My Chat with Sir Aidan!

Hello and welcome!

Today I have somebody from a series I adore. It was hard to choose, because all the warriors in the series are my book boyfriends, but this one stood out more to me.


Get yourself a coffee, a glass of wine, (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?) and read on.

What is your full name?
Sir Aidan of Fallenrock

Do you have a nickname?
Dandan. But only Leenie, my friends four year old daughter, is allowed to call me that for female children are a rare blessing and she may have whatever she wants. You may call me Sir Aidan.
Aidan! One of my fave names *sigh*

What is one word best describes you?

Describe what you are wearing now to our readers.
Paige took my clothes. We were not expecting company.
I don’t mind, not at all 😀

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?
Yes, but she did not do my Paige’s beauty justice. There are no words for such things.

What makes you laugh out loud?
When my bride tried to tell me I’d have to wait a month before I could touch her. They have amusing customs on her home plane. Luckily, on Staria, we do not have such nonsense in order to marry. All I had to do was claim her as my wife.

What is your favourite dessert?

What is your favourite drink?
Ale brewed at the Axe Hitter Tavern.

What is your greatest fear?
Why would I tell you that? Are you sure you’re not a spy for the Caniba?

What is your favourite colour?
The green of Paige’s eyes.

What do you wear when you go to sleep?
What I’m wearing now.

What is the perfect romantic date?
Hunting with Paige in the forest. Or, hunting Paige in the forest. I like that second one better.

How ticklish are you? Where are you ticklish?
Not at all. After a lifetime at war I have nerves of steel.

What’s your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?
The flowers in Paige’s hair. It means my wife is close.

When you look at a woman what catches your interest?
When I first saw Paige she was drunk on ambrosia so there wasn’t much time to look before she began to… I’m sorry, my wife is waving her arms behind your head. I’m not sure why.

Do you have somebody in your life now?
Lady Paige. She keeps my senses sharp. It’s not easy handling a strong-willed woman, but I do enjoy it. Being constantly at war, Starian warriors don’t think of marriage as love, but rather seizing what moments we can before death. Paige taught me the true meaning of love. In this her ways are better than ours.

What is one word best describes her?

Is your book part of a series? What does the future hold for the readers of the series?
Unfortunately, no other Starian warrior will find a woman like mine. She is truly a rare gift from the gods.

I suppose the others will continue to go to battle until King Wilhelm orders them to Battlewar Castle to attend a breeding ceremony. I’m not sure they’ll have much luck, though, considering those brides are all bartered for from parallel planes. What if these otherworlders are misshapen or strange in the head? Or worse, cowards? I do not trust this Divinity Corporation to choose women who are right for Starian men. Those Divinity man-aliens are weak and simpering and endlessly talking. They depend on their technologies more than duty and responsibility and the power of a full day’s work. They do not earn a trip through the fairy rings with the gods’ blessings, they build contraptions to force their way where they do not belong. The gods would never bless such overstepping people. Here in Staria we know what is important—duty in battle, meeting your responsibilities as a warrior, as a husband, and as a man.

My love happened by the gods’ will when they ordered fairies to throw her into my arms through a fairy ring. That is how love should happen.

Thank you Sir Aidan for taking the time to answer my questions.


Hope you enjoyed the chat.

Sir Aidan hails from “Keeping Paige”, book 3 of Divinity Warriors series by Michelle M. Pillow.

Keeping Page-cover

Series One of the Divinity Universe
Alternate Reality Romance / Parallel Universe

An outcast because of her psychic abilities, Paige doesn’t expect her people to rescue her when a zealous sect of Faerians sacrifices her to their gods. Thrown through a fairy ring to a new dimensional plane, drugged on ambrosia, she is compelled to seduce the first man she meets. Only when the effects wear off and she’s left with an insatiable husband expecting more than she’s willing to give, does Paige discover the true extent of what the fairies have done.

Ordered by the king to marry, Sir Aidan of Fallenrock is dead set against taking a bartered bride. He believes his people should be patient and wait for the gods to bless them. When the beautiful Lady Paige comes through the sacred rings, kissing and touching him like she knows their joined fate, Aidan’s sure he’s being rewarded–until his new bride tries to back out of their marriage.

Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence. This novel contains adult content. Must be 18 years or older to read.

Keeping Page-coverAudio

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Rebecca Cook, I reallyreallyreally like her voice.

Check out the book trailer

My review on Audible: “I think this would be my fave story in the series. I love Aidan, the way he deals with Paige, with patience, acceptance and ardent love. I adore Paige, she is a strong woman, knows her own mind and is not afraid to speak up, deals with everything thrown her way, she is funny at times. I am so happy that they came to form a solid relationship that she has foreseen to last well into their old age.
A great choice in narrators, I LOVE Rebecca Cook’s voice, so versatile, full of emotion and passion. Thank you for the hours of pure enjoyment.” 5 stars

Give the series a try.


Divinity Warriors
In a land forever at war, the Starian men are so busy fighting that their marriage ceremony has been reduced to a “will of the gods” event where they simply pick a woman out of a lineup and claim her as a wife. With women becoming scarce, it’s necessary to trade the offworld Divinity Corporation for brides.

They live a very Medieval-like existence. Instead of medical advancement and technology, all of their focus has been on developing weaponry and battle strategy. With places named for war, such as Spearhead and Battlewar, these men have been left in charge way too long. They are in desperate need of a woman’s touch.

To have a man so devoted as all of them in this series… *sigh*

To keep in touch with Michelle M. Pillow and check out her other books, follow these links:

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3D Character and Question Mark

And now for the QUESTION

What was your first audiobook you ever listened to?

I will gift, Sir Aidan’s audiobook to one lucky reader, chosen by Sexy Mr. Random. Comments will stay open until 3pm EST, Monday, March 9, 2015.  GOOD LUCK!

Until next time read a book, listen to a book and don’t forget to show your love by leaving a review!


26 responses to “My Chat with Sir Aidan!

  1. Great interview, you do get some interesting ones. I have read this author in the past, really good books.

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  3. Mary M.

    Such a sacrifice for you, Eniko, to have to interview a hot, naked man! The things you suffer through 🙂 The first audiobook I can remember listening to was Lake Wobegon Days by Garrison Keillor.

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  5. Eniko always gets my interest with these character interviews! Would love to win the audiobook and be introduced to a new-to-me author. (I always leave a review, too.)

    I started listening to audiobooks when I had a huge commute in my work days. I decided to start with the classics and I remember listening to a lot of Charles Dickens. Since then life got in the way and only in the last year I was able to re-establish listening again on a consistent basis. I just love to listen to books where there are necessary accented narrators, Gaelic, French and I’m listening to one right now with both French and German in it, authored by Kathryn Le Veque.

    Best of success to Michelle Pillow and thanks, Eniko for your great blog!

    • Hello Eileen! Glad you liked the chat and and that it is interesting, I do try to show how much I love my book boyfriends 😉 Thanks for dropping by. Good luck with Sexy Mr. Random!

  6. Reblogged this on yvonne4299 and commented:
    I like this interview

  7. julie

    Gosh can’t remember, I’ve been listening to them so long I remember the cassettes very well. I had to wait for a.bus in the dark and listened to loads of different types of stuff. I’ve given £2 a month for over 10 years to the blind for listening books

    • Oh yes Julie! I remember the cassettes too LOL I listened to one of Erma Bombeck’s books on them. I am so glad the books are digital now. Thanks for dropping by and sharing as usual. XOXO

  8. Super interview…. wish I could have seen the view part (lol). The first book I listened to was Beyond the. Highland Mist….. got me hooked on the series.

  9. emilylucero

    Truly enjoyed the chat . Sir Aidan you are very swoon worthy.

  10. Sexy Mr. Random just whispered in my ear… 😉 the winner is…. Eileen! CONGRATS! Will contact in a few!
    Thank you all for coming by! More yummies coming soon!

  11. Peggy

    loved this. My first audio book was a science fiction of Doctor Who

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