My chat with Eden and Gabriel…

Hello and welcome!

I am so excited today, I am waiting for Eden and Gabriel to arrive. For those of you who do not know, they are hailing from the Elven Light Kingdom. With their story starts the journey into the Elven Chronicles that I came to love so much.

So I am sitting here, by the fireplace, it is still a bit chilly, but at least spring is showing a bit and hey! as long as there is no snow, I am a happy camper. I am longing for the summer and the heat.

I am sipping on my coffee and get lost in thought, looking at the picture on my mug. Yes, as you my friends guessed, I am holding my Lothrariel cup. He is my love, my Warrior King from the Elven Chronicles…. *sigh*



Coming out of my little world, I look up and I am surprised to see six young Elves before me.  What is this?

“Where are your parents?”

“Dad got caught in the high branches of the Sentinel somehow.”  Eärwen snickered behind her hand.

Wonder how that happened?

 “Where is your mom?”  I ask.

“Helping dad get down.  She told us to leave because the language we were hearing was not fit for young ears.”  Jerrol grinned happily.

I have a feeling Eden didn’t have much to do with Gabriel getting stuck in those high branches.

“Tell me, just for curiosity sake, how did Gabriel end up in the upper branches of the Sentinel?”  I ask foolishly.

“We could show you.”  Timorean offered.

“It wouldn’t be the same thing.”  Gildren argued.

Something tells me it wouldn’t be a good idea anyway.  I get shaky standing on my tiptoes, not about to allow anyone to push me up into a tree.

“That is alright, we can skip that part, though I thank you for the offer.  A simple explanation will suffice.”

A disappointed sigh runs through the group.

“Alright, but you promise not to tell mom if we explain?”  Gildren asked.

“You think she won’t know?”  I ask.

They exchange another sigh, which speaks volumes.  They are dead Elflings and they know it.

“Probably.”  Ennacas admitted.

“Well, I promise that I won’t rat you out if that will make you feel any better.  Your secrets are safe with me.”  I wow.

“Alright.  Dad was trying to get one of the kittens down from the tree branches over the house.”  Ennacas began.

I take one look at those eyes shinning so mischievously and just know there is more to this story than they are telling me.

“Kittens?  I didn’t know you had kittens.”

“Neither did mom or dad.”  Galador choked on his laughter as he turned to hide a huge smile.

There is definitely more to this than meets the eyes.

“What kind of kittens do you have and what were they doing in the high branches of the Sentinel?”

I have to know, curiosity is killing me. Personally I think they can tell it on me and are playing games.

“We have a couple leopard kittens.”  Eärwen confessed.

“They are so cute.”  Ennacas added.

“What were you doing with leopard kittens and where are their mother?”  I also wonder how old they are.

“We were kitten sitting.”  Jerrol answered with a straight face.

Now I know something is up, all six children are trying to look so innocent they are succeeding.  Damn, but they are good.  They are also into trouble up to their eyebrows.  I can feel it.

“So how did you end up with this babysitting job?”

“We found them alone.”  Galador explained.

“Honestly.”  Jerrol confirmed.

“Well, we couldn’t just leave them.  What if they wondered off and got hurt?  They are just babies.”  Ennacas asked.

“Kittens.”  Gildren agreed.

“Anyway, after we had them home for a little while they escaped from our rooms where we had them hidden.  I mean, where they were safely kept.”  Eärwen confessed.

“We honest thought they would be safe.”  Ennacas added.

“They were having a great time playing in the family room.”  Jerrol explained.

“Then Larien came through the front door to see Eärwen.”  Gildren explained.

“They knocked her back out through the door and she fell down the stairs.”  Jerrol replied.

“I stopped her from tumbling all the way down so she wouldn’t get hurt.”  Eärwen injected.

“She didn’t get hurt, but she screamed and cried like a baby.”  Galador scrunched up his nose in disgust.

“She got the breath knocked out of her.”  Ennacas stated as she punched her brother on the side of the arm.

“OW…” Galador complained as Eärwen smacked him from the other side.

“She got scared you would have cried too, so don’t try hand us that ‘girls are such a bunch of babies’ act.  I could tell tales about you.”  Eärwen warned.

“You going to let then gang up on your own brother like this?”  Galador complained.

“We have seen it happen.”  Gildren replied with a grin.

“Enough!” I yelled.

I can see things are getting out of control and it was time to get their attentions back onto the subject we were talking about.

“How old are these kittens?”

“About a couple months.”  Jerrol admitted.

“So back to how your father got into the upper branches.”  I tried to direct the conversation.

“Well, like we said, the kittens escaped.”  Eärwen began.

“But they noticed dad coming up the stairs and climbed on top of the house, where they continued to climb through the branches.”  Ennacas continued.

“Dad caught Larien before your spell started to get week then heard the kittens calling from the top of the Sentinel.”  Eärwen added.

“Unfortunately, so did their mother.”  Gildren replied.

“She didn’t get to the Sentinel very quickly and as we were all afraid the kittens might fall, dad went to get them down.”  Timorean chuckled.

“He had just about gotten to the kittens when both our mom and their mom showed up.” Jerrol grinned.

“Mom took one look at that angry mother leopard and yelled at us to get into the house. She then tied her up and followed.”  Eärwen proudly announced.

“The only reason she did that was because dad yelled at her not to kill the leopard because she had kittens.”  Gildren added for clarification.

“Mom barely got into the house before that mother leopard got loose.”  Jerrol admitted.

“I thought that was very interesting too.  She sure was in a temper.”  Galador admitted.

“She took off up that tree faster than I thought anything could climb.”  Jerrol noted.

“Shows what you know.”  Timorean scoffed.  “Dad out climbed her at double her speed.  I didn’t know Elves could climb so high so fast.  I am going to have to try that sometime. The branches are sure spindly up there though, could be dangerous.  Anyway, he is lucky they didn’t break.”  Galador pointed out.

“That is because mom was reinforcing them from below.”  Eärwen sniffed.

“Then what happened?”  I managed to fit in a question.

I know I shouldn’t be encouraging them, but I an curious, shoot me.

“We don’t know.”  Ennacas admitted.

“I noticed it was time for your interview with mom and dad and thought we better see to it as mom and dad were so busy.”  Galador answered.

The door to the interview room opened and Gabriel and Eden walked through.


“What happened to you?”  I asked in shock.

That is when I noticed six sets of eyes widen in horror, hear the scraping sounds of furniture against a wood floor and feel the effects of stampeding feet as the young Eagle Claw children head for any exit they can find that isn’t too close to their parents.  How did they manage to get out of the room so quickly?  And where did they find all those extra exits? 

I look in question at Gabriel and Eden.  They smile and thank me for taking care of their children while they were occupied, bow, wink and leave.

Wow! What just happened? I speak out loud to the empty room. My head is still reeling.

Then I burst out laughing.

Now you see why I love the Elven Chronicles! Never a boring moment, that’s for sure 😀


Thank you for stoping by and reading my very first interview here on the new site.


My surprise guests today are the next generation in the Elven Chronicles and are back in the “Guardians of the Future”, a short story releasing April 23, 2014, about the Elven children we came to love in this awesome series by M. A. Abraham.


You can read the first chapter here .

Available to purchase at all Amazon outlets ahead of the release date, April 23, 2014:

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You can preorder, and will become available of the release date, April 23, 2014 at:


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To keep up to date with M. A. Abraham’s awesome work, here are some links:

M. A. Abraham



One lucky commenter, chosen by Sexy Mr. Random, will win an ebook copy of “Guardians of the Future”. The contest will be open until 3pm, EST, Monday, April 21, 2014. GOOD LUCK!

Until next time, happy reading!

19 responses to “My chat with Eden and Gabriel…

  1. Any of the furniture get destroyed? Eden says she can fix that. 😉

    Also here is the link for itunes.

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  3. ROFL those kids are something else. I love this series also Eni. Don’t enter me as I have it pre ordered and I have read the arc. It was so fun and so good. Can’t wait for the next one with the kids in it.

  4. Absolutely loved the interview with those imps!! Just bought the book! Good luck with this site Eniko! ❤

  5. Loved it! 🙂 LOL Mary! those children are darlings!

  6. adriana Koog

    Loved the interview!

  7. Closing the draw for Eniko as she is feeling a little under the weather. Now off to random to see what he has to say.

  8. The winner of the E-book copy of ‘Guardians of the Future’ is Adriana Koog. Please contact Eniko or myself with your email and format of preference to receive your book. congratulations and hope you enjoy the read. Lots of laughter.

  9. Mary Ann is a great storyteller

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