My chat with Torrent… and Marious?

Hello and welcome!

Today I have to share a very interesting chat. Visitors from the Elven Empire. They really surprised me, and they were hilarious. I expected only Torrent, but my first love, Marious showed up too.


I usually leave a hidden camera (in the teddy bear’s eye) when I am not in my chat room because you never know who might show up and this is what happened before I got there …


“What are you doing here?  Eniko invited me, not you.”  Torrent grumbles at Marious.

“Eniko always welcomes me with open arms, I know she will be happy to see me.  If you remember I was her first love.”  Marious replies with a smug grin. Oh how I love that grin … sigh

“I will remember to let Tam know about that.”  Torrent threatened.

“We were talking about it when we shared a meal with Eniko and her husband just the other day.  She thought that it was so sweet that we have remained friends, especially as we have included her in the circle.”  Marious chuckles.

Torrent frowns as he checks over Marious’ outfit.  Marious had donned a pair of medium brown trousers with a billowing white shirt that was unbuttoned halfway down his chest.  His long blond hair hung loose down his back.  He looked like he was out to charm.

“Who chose your clothes?  Larien?  You look like a model for a pirate romance novel.”  Torrent taunted.

Marious snickers. “It beats looking like a commercial for some leather garment factory.  Seriously Torrent, black leather?  How cliche, not only that, but it is at least one size too big for you.”

Torrent watches me enter the room, he smiles and bows, and takes one last shot at Marious.

“Rather slightly bigger than the way Liessen wears his leathers, that man has not pride, he leaves nothing for the imagination.  I can’t understand what the women see in him.”

“Tell that to the members of his Elite Squad and they will soon give you an answer that will make you blush, and I bet they can do it too.” Marious tosses me a wink that makes me blush as well before walking up to me and giving me a big hug and kissing both my cheeks.

“My lovely lady, you put the sun to shame with your beauty.  Tam sends her love along with an invitation to visit with us.  Just name the time and place and we will make sure you are taken special care of.” I am ready to melt.

Torrent tossed Marious a hostile look before smiling sweetly at me as he ups the anti.  “I am sure we can accommodate your needs just as well as they can.  All you need to do is say the word and Serenity will ask Alleria to send one of the dragons to fly you and yours to the Light Kingdom for some rest and relaxation.   Our home is your home.”

“I am sure your boys would love to have another couple to burst in on during the wee hours of the morning to see if they can catch them in their altogether.”  Marious coughs into his hand to hide a grin.

“My boys don’t do that kind of thing and no one sleeps naked in my house.”  Torrent defended his children.

“Well, maybe not since Serenity decided they had seen enough of…” Marious got no further.

“At least we weren’t covered with honey and feathers.”  Torrent interrupted.

Marious grins unrepentantly as he answers.  “I remember, that was twice as sweet.”

“You realize you are walking home.”  Torrent threatened.

“Not worried,” Marious answered.  “Daroth kindly loaned me his winged stallion when he found out where I was headed.  Said I would probably need it.”

Marious then turns to me and asks.  “Would you like a ride on a Pegasus?”

“I believe our lovely hostess would like to ask us a few questions instead of listening to you crowing about yourself through the whole event, which was, by the way, supposed to be MY interview, not yours.”  Torrent points out.

Marious turns twinkling eyes onto me and in an innocently sweet sounding voice asks.  “Have I offended you?”

I smile and answer.  No yet, but perhaps you can make up for your actions otherwise by helping me get a couple answers to some questions our great warrior might be reluctant to answer.

“You have but to ask and I am yours to command.”  Marious replied with a soulful expression that is belied by the humour sparkling from his eyes. He is bad… and I love it…

Is Torrent ticklish?


“I have never checked that out, but if you want to find out I can ask Serenity or supply you with a few choice owl feathers to experiment with on your own.”  Marious offers with a wink.

Owl feathers?

Marious’ eyes almost cross as he answers.  “Oh yes, indeed, you would be surprised how soft they are, and the things one can make you feel if it is used the right way.”  He winks again.

“Just wait until Tam hears about this.”  Torrent warns.

“Who do you think taught me?”  Marious chuckles happily.

Torrent blushes as he answers.  “I don’t want to hear another word on this subject.”

“Why not?”  Marious asks.  “Don’t you want to know what Tam…”

“NOT. ANOTHER. WORD.”  Torrent bellows.

I am laughing so hard by this time that tears are streaming down my face, but I pull myself together to ask.

So what is your favorite smell?

“Lemons.”  Torrent quickly answers with a quelling glance at Marious before adding.  “And the smell of bird feces on Marious.”

“Now that is just cruel.”  Marious retorts on a chocking laugh.

Torrent sticks out his tongue and I realize this could go on for hours.  Elves have no sense of time.

“Before we wrap this up, I want to know one word that best describes the love of your life.”

“Loving.”  Marious answers.

Torrent rolls his eyes at Marious and answers.  “Mine.”

As I escort them out, they are still at each other and I usher them on their way.

Thank you Torrent for coming by! And thank YOU Marious, you are right, I will always welcome you with open arms!


And there you have it! The Elves are always full of surprises and looks like they like to highjack my chats 😀 and I love it.

You probably can imagine I am still reeling from this one, I was like at a tennis match, left, right, left, right and barely got a word in. All in all it went quite well and I hope you enjoyed as much as I did 😉


For those of you who don’t know, you can find Marious, my first love in The Elven Chronicles, in Marious’ Story which is book 2 in the series by the amazing author, M. A. Abraham.


Torrent is pretty amazing too, he is Serenity’s Life Mate and their story is told in King’s Champion, book 3 in The Elven Chronicles.

To keep up with the series or check out the other books by M. A. Abraham, links are below.

• websiteFacebook Author PageAmazon • Barnes & Noble • Goodreadsblog

I would like to thank M. A. Abraham for setting the chat up with Torrent. I got to ask her next time I talk to her if she knew about Marious tagging along. I have a feeling she did, but she can be like that, springing things on me, she really enjoys a good laugh at my expense… and so do I. I love her surprises, just as I love her books.

Watch this trailer for The Elven Chronicles, my first attempt at video editing 🙂




What is your favourite smell? What does it remind you of?

Two lucky commenters, chosen by Sexy Mr. Random, one will win a digital copy of MARIOUS’ STORY and the other will win a copy of KING’S CHAMPION. If you read the books, enter anyway, give it to a friend, or there is always swag. The comments will stay open until 3pm EST on Monday, June 23th, 2014. Good luck!

Hope you enjoyed my ‘highjacked’ chat with Marious and Torrent !

Till next time, read a book!

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