got on matching black eyeliner. Are ye a bloody poof, lad? You need to stay away from our minx’s closet. more laughter erupts
Hey I’m confident in my wardrobe, and the chicks dig it. If the chicks are happy then I sell more albums, oh that’s right I’m an international rockstar and you all can’t even tell the world what you are. Stuff that in your pipe and smoke it.
Magennis: Saucy bugger, aren’t ye.
Sabre: Now Mag, Chris is just showing a little tit for tat, we are just having some fun, let’s keep it civil. We should also try to keep our answers shorter, it is almost midnight. We don’t want our guest to fall asleep. My dear, please do continue.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?
Sabre: Oh yes, Ms. Maguire listens well to us. We are very bothersome to her otherwise but she’s always been a good sport, especially when we need her to hear us at 4:00am.
Magennis: I must applaud our biographer, she has been a quick study, especially when I speak in my native tongue. She doesn’t always get the words right but she does try her best.
Chris: Same with the music descriptions, I don’t think she knows the difference between a drop D cord or a simple riff but she does her best.
Gage: We give her an A for her efforts, it can’t be easy wrangling all of us into submission, and you know how much I hate to be controlled. Well done, Ms. M!

What makes you laugh out loud?
Gage: I got this one. As you can tell we are four very different and very dominate men, in our own circles. In order for us to make our relationship work with September we have had to learn how to put our differences aside and become friends. During this interview you have witnessed our banter back and forth, this is how we have found a way to make it work. Making fun of each other makes us laugh out loud.
Magennis: Here, here, I second that.
Sabre: We also need to include our beloved, she has an incredible sense of humor that I know is one of my favorite qualities about her.
Chris: That’s true, September can be goofy at times, in those moments when you least expect it she nails you with a good one liner. I don’t know how many times I’ve had tears streaming down my faces from laughing so hard because she made a bad joke or pun or what ever.
Gage: Magennis sometimes throws in a Celtic word or goes on a rant in Scottish that has me in stitches.
Magennis: Did the dog just call me Scottish? Maybe we should be asking the question, what makes you want to punch someone?
Sabre: Wow, Mag settle down. I think Gage was demonstrating his point that we enjoy razzing each other. No need to get upset.
Magennis: Apologies, you’re quite right Sabre. Next time I will just call our local veterinarian and have the bastard neutered.
Sabre: Okay, change the subject, please, before this gets out of hand.

What’s your favourite dessert?
Chris: That’s easy, anything that we can drizzle on September and lick off, like chocolate sauce or whip cream.
Sabre: Or strawberries, September loves to share strawberries from her lips.
Gage: With champagne, I love the taste of it when I lick it from her body.
Magennis: I quite fancy an American lemon meringue pie.
Gage: What the hell are you talking about?
Magennis: Truth be told, I don’t get off much on foods, so if I were to be honest, I would say the vein of our little minx. However, we have a human guest, who I am sure doesn’t need to visualize that so I said the next thing that popped into my head.
Chris: Don’t worry Eniko, no matter how often I see or experience the blood sharing it still wigs me out.

What is your favourite drink?
Magennis: Still September’s blood but in a pinch I curve my cravings with a fine Irish whiskey.
Gage: If there is one thing Magennis and I agree on it would be a good whiskey or scotch. Lately, I’ve been digging this Macallan 15 year single malt. It reminds me of a great plane ride I had recently.
Sabre: I agree with Magennis, in that I crave September’s essence as well, but I curve my craving with red wine. Before I met our beloved I drank blood from a bag, it can be mild or excessively pungent for my tastes. I learnt if mixed with a heavy red it didn’t taste as bad.
Chris: Again, human here, I like beer or a strong Jack and coke and on that note, anyone else want a refill. I hear a round of ‘yes, please’

Once Chris exits the room Magennis leans in and whispers The dear boy also enjoys his “mary jane” but that’s between you, me and the wall.

What is your greatest fear?
Sabre: I’d say we are all on the same page on this one, we fear for our Queen. We have new threats as well as some of the old ones, keeping her safe is our number one priority.
Gage: September comes first, always and forever but I would add our newest fear, the safety of our children.
Magennis elbows Gage and Sabre clears his throat Yes, providing we are fortunate enough to have children, they would be an equal concern to us all. Chris! You coming back with those drinks any time soon?

there’s a long pause of silence, they are holding a secret and won’t say more and that makes me really curious

What is your favourite colour?
Sabre: Amber, it reminds me of September’s eyes.
Magennis: I prefer the colour of wheat, golden yellow like the sun. September’s hair is that colour and it brings me back to before my change when I last saw the golden globe in the afternoon sky.
Gage: Do you always make everything about you?
Chris: Isn’t that a vampire trait?
Gage: Good one, punk, you might be worth having around after all.
Magennis: You’re both wankers, just answer the bloody question.
Chris laughs: I like red, every time September wears something red it does something to me. Damn she wears that colour well.
Magennis: Does it make you tingle in your special place.
Chris: Ass!
Magennis: Poof!
Chris: Stop calling me that.
Gage: Or what, you’ll get your Mommy to come after him, lol. I’m only kidding, you do have a point with red and I also like yellow but lately, I’m digging a snow white colour. Again, it brings good memories of our lady and how powerful she is. Damn she rocks some great colours.
Sabre: Hmm, I’ll second that.
Chris: Me too.
Magennis: Yes, our minx is a beauty in every way.

What do you wear when you go to sleep?
Sabre: I like to be draped with September’s body and nothing more.
Gage: Naked does have it’s advantages.
Chris: At home it’s fine but on the road, I usually pass out in whatever I have on. If I sleep naked sometimes a groupie will sneak on my bus or into our hotel and think it’s cool to crawl in bed with me. There was time that was cool but not any more.
Gage: Aw, it must be rough to be a rockstar.
Chris: Shut up!
Magennis: I think I might agree with the boy, being naked around anyone except September no longer appeals to me either. However, I must sleep underground and I never know when I wake what the day’s challenge might be. If there is a threat to our minx, I must be ready to protect her, I can’t very well do that with me willy hanging out. Therefore, I have a silk shirt and lounge pant that I wear in my slumber.
Gage: In the words of Magennis, fancy.

What is the perfect romantic date?
Sabre: For me, anything that allows me to see joy and happiness in September’s eyes.
Gage: Yay, she has done so little in her short life that everything is new and exciting for her. She has this way of being child like when she does something new, she almost explodes with energy. I so enjoy seeing things again through her eyes.
Chris: Especially if you surprise her.
Magennis: We should take her to Paris for a weekend, the city of love and romance. I bet she would absolutely adore that.
Sabre: She has asked to go to my home land by the North Sea and I know she talks about going on tour with Chris.
Chris: I think I have an idea for an around the world trip for our honeymoon.
Sabre: Now that would be a perfectly romantic idea.
Magennis: Chris, since you thought of it, you should be the one to tell her. I’ll help you plan if you wish.
Gage: Perfect, we should let her know that Ms. Eniko helped us come to this idea, I’ll bet she’ll be thrilled. Thank you Ms. E, you just helped us come up with the perfect romantic honeymoon.

they all clink glasses and toast to a trip for their honeymoon, this could be a hint to what’s ahead

How ticklish are you?
Sabre: I am a warrior, we are not ticklish.
Magennis: Vampires are not at all ticklish.
Gage: Cause you aren’t alive, your blood needs to flow in your veins to make you skin sensitive enough to feel a tickle.
Magennis: Oh really, then do tell us why you are not ticklish, since you are alive.
Gage: I never said I wasn’t, not as much in this form but as a wolf, I am extremely ticklish, especially on my belly.
Chris: That’s why a dog shakes his leg when you find the sweet spot when scratching them, it is their way of showing how ticklish they are.
Magennis: Clever boy, and how did you come to know that?
Chris: I read a lot on the road, it was in a magazine article or maybe a book about dogs.
Magennis: And what other fun facts would you care to share, rockstar?
Chris: I’m ticklish but only my feet and only the underside. If you catch me on the right day in the right mood, I am very ticklish in that area.

What’s your favourite smell?
Magennis: I love waking at night and smelling September’s skin after she has been in the sun, it is truly intoxicating. There is a slight burnt scent to it but it is mixed with every outdoor scent from flowers to dirt to suntan lotion.
Sabre: I enjoy the scent of her skin in the heat of the moment, it smells like dessert flowers.
Chris: I love the smell of that damn shampoo she uses, it has a citrus scent. I sometimes use it on the road when I miss her, just so I can smell her on me.
Gage: There is nothing better than the scent of September in heat. As a wolf, I am drawn to it because of my need to mate but hers is sweet and spicy mixed together and it does things to my mind that makes me almost go insane. I have never smelt anything like it in all my hundreds of years but I wish I could smell it more often.
Magennis: Aren’t we a bunch of horny dogs for our female.
Sabre: Damn right!
Gage: I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Chris: Me either.

When you look at a woman what catches your interest?
Sabre: To be clear you don’t mean just any woman, you mean our September.
Magennis: Of course she does, don’t be daft, there is no one else worth looking at. When you have perfection nothing else matters, and our little minx is perfect.
Gage: Yup, she is indeed the full package, every mans wet dream come to be our reality. She is absolutely stunning, the perfect mix of curves to explore.
Magennis: And sharp, clever, such a smart girl. Wiser than her years.
Sabre: She also has an inner strength that I have never see on anyone, including any warrior I have ever fought beside.
Chris: Don’t forget sassy.
Gage: Hmmm, yes that mouth of hers is definitely sexy.
Magennis: The sassy just shows off how witty she is and independent.
Chris: Don’t you mean dominant?
Sabre: Oh, that she is in spades but also funny and fun to be with.
Gage: I guess we’ve determined the only woman we can look at is September and we all have something different that caught our interest but combined it makes her the perfect catch.
Magennis: Well said.

Do you have somebody in your life now?
Sabre: After the last question, I think this one might be redundant.
Chris: One the count of three let’s all answer. Ready…1…2…3


Sabre: Always and forever
Gage: Amen, brother.

What one word best describes her?
Sabre: Awe-inspiring
Gage: Pulchritudinous I had to look that word up LOL
Magennis: Minx
Chris: Everything

What does the future hold for the readers of the series?
Sabre: Gage, you answer this one.
Gage: Sure. In the beginning we asked Ms. M to write only September’s story because we felt it needed to be told. Then we realized that we had so much to tell her that we felt this should be a trilogy, then we got to thinking about our world as a whole. We have many people that are part of our Queen’s court and her life, each with their own unique story. It came to our attention that the readers also wished to learn more about them. We talked it over with Ms. M and have agreed to make this a bigger series.

How many books? As many as we can get Ms. Maguire to write for us.

Is your book part of a series? Yes, and we have all been a part of it from the start.

What does the future hold? You will just have to read the books to find out.

Will we be part of future books? We bloody well better be.

Thank you Ms. Eniko for coming all this way, the guest room is made up for you if you wish to stay the night. We all must go out but stay and make yourself comfortable, there is a pool on the fourth floor. As always, it was a pleasure to see you again, until next time.

I am grinning wide… Don’t mind if I do! Thank you so much for having me and I wish you all the happiness for the future, looking forward to more of your stories.


Hope you enjoyed the chat, as you can tell I didn’t get to talk a lot, except to ask the questions, they chatted non-stop, talking over each other. I ended up staying the night and enjoyed their hospitality reliving the experience, they crack me up. Check out Gage here, and Sabre here, and Magennis here and Chris here…. here is a drool bib *sigh*

The yummy hunks hail from The Legacy Series by Marianne Maguire. I really hope you will give a chance to the series, I promise you will have a really great time.

ImageBook 1, BORN was published May 15th, 2014. Links to buy the book Amazon USAmazon CAAmazon UK

I loved the first book in the series and I recommend it to anybody who likes paranormal romance with a twist… or two.


The second book, INHERITANCE is to be released on June 12, 2015 and I had a chance to read it and it is sooooo yummy. Lots of twists I didn’t expect and more discoveries about each character and a few new ones whose stories I would really love to read. Some really hot scenes that warrant for some ice cold drinks and an industrial fan by your side! September’s powers evolve with the help of the four hunks you just met here. Each bring something extraordinary to her life.

Links to keep in touch with Ms. Maguire and her books, give her a like and if you chat with her, say hello from me.


One lucky commenter will win an ebook copy of either 1st or 2nd book, winner’s choice, courtesy of Ms. Maguire. The winner will be chosen by Sexy Mr. Random after 3pm EST on Friday, June 12, 2015. Good luck!

Until next time read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!

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